WWE Raw results November 23, 2020: Alexa Bliss faces Nikki Cross

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (11/23/2020) – ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

In the Ring: Adam Pearce & the Raw Men’s Survivor Series Team

Adam Pearce welcomes us to Raw. He congratulates Drew McIntyre, then mentions that we bid farewell to the Undertaker. He tells us that the five superstars in the ring with him–AJ Styles, Keith Lee, Sheamus, Matt Riddle, and Braun Strowman (along with AJ’s bodyguard, Jordan)–and tells us that they won last night and in dominant fashion. He feels that perhaps one of them should be rewarded for their performance, and decides he wants to hear each man state why they should be the one to be next in line. He tells team Captain AJ Styles can speak first. Sheamus interrupts and says that Aj’s #notmycaptain. He then congratulates McIntyre for winning the title back last week, as he and McIntyre have history. Sheamus calls himself the MVP from their match. AJ takes affront to this and takes digs at Sheamus. Keith Lee interrupts, stating his case before Riddle jumps in and states that he defeated King Corbin last night…then wonders if that makes him King Bro, and asks if he gets a crown. He says that if he gets a chance, hey’ll wear a dope crown. He tells “Fire Face” (Sheamus) that after Riddle wins the WWE Championship, he’ll get the dope sword and the dope crown and will let Sheamus hold them. Sheamus takes offense to being called Fire Face; Riddle tells him that Fire Crotch was already taken. They bicker more. Adam Pearce says “last but not least” let’s hear from Strowman. Strowman flips his lid, screaming “what do you mean last?” and grabs Adam Pearce. He holds Pearce and yells spittle all over the poor producer’s face, screaming at him before slamming Pearce down. Some of the others check on Pearce and look at Braun, who yells at them, too, as we go to break.


Announcer’s Table

Byron Saxton, Samoa Joe and that generic Michael Cole babble on for about two minutes as officials are upset at Strowman for what he did to Adam Pearce, then announce that the New Day will defend their tag team titles tonight.

Backstage w/ the Hurt Business & the New Day

The Hurt Business, namely Cedric Alexander, goad the New Day into agreeing to give them a tag team title shot. Xavier Woods angrily accepts, then tells Kofi afterwards that they’ve got a target on their back and gotta do this.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day(c) vs The Hurt Business (Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin)

The Hurt Business head right on down to the ring, with Benjamin and Alexander representing the Hurt Business in this match. MVP escorts them down to the ring and we get clips from last week’s conflict between the New Day and the Hurt Business. The New Day come out, celebrating as usual as they make their way to the ring. The introductions are made and our competitors get ready to rumble.
Xavier Woods and Shelton Benjamin start things off. Benjamin sneers at Xavier as he lunges forward, throwing Xavier angrily into the corner. Woods quickly comes out and backs up to his corner. He stares down Benjamin. Both men close in the middle of the ring, teasing a lockup until Benjamin hits a wrestling takedown on Benjamin, then twists and slides his body around Woods as he tries to lock in a hold. Benjamin gets tired of Woods fighting it and slams a knee into the back of Woods’ shoulder. Benjamin pulls Woods up and tosses him across the ring. Benjamin pulls Woods up again and hits a suplex, covering for a two. Benjamin attempts another cover immediately and Woods kicks out. Benjamin kicks him for his efforts. Benjamin moves to pull up Woods again, but Woods fires off several fists. Benjamin loses his grip as Woods flies to the ropes, rebounding–and catches a stiff shot from Benjamin! Woods goes down and Benjamin immediately attacks Kofi, sending the former WWE Champion down hard to the outside. We go to commercial.

We’ve returned from commercial and Benjamin is in control, kneeling behind Xavier with a headlock cinched in. Woods is powered to his feet by the digital crowd, loudly behind him. Woods escapes, ducks under an attempted lariat and leaps across the ring–tagging in Kofi! Kofi hits the ring hot, taking down Benjamin before knocking Alexander off the apron. Kofi takes Benjamin down and posts up in the corner, readying as the crowd chants “new…day rocks!” Kofi comes out the corner and goes for Trouble in Paradise but Benjamin ducks it! Kofi ducks a Benjamin strike and goes up top. Benjamin follows him up and they struggle on top of the rope. Finally, Kofi sends Benjamin flying back. As the ref checks on Benjamin, Cedric Alexander runs up and knocks Kofi off the top turnbuckle and sending him flying to the outside! The announcers tell us how this would’ve been a DQ if the ref had seen it. The ref continues to count Kofi on the outside. The Hurt Business realize that and try to take Kofi into the ring, but the ref speed counts from nine to ten and declares a double count-out.

Your Result: Double Count-out

After the Match

The New Day flee up the ramp a bit and holler for their titles. The ref, having two seconds earlier declared a double count-out, holds up the arms of the Hurt Business. The Hurt Business argues that they won; the New Day want their titles. The Hurt Business claim the titles belong to them, then challenge the New Day to not let it “finish this way.” After some discussion, they agree to restart the match. We go to break.

RESTART: Raw Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day(c) vs The Hurt Business (Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin)

Welcome back from the break! After the match had previously ended in a double count-out, all participants have agreed to restart the match. The bell rings and here we go again. Kofi and Benjamin lay into each other until Kofi takes the upper hand with a series of gut kicks, flailing Shelton Benjamin back into the corner. After a few moments, Benjamin gets out of the corner. Kofi charges Benjamin, who drops down and pulls the rope. Kofi goes flying out to the outside, landing hard, and Woods comes over to check on him. The ref continues to count, so the Hurt Business make sure that Kofi gets into the ring. Benjamin tags in Woods. Woods comes flying in with an elbow drop, getting a one count. Alexander lands some brutal shots to Kofi, then locks in an ankle-knee lock and tags in Benjamin, who stomps on Kofi’s leg. Benjamin hoists Kofi up and hits a knee breaker. Alexander is back in. Alexander locks in a rear knee lock, then drops Kofi and does a unique series of moves, culminating in a form of a figure four. Kofi manages to hang on. Alexander tags in Benjamin.
Benjamin continues to focus on the left knee of Kofi. Kofi attempts to escape but Benjamin clotheslines him down. Benjamin pulls Kofi up by the dreads as the ref warns him. The ref warns Cedric not to touch Kofi. Benjamin pushes Kofi’s body into the corner, using his shoulders to brace Kofi as he reaches up and tags Alexander in. Cedric runs in and hits a basement dropkick to Kofi’s injured left knee. Alexander continues the attacks on Kofi’s knee and tags Benjamin back in. Benjamin Pulls Kofi up as MVP yells “Kofi’s not walking out of here today.” Benjamin with body blows. Kofi fights back, ducking and going for a tag–but Alexander takes down Woods from the apron! Kofi has no one to tag in! Out of desperation, Kofi catches Benjamin off guard and hits the SOS! Both men are down! Benjamin tags in Alexander; Woods is back in the New Day corner. Cedric Alexander drops Kofi and locks in an Achilles lock, and punches Kofi’s knee. Both men exchange fists. Kofi escapes and crawls towards his corner but Alexander grabs him in time to drag him back. MVP yells for them to isolate Kofi, and Alexander attempts to. Kofi escapes, though, and gets the hot tag to Woods. Woods takes down Alexander, knocking him onto the middle rope and knocking Benjamin out of the ring. Woods goes off the opposite ropes and dives along Alexander’s body to hit Benjamin outside. Woods comes inside and slams Alexander and covers for a close two. Alexander hits a DDT to slow woods and tags in Benjamin, who hits the Olympic Slam and covers! Kofi dives in to save it. Kofi and Alexander fight, with Kofi sacrificing his knee as he dives out the ring and takes Alexander down to the floor. Shelton sets Woods up for a powerbomb, but Woods rolls Benjamin up and picks up the win!

Your Winners and STILL Raw Tag Team Champions, the New Day!

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & Adam Pearce

Charly asks Adam how he’s feeling. He says the doctor’s said he’ll have a headache for a week and the bruises will heal. Adam says before she asks, he’s already had Braun escorted from the building and if it were up to him, he’d fire Braun. Charly asks Adam about an announcement he wanted to make earlier, before Braun attacked him. Before he can say it, Bobby Lashley comes up and tells Adam that they need to talk business. Lashley points out his success last night. Adam tells Charly that she’ll have to excuse them, as he and Bobby need to discuss some business. We go to break.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & Adam Pearce, Round 2

Charly asks Adam about his announcement for the WWE Championship. Pearce says that he and Lashley have discussed some business and…Randy Orton walks up behind him, and they stare. Pearce has some business to discuss with Orton.

Previously on Raw: Braun Strowman’s Actions

We see the opening segment, where Strowman threw Adam Pearce down, Pearce said he wanted to fire Braun but instead had him escorted out of the building, etc.

Women’s Survivor Series Match Recap

What can I say? Lana was ordered to stand on the stairs, by Nia Jax, and not allowed to fight. The match came down to a double count-out on Team Raw’s second-to-last competitor and Bianca Belair, who carried the match for Team Smackdown. This led to Lana being the sole survivor.

Backstage w/ Lana

Lana is interviewed about the clip we just saw and is elated. She says its like a dream, and she’s very happy.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & Adam Pearce, Round 3

Third time’s a charm, right? Caruso asks Pearce. He says the men have all made compelling arguments so he’s going to have a series of matches, with the winner going on to face Drew MacInfart (then corrects to “McIntyre”). There will be three men to advance to a triple threat next week, and that winner will face McIntyre. He says the first match starts now!

Triple-Threat Qualifying Match: Matt Riddle vs Sheamus

Matt Riddle comes out first as we go to break! When we return, Sheamus makes his way to the ring. Sheamus talks trash to Matt Riddle, but Riddle isn’t in the mood for it and takes him down. The announcers mention the friction Riddle and Sheamus went through on Smackdown earlier this year. Riddle and Sheamus take their time, using a series of holds and take-downs to keep the pace slow and eat up the clock. Sheamus locks a lengthy headlock on Riddle. AJ Styles vs Randy Orton is announced for later tonight, as is Keith Lee vs Bobby Lashley in the other two qualifying matches for tonight. I think Vince finished tonight’s script! Sheamus takes Riddle into the corner and lands a fist to the King of Bro’s back. Sheamus locks in a headlock on Riddle and presses Riddle’s face into the canvas as this match winds on. Riddle gets to his feet and fights Sheamus off with a series of rights. Sheamus backs up into the corner. Riddle with a series of chops and punches before backing up and charging in. Sheamus counters with a clothesline and kicks Riddle, then drops his knee on Riddle’s face and rubs it into the canvas more.
The slow pace continues until Riddle counters and Sheamus is sent outside. Riddle and Sheamus exchange words as the ref counts. Sheamus finally comes back into the ring and both men throw fists. Sheamus drops Riddle, hits a knee to the face, and attempts a cover. Riddle kicks out. Sheamus locks in a left shoulder/arm lock. Riddle makes it to his feet, lifting Sheamus on his shoulders! Sheamus slips out. Riddle with a big kick to Sheamus; Sheamus shakes it off and kicks Riddle to the outside. Sheamus attempts a Final Flash on the outside of the ring, but Riddle counters with an exploder suplex as the ref counts. Riddle takes Sheamus inside and hits the Bro-ton, covering for a two. We get replays of the Bro-ton, showing off Riddle’s height on it. Riddle kicks Sheamus, then hits another. The ref cautions Riddle as Sheamus’ back is against the ropes. Sheamus uses the distraction to sucker punch Riddle. Riddle stumbles across the ring and ends up on the apron. Sheamus hits the Ten Beats of the Bodhran, dropping Riddle to the floor. He watches as the ref counts. Riddle gets in at seven. Sheamus pulls Riddle up and strikes him, then sends him into the corner. Riddle with a kick to the face to get some distance. Riddle runs at Sheamus, who counters with an Irish Curse backbreaker! Sheamus covers for a close two. Sheamus continues to work on Riddle, slowing the pace. Riddle finally, finally begins to mount some offense, sending Sheamus hard to the mat. Riddle with a flurry of kicks. Sheamus gets against the ropes, so Riddle backs up then lands more kicks. Sheamus catches Riddle’s leg over his shoulder on a kick and hoists Riddle up, slamming him back down. We go to break again, with Sheamus still firmly in control.

When we return we get replays of Sheamus hitting an Alabama Slam on Riddle. Sheamus spends the next three minutes keeping the pace slow, using wear-down holds and strikes to keep Riddle grounded. Sheamus goes for the Ten Beats of the Bodhran again on Riddle, but Riddle catches his arm. Riddle uses the top rope to guillotine Sheamus, then heads in the ring. Riddle and Sheamus counter each other, with Sheamus rolling up Riddle’s left ankle. Sheamus remains seated, twisting Riddle’s foot in his grasp in unnatural angles. Riddle, desperately, twists and uses his free foot to kick Sheamus off of his ankle. Riddle attempts a cover but gets two. Both men are up; Riddle hits a Final Flash, his lower leg catching Sheamus right under the chin. Riddle drags Sheamus into position and climbs up the turnbuckles. Sheamus is up and clubs Riddle on the back. Sheamus climbs up behind Riddle, and Riddle sends Sheamus down. Riddle attempts to stand up on the top rope again but Sheamus climbs back up. They begin to throw tired fists. Sheamus pulls Riddle up over his shoulders and hits the White Noise off the second rope! Sheamus covers for a close two but Riddle kicks out! Sheamus spends a minute taunting Riddle, talking trash to him. Riddle’s rested enough and fires off some shots. Sheamus catches his legs and locks in an Irish Leaf Clover hold. Riddle twists his body, flipping Sheamus off balance and covering Sheamus to pick up the win, stunning the Celtic Warrior! The digital crowd goes wild with “bro bro bro” chants!

Your Winner and Advancing to the Triple-Threat Number One Contender’s Match, Matt Riddle!

Backstage w/ Lana & Asuka

Asuka walks up to Lana backstage and says that she heard Lana wanted to challenge her. Lana tries to explain that, no, in her interview she was asked if she wanted a shot and she said no, she was just excited to be the sole survivor. Asuka smiles and tells Lana it’s fine because Asuka likes challenges, so Asuka accepts. Asuka walks off and Lana smiles as the announcers ponder a Lana reign. We go to break, with a promise of the Alexa Bliss/Nikki Cross later and some Firefly Fun House fun times. Asuka vs Lana for the Raw Women’s title is now official for tonight.

The Firefly Fun House

Bray and Alexa welcome the Fireflies to the Fun House. Alexa tells us that tonight’s episode is about something truly evil, vile, disgusting, repulsive even. Bray says they’re talking about friendship. He says that friends will always let you down. One minute you’re playing ball, skipping stones, burning the midnight oil on a 1200 piece puzzle. The next minute, your friend is….burning something else. “Trust me, friends are no good! Just like your opponent tonight, Nikki Cross!” The Friendship Frog puppet (hes new) tells Alexa not to let her friendship hop away. Abby the Witch asks “who the f*ck are you?” and the Friendship Frog introduces himself. Bray tells Alexa to show Friendship Frog what she’s gonna do to Nikki tonight. She stares at him for a long moment. He states “well, this doesn’t seem very friendly!” Bliss snaps and bashes its head in with a book or something, and green goop is everywhere on his face and head. Bray then says we should bow our heads in silence in memory, and we see a video package with sappy music over a tadpole, various frog pics, a clip of the Friendship Frog from 30 seconds earlier, and then a title card says “Friendship Frog: 1980-2020.” Bray is solemn and says “it’s a shame that he…croaked.” He and Bliss burst out laughing and our segment ends.

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Asuka(c) vs Lana

We cut to the ThunderDome and Asuka comes out first as we head to break. When we return, Lana is out and ready to try her luck. Out comes Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, yelling at the ring as they approach. They take up position on commentary as this match starts. Asuka and Lana lock up. Lana with a headlock, but Asuka sends her off. Asuka attempts a hip toss but Lana rolls Asuka up for a close two! Shayna, on commentary, says she deserves the next title shot. Byron asks Nia, who responds “I’m not in the mood.” Asuka heads outside the ring and mocks Nia Jax as Nia yells “why can’t you just put her out? It’s Lana!” Asuka pours water on Jax, and Jax & Baszler attack Asuka, causing the DQ.

Your Winner by Disqualification and STILL Raw Women’s Champion, Asuka!

After the Match

Baszler & Jax attempt to put Asuka through the announcer’s table. Lana runs over and grabs Asuka’s leg, saving her and the two run up the ramp. Baszler and Jax get in the ring on the mic and yell at Asuka and Lana for “starting” something, then the Women’s Tag Team Champions challenge Asuka and Lana. Guess that match is up next!

Countdown to Black Friday

R-Truth is backstage with a ton of merchandise, plugging the Black Friday sale on WWE.com. He sees a ref there, and realizes he’s not in a commercial. Drew Gulak runs up when suddenly, the lights go red. The Fiend’s screech is heard and R-Truth exclaims “he’s here!” Gulak asks who, and Truth runs off. We see a person rise behind Gulak, wearing a Fiend mask, and says “Let me in!” Gulak runs off scared, and we see that it was Akira Tozawa. We go to break.

Tag Team Match: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler(c) vs Asuka & Lana

We return from break and this impromptu match, second of the night, is under way. Nia Jax is in complete control over Lana, throwing her around the ring. Lana is sent outside and Jax tags in Baszler, who comes up to Lana outside the ring and kicks her. Baszler takes the action back inside. Asuka stretches her arm as far as she can, bouncing and encouraging Lana to tag her in. Lana gets close…until Baszler drags her back. Baszler locks in a head/neck crank on Lana. Lana reaches for her corner, on the other side of the ring. Baszler tags Jax back in.

Baszler kicks Lana then tags Jax back in. Jax talks trash to Lana, angry that Lana was the sole survivor last week. Lana tries to fight back with two slaps, and attempts to leap over Jax. Jax catches her, preventing the tag, and takes her down. Jax tags in Baszler, who proceeds to kick Lana in the kidneys. Basler puts her right foot on the back of Lana’s neck then pulls up on her left leg, pulling it back while standing on Lana’s neck still. Lana refuses to tap, so Baszler slams her down into the canvas and kicks her. Baszler watches Lana crawl along the ropes and goes for a baseball slide. Lana moves and Baszler slides to the outside. Lana makes the hot tag to Asuka! Asuka with a bump attack, and another, followed by a German suplex and a Shining Wizard with a cover for a very close two!!! Asuka delivers the Asuka kicks, but Baszler catches her on the third and sends the Empress face-first into the canvas, covering for two. Asuka and Baszler are both down. Lana extends her arm, wanting to be tagged in. Nia Jax comes up and yanks Lana off the apron. As both women are not legal, the ref’s giving them some leeway outside the ring. Jax clears the announcer’s table and attempts to put Lana through it. Lana tries to fight back. Jax angrily charges like a bull, and Lana ducks–Jax goes flying across the announcer’s table. Baszler is distracted and is rolled up, giving the win to Asuka and Lana! Note: this was not for the women’s titles after all.

Your Winners, Asuka & Lana

Backstage w/ MVP & Matt Riddle

Riddle comes up to MVP and asks where Lashley is. MVP tells him that Lashley is getting ready for a match. Riddle tells MVP he’s got an idea for a business investment, and goes on about pizza and yogurt and bro-gurt. MVP asks Riddle “do you really thing Bobby Lashley” has time for this? MVP then says “first of all, I’m not your bro.” Riddle respond with a frown and an “aww.” MVP looks at him. MVP essentially tells Riddle they’ll be in touch if interested, and we head to break.

Video Package: Survivor Series Main Event, Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre

We get a still shot and video package showcasing the fight between the two champions last night, which saw Roman Reigns put Drew McIntyre to sleep (with a slight distraction by Jey Uso).

Triple-Threat Qualifying Match: Keith Lee vs Bobby Lashley

Out first is Keith Lee to his brand-new theme, featuring his vocals rapping over it. Much better than the prior one. Lee swaggers out, full of confidence. We’re reminded, again, that this is the first time Lee’s ever faced Lashley one-on-one. Out next is the United States Champion, Bobby Lashley, accompanied by MVP. Not gonna lie, that new US title design looks good around his waist. The bell rings and things start with Lee putting his hands on Lashley and Lashley shoving him back. Lashley slips around Lee with a rear waist lock. Lee backs him up to the corner and they break the hold. Lashley teases suplexing Lee, but Lee locks in a side headlock on Lashley, wrenching the champ’s neck. Lashley uses his upper body strength to power out of the headlock, into a wristlock, and slaps a headlock of his own on Lee. Lashley cranks Lee’s neck, then drops to a knee to bring the big man down to a knee, too. Lee pulls up to his feet and slaps a waist lock on Lashley. Lee sends Bobby into the ropes and both big men collide, neither budging. Lee defiantly locks up with Lashley (it’s a thing per Saxton). They exchange movies in the corner until Lashley catches Lee with a European uppercut. Lee is unaffected! Lashley tackles Lee down and covers but only gets a one count! Lashley attempts to lock the Hurt Lock on but Lee is too powerful! Lee takes the upper hand and sends Lashley outside. MVP attempts to interfere, and Lee comes outside, following MVP as MVP backs up around the ring. Lashley runs up and takes down Lee. Lashley sends Lee into the barricade, rolls in the ring to break the count, then rolls back out. Lashley picks up Lee and sends him to the ring post as the ring-side brawl continues and we go to break!

Back from the break find Lee seated on the canvas as Lashley keeps a lock on his shoulder and arm. Lee slowly powers up to a knee, trying to remove Lashley’s grip. Lashley stops him by throwing a knee into his side, another into his chest, and repositioning the shoulder lock. Lee powers to his feet again, and again Lashley hits a knee to the gut before hitting a neck breaker and attempting a cover. Lashley breaks it himself and stands up, and has a bleeding wound on his forehead. Lashley locks another chin lock on Lee and Lee slowly tries to escape to the ropes. Lashley twists and pulls Lee to his feet, hammering him twice. Lashley goes back to the ropes but Lee chases him and hits a forearm smash. Lashley catches Keith lee charging in again, then hits an impressive big suplex that floors Lee! Lashley puts his arms out, calling for the Hurt Lock. He angrily yells at Lee to get up as blood comes down his cheek and face. Lee rises and avoids the Hurt Lock, hits an elbow to Lashley. Lashley charges in but Kieth Lee leapfrogs (Friendship Frog, never forget!) Lashley so that the champ goes shoulder-first into the ring post! Lashley is sent outside. Lee runs around the ring and hits a running cross body that flattens Lashley! Lee sends Lashley in and as the ref checks on him, MVP comes up from behind Lee and nails him! The official never saw it! Lee barely gets in the ring at 7, and is acting stunned. Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock but Lee uses his powerful, thick arms to prevent Lashley from cinching the hold in! Lashley hops up on Lee’s back and attempts to lock in a sleeper but can’t get his arm under! Lee back drops, landing on Lashley! MVP hops in the ring and attacks Keith Lee, and Lee levels him, too.

Your Winner by DQ and Advancing to the Triple-Threat Number One Contender’s Match, Keith Lee!

Video Package: Alexa Bliss/Nikki Cross

We get a short package highlighting the dissolution of Alexa Bliss’ friendship with Nikki Cross as the Fiend has influenced Bliss. Alexa says in a clip that she’s been cleansed by “him” and changed by “him.” Nikki’s voice over says that something terrible is about to happen. We get a few more clips of their conflict leading up to this match.

Backstage w/ Sarah & Nikki Cross

As always, the announcer can’t finish a question without the superstar talking. Cross says that she’s spent the last few months trying to talk to Alexa and show her that she’s being manipulated and controlled, but now Cross is tired of trying. She says that Bliss made it clear that she doesn’t want Nikki, she wants the Fiend. Cross is tired of worrying about Bliss and her friendship, and there’s only one thing she cares about tonight: beating the Fiend out of Alexa Bliss.

Match: Alexa Bliss vs Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross comes out to her new theme, which sound like it belongs before Sunday Night Football kicks off. When we come back from break, we get a plug for Raw Talk featuring Lana, Keith Lee and Riddle. Cross is waiting in the ring for her former best friend. Alexa Bliss comes out with her modified music (featuring her saying “Let me in!”), wearing her Firefly Fun House dress and pigtails outfit. She poses in the ring and smiles at her friend as the ref calls for the bell. Cross yells “What’s wrong with ya?” to Bliss. Bliss just smiles. Cross tells her “C’mon, Lexi.” She extends her hands and Bliss bops them with hers. This goes on for a minute and Bliss bops them again and yells “I win!” Cross runs at Bliss, who ducks and dodges out the way. Bliss heads outside and skips, calling for Cross to follow her. Bliss slides back in the ring and smiles, posing. Cross grabs her by the feet and drags her out of the ring, then nails a clothesline that sends Bliss to the floor. Cross sends Bliss in the ring. Bliss is in the corner, laughing as Cross comes in and stomps her down to a seated position. Cross comes back in and stomps her some more. Cross pulls Bliss up and hits a clothesline, hanging onto Bliss’ hand and nails her down again. Alexa starts smiling and laughing, posing with her free hand before Cross takes her down again. Cross straddles Bliss and pounds her head into the ring, breaks it, then does it again and yells “Lexi! Lexi! Lexi!” Cross stomps Bliss and seems distraught over the condition of her former best friend and covers for a two. Cross clotheslines Bliss in the corner. Cross begins to throw right elbows into Bliss in the corner as the ref counts and warns her. Bliss begins to cry and seems to change, implying she’s Cross’ former best friend. Cross holds off from attacking her as Bliss cries on her knees in the middle of the ring, begging for help as she doesn’t know what’s going on. Cross places a hand on Bliss’ shoulder, and tells her its gonna be okay. Bliss stands up, crying, saying she’s so sorry over and over, and hugs Cross…then hits the Sister Abigail on Cross and covers for the win.

Your Winner, Alexa Bliss!

Video Package: Goodbye, Taker

We get the Metallica song used by the Taker at WrestleMania 36 for his entrance, and a series of video clips from the Undertaker’s legendary career. Did you know Brother Love (thanks for catching the mistake, Sad Pancakes!) was the guy who walked him out as his first manager? I did not remember that–but that would explain why I thought Paul Bearer and Brother Love were the same dude for the longest time. Yes, filling time as the video package plays. Just YouTube it or see it on WWE.com I suppose. We end with a loud “thank you Taker” from the digital audience.

Triple-Threat Qualifying Main Event Match: AJ Styles vs Randy Orton

Orton comes out first and poses around the ring. After the break, AJ Styles makes his way out to the ring, accompanied by his personal assistant Jordan Omogbehin who is now known as Omos. Okay. We get things started.

Styles immediately tries to roll up Orton but Randy escapes, and again AJ goes for another pin but again, Orton escapes! Orton drops Styles with two kicks to the gut. AJ ducks under a clothesline and rebounds off the ropes, sliding under Orton but the Viper is quicker and stomps Styles. Neither man maintains control early as Styles sends Orton into the corner and buries his shoulder into Orton’s midsection. Styles with a dropkick on the fourteen-time champion and another cover attempt. Orton catches Styles off guard and jabs him in the eye with a thumb, unseen by the ref. Orton dumps Styles to the outside and follows him. The ref is counting. Orton irish whips Styles along the floor–and Omos catches him! Styles goes up on the apron as Orton remains focused on Omos, and Styles runs along the apron and hits Orton. Styles with a back drop. Orton writhes in pain on the ringside floor as the ref counts and we go to break!

We return from the break. Orton and Styles are struggling on the top turnbuckle. Orton’s looking for a superplex. Styles slides out and under Orton’s legs, then chop blocks Orton’s left knee. Styles locks in a knee lock and punches it furiously. Orton tries to get to the bottom rope but Styles drags Orton back to the middle of the ring and slaps on a variety of knee holds, twisting and cranking the left knee of Orton. We’re reminded that Styles hasn’t held the WWE Championship in a good bit of time. Orton eventually gets out of the leg lock, but Styles grabs it right away. Orton fights Styles off with a series of rights. Styles grabs Orton, rolls through and attempts to slap on the calf crusher but Orton kicks him. Orton with a suplex, dropping Styles’ midsection across the top rope. Orton covers Styles when he flops in the ring, but barely gets a two. Orton’s limping on his left knee, selling it good. Orton goes for a suplex but Styles wiggles out, floats over and hits another chop block! Styles pulls Orton up, but Orton pummels him with elbows to break the attempted fireman’s carry. Orton with a neckbreaker and a cover attempt. Orton takes control, pulling Styles up to his feet. He tosses Styles onto the apron and sets up for the Spike DDT. Styles counters by flipping into the ring and locking in the calf crusher! Orton screams in pain, trying to crawl for the bottom rope as AJ keeps cranking bank on the knee. Orton’s finger tips touch the rope and the ref forces the break!

Both men are slow to their feet. Orton goes for an RKO but Styles blocks it and hits an enziguri. Orton wisely slides out the ring, trying to avoid Styles and gather his wits. AJ goes outside but Orton stops AJ, sending him down hard. We hear the Fiend’s screech sound and see the Fiend behind Orton! Orton notices the Fiend ducking behind the barricade and hurries into the ring. Styles attempts to capitalize on the distraction, but Orton hits the draping DDT on Styles! Orton prepares to cover when the lights go out and the Fiend’s screeching sound begins! The lights come up red and The Fiend is behind Orton! He screams at Orton, and Orton runs back! The lights go out, then come back up as normal–and AJ Styles flies out of nowhere, hitting the Phenomenal Forearm! Styles covers and picks up the win! The Fiend’s laugh is heard as we fade to black!

Your Winner and Advancing to the Triple-Threat Number One Contender’s Match, AJ Styles!

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