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WWE RAW Results & Live Discussion (3/19)


  • BiggEZ

    Is it possible? Are we FINALLY seeing a Cena heel turn??? Eh, probably not..

  • CC

    As much as people wanted this match, its just too much of a lightning in a bottle moment. The original worked because it was something different and was so well structured. This one just came across as muted and unoriginal. And then there was the Bray flashbacks, which really did not work.
    The other thing it had going against it is it has taken far too long to happen.

    Had this happened straight after the original, when Matt and Bray were tweeting about it, it might have had a chance. Of course it could not have happened back then due to being in different promotions, but that is the only time it would have worked.

    Plus, the build up in TNA was much better, with Matt making Jeffs life hell, and him converting Jeff into Nero.
    With Bray already being weird, and a heel, it just did not have the same feeling. Plus factor in how badly they have been booked in matches up til this point as well.

    I mean, it was the main event this week, yet prior to this is was little more than a lower mid card feud.

  • ROB-1.

    This was so stupid. Best part of the show was the beat down of Reigns by Brock.

  • Sad But True

    So…is Bray done with WWE? Is he coming back as Sister Abigail? This was poorly done. Why the hell did we need Meth Hardy in this for one second? Eater of Worlds? More like Eater of Pins. Matt should not have won this match, I don’t care if this was the blow off or not. I blame Cena. Wyatt’s lose to Cena was the start of all of this trash booking.

  • M

    Poor Bray. First the house of horrors match and now this deletion disaster. God he can’t catch a break…