WWE RAW Results – October 12th, 2009

– Tonight’s RAW opens up with SmackDown star Chris Jericho backstage. He talks about Bragging Rights and says the main event will see 7 RAW and 7 SmackDown stars battle in a tag team match. Jericho says he is the team captain of the SmackDown brand’s team. Nancy O’Dell walks up and tells Jericho that they don’t start RAW with him tonight, they start it with DX. He asks who she is and she introduces herself, saying have a good a night.



– The music hits in the arena and out comes Triple H. He’s by himself and has DX party favors to throw to the fans. Triple H makes one of the WWE crew guys come in the ring and run around him like Shawn Michaels usually does. Triple H takes the mic and says he’s doing things a bit different tonight before going into the usual “are you ready?” deal. Triple H says he got a call from Shawn Michaels today saying he had to stay home and couldn’t make it tonight. Triple H pulls out his phone and calls Shawn. His voicemail comes on and has a message of him singing his voicemail message to his “Sexy Boy” theme. Shawn says his daughter got sick today and he had to stay home with her.

Triple H plugs the new DX book. Triple H lets Shawn get back to his family and the fans say bye to Shawn, Shawn says bye to the fans. Odd. Triple H goes to talk about Bragging Rights when Chris Jericho and Big Show make their way out to the ring. Triple H asks Show to hold up the DX book and smile. Show slaps it to the ground. Jericho tells Triple H to look at himself and he does. Jericho talks about how great SmackDown is. Jericho says technically, Big Show is on the RAW roster but he wants him on the SmackDown team. Triple H stirs something up and says Jericho is Big Show’s boss. Show doesn’t like this. Big Show says he and Jericho are equal and if anything, he carries the team. Jericho doesn’t like the sound of this and asks Big Show again what he just said. Big Show says he isn’t the one who got pinned last week. Jericho says he wasn’t the laughing stock of Sportscenter after being humiliated by Shaq. Show talks about Jericho getting punked by Bob Barker.

Jericho says he rejuvenated Show’s career and he is on longer known as the joke who got knocked out at WrestleMania by Floyd Mayweather. Show and Jericho have words. Big Show says he’s changed his mind, he doesn’t want to be on Team SmackDown at Bragging Rights. Show stands beside Triple H and says he wants to be on Team RAW. Triple H says this is great news but they have no spaces open. Triple H says he can arrange with tonight’s RAW host for Big Show to earn a spot on the RAW Team. Big Show must defeat his opponent tonight however. That opponent is Chris Jericho. Triple H says that match is right now. DX’s music hits and Triple H heads off to the back as Show and Jericho exchange looks. We go to commercial.

Big Show vs. Chris Jericho

Back from the break and the bell rings. Show and Jericho come chest to chest in the ring. They shake hands and get ready to tangle. They lock up and Show takes Jericho back to the corner. More of this and some stalling.

Show finally hits Jericho with a big chop and sends him out to the floor. Show brings Jericho back in the ring over the ropes. He grabs Jericho by the throat and sends him flying back into the corner. Jericho comes running with a Codebreaker attempt. Show catches him in mid-air and sets him on the top rope, telling him to calm down. Jericho slaps Show. Show gets pissed and slaps Jericho off the top down to the floor. Jericho holds his knee on the outside. Show goes outside to check on Jericho as the referee counts.

Jericho is stalling here. He tries running back in the ring at the 8 count. Show stops him and pulls him out to the floor. Show runs in the ring as the count reaches 10 and Jericho loses. If Jericho went under the ropes, shouldn’t the count be broken? That just made no sense. Big Show joins the RAW Team at Bragging Rights.

Winner by Count Out: Big Show

– Tonight’s RAW co-host Maria Menounos is backstage with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes. They both say they’re ready to compete tonight. She asks if they deserve to be a part of Team RAW. Maria says that’s not possible because DX is in charge of the qualifying matches. She says Triple H has arranged a Triple Threat match tonight with the winner getting a spot on Team RAW. It will be Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes vs. John Cena tonight.

WWE Divas Title Match: Mickie James vs. Jillian Hall

Back from the break and the WWE Divas Champion Mickie James makes her way to the ring. Her challenger, Jillian Hall, is out next. The bell rings and they lock up. Side headlock by Jillian. Mickie comes back with some offense and a 2 count. More back and forth by Mickie and another 2 count. Jillian catches Mickie out of the corner and powerbombs her on her head. Jillian grabs for the pin and pins Mickie for the pinfall, the win and the Divas Title. It appears Mickie had her foot on the ropes but the referee didn’t see it.

Winner and New WWE Divas Champion: Jillian Hall

– After the match, Jillian takes the mic. She tells photographers and everyone gather around to take a photo of her and her Divas Title. Jillian starts singing Lady GaGa’s Paparazzi song and as you can imagine, it’s horrible. Out comes tonight’s guest host, Nancy O’Dell. Nancy tells Jillian to stop singing. Nancy announces she made a call this weekend to the other WWE GM’s and made a big Divas trade. Nancy says Jillian must defend her Divas Title right now against RAW’s newest Diva… Melina.

WWE Divas Title Match: Jillian Hall vs. Melina

Nancy introduces Melina and out she comes for her RAW return. She does her split entrance and the crowd loves it. Jillian doesn’t want to give her belt up to the announcer at ringside. The bell rings and Jillian charges Melina but gets caught with a reverse DDT and a 2 count. Melina hits her sitting powerbomb finisher for the pinfall, the win and the Divas Title.

Winner and New WWE Divas Champion: Melina

– Back from commercial and it’s announced that rapper Snoop Dogg will host next week’s RAW.

– Backstage, we see Triple H talking to a life-size cutout of Shawn Michaels. Triple H is also talking to Shawn on the phone. HBK’s music hits and in comes Hornswoggle, dressed like Shawn Michaels, including a wig. Triple H tells Hornswoggle to go change, as this is gimmick infringement. Shawn, on the phone, starts yelling. Hornswoggle gives a crotch chop and gives the cutout of Shawn some Sweet Chin Music. Triple H wrestles Hornswoggle to the ground. Horny gets up, gives Triple H some crotch chops and runs off.

– Backstage we see Santino Marella with Maria Menounos and Nancy O’Dell. He says they should add him as a male host on Access Hollywood. Beth Phoenix comes in and she’s pissed about being traded to SmackDown. Beth says if Nancy doesn’t call Teddy Long and get her traded back to RAW, she will put a hurting on her. Maria speaks up and Beth shoves her back into the wall by her throat. Santino comes back in and proposes a match tonight with Beth, some other Divas, Nancy and Maria. Beth walks off and Santino yells out that he faked every “organism” when they were intimately together.

Bragging Rights Qualifying Triple Threat: Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes vs. John Cena

Back from commercial and out first is Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, together. If Cody or Ted win this match, they make it to the Team RAW at Bragging Rights. Out next is the other opponent, John Cena to a nice pop from the crowd.

The bell rings and Legacy get on each side of Cena. Cena charges Cody first and then Ted. Cena with a big bulldog on Ted. Cena turns around to a dropkick from Cody. Ted with right hands on Cena. Cody with right hands on Cena. Legacy start the beatdown on Cena now. Legacy try a double clothesline but Cena clotheslines both of them. Cena catches Ted with a big sidewalk slam and tosses Cody over to the apron. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Legacy double team him. 2 count by Cody.

Cody and Ted start stomping on Cena now. Cena pushes Ted back in the ropes but they beat him down. Double suplex by Legacy. Ted stomps on Cena in the corner now and puts his boot to Cena’s chin. Now Cody takes over with stomps on Cena. Cody goes to the second rope and hits a bulldog on Cena. Ted with a big kick to the face of Cena. Legacy hit a double dropkick on Cena now.

Legacy beat down Cena in the corner some more and launch him into the opposite corner. Ted chokes Cena with the bottom rope. Nothing special here. Back and forth beatdown by Ted and Cody. Cena finally fights back and knocks Cody to the floor but turns around to a big clothesline from Ted. 2 count by Ted. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Ted is in control of Cena. Ted goes for a 2 count on Cena but Cody breaks it up. During the break, the three Superstars were fighting outside of the ring. Back in the ring now and Legacy beat Cena up some more. Cena dumps Cody over the top and to the floor. Ted hits Cena with a big dropkick and a 2 count.

Ted chargers Cena but runs into the ring post. Cody comes in and hits Cena with a swinging neck breaker but only gets a 2 count. Cody with right hands on Cena now. 2 count by Cody. Cody drops a big knee on Cena for another 2 count. Cena comes back and suplexes Cody. Cena with a 2 count on Cody as Ted breaks the pin. Ted goes to work on Cena again. Legacy go for a double suplex again but Cena reverses it and suplexes them both. Cena knocks Cody back to the floor and hits Ted with rights, clotheslines and a belly to belly suplex. Cody comes in but gets back dropped. Cena locks the STF on Ted.

Randy Orton comes down, slides in the ring and slides right back out, distracting John Cena. Cena argues with Orton. Cody runs in the ring and rolls Ted up from behind for the pinfall, the win and the Team RAW spot.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

– After the match, Orton gets in between Ted and Cody to stop them from fighting. Ted is pissed at Cody. Nancy O’Dell appears on the big screen and announces Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton and John Cena for tonight. Cena looks on from the ramp, a bit worried, as Orton and Legacy argues in the ring. We go to commercial.

Bragging Rights Qualifying Match: Jack Swagger vs. MVP

Back from the break and Jack Swagger heads to the ring while Michael Cole reminds us that Swagger has promised not to lose a match in the rest of 2009. Out next is his opponent, MVP. The bell rings and they go at it. MVP takes Swagger down first and backs him into the corner. Swagger runs into the corner and MVP takes him down again with a clothesline. MVP knocks Swagger down in the corner. Swagger fights back with a kick to the gut and some rights. Swagger throws MVP into the ring post.

Swagger works on the arm and beats MVP down some more. MVP comes back and hits the Ballin’ elbow drop for a 2 count. Swagger ends up hitting the gutwrench powerbomb for the pinfall and the spot on Team RAW.

Winner: Jack Swagger

– Backstage, we see Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes arguing. Randy Orton walks up and says no matter what Nancy O’Dell says, he’s not teaming with John Cena tonight. Orton says it will be a handicap match because he’s not tagging himself in. Ted and Cody accuse each other of planning a swerve tonight. Orton tells them if they’re thinking that, they better just keep on thinking and walks off.

Bragging Rights Qualifying Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Evan Bourne

Out for the next match first is Kofi Kingston. His opponent, Evan Bourne comes out next as we take a commercial break.

Back from the break and they go at it. Lots of back and forth. Kofi comes off the ropes but Bourne catches him in mid-air with a spin kick. Bourne with a submission. Kofi lifts Bourne in the air and hits him with a big uppercut for a 2 count. Bourne with a big move and a 2 count. Kofi ends up hitting SOS for a close 2 count. Bourne hits a big knee to the face and climbs to the top. Kofi gets up and Bourne lands on his feet. Bourne comes off the second rope but Kofi catches him with Trouble in Paradise for the win and spot on Team RAW.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

– Cole announces that the final spot on Team RAW will be determined on Superstars this week as Mark Henry takes on Chris Masters.

– Triple H is still backstage talking to Shawn on the phone and the life-size cutout. Nancy and Maria walk in. They’re not sure if they’re ready to wrestle. Maria says Triple H showed her some moves, including how to put him in a head scissors for 15 minutes. Chavo Guerrero comes walking in. Triple H says he doesn’t like Hornswoggle either. Chavo says he thinks Horny and Triple H are conspiring against him. Chavo asks why Triple H gets to pick the team members for RAW at Bragging Rights. He says he should be the captain because he is a Guerrero. Triple H motions to Maria and she kicks him in the balls. They walk off and we go back to commercial.

Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendez vs. Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim and Maria Menuonos

Beth and her teammates come out to the ring first. Out next are Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim. Maria Menuonos is introduced next and she comes down with Nancy O’Dell and joins Gail and Kelly. Gail and Alicia start the match off with Gail in control. Gail tags in Maria and they knock Alicia down with shoulders. Maria tosses Alicia across the ring a few times. Alicia gets Maria on her shoulders but Maria turns it into a 2 count. Alicia tags in Beth.

Beth stands over Maria and talks trash to her. Maria kicks Beth’s knee out and slaps her. She tags in Kelly Kelly. She runs the ropes and Beth catches her with a big backbreaker. Beth throws Kelly in the corner and tags in Rosa. Kelly hits her back elbow in the corner but gets hit by Rosa. Rosa takes a shot at Gail on the apron but gets hit by Maria. Kelly comes back up and takes out Rosa to get the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim and Maria Menuonos

– After the match, Nancy O’Dell enters the ring to celebrate with Maria, Kelly and Gail. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and the new WWE United States Champion The Miz is introduced. Miz comes out to the stage and tells everyone to show some respect. Miz announces that he will face WWE Intercontinental Champion John Morrison at Bragging Rights. Miz cuts a promo on Morrison and says he was the best part of their tag team.

Randy Orton and John Cena vs. Legacy

We go to the ring where WWE Champion Randy Orton makes his way to the ring before we take a commercial break. Back from commercial and we get another Bragging Rights plug and a plug for Snoop hosting RAW next week. Randy Orton is in the ring with Legacy. Orton says he got off the phone earlier with Snoop Dogg. Orton says he told him next week will be Cena’s last night on RAW. Orton announces that Snoop agreed to make John Cena wrestle in one of the biggest matches of his career next week. Orton doesn’t say who the opponent is. Cena’s music hits and out he comes to the stage. Cole announces Cena’s opponent for next week will be announced right after the main event tonight.

Cena and Ted start the match off. Orton steps down from the apron and stays on the floor. Cena with an early 2 count on Ted. Ted fights off Orton and starts beating him down in the corner. Same thing as earlier. The ref is distracted as Cody takes some shots at Cena. Orton is on the apron now. Cody is tagged in for more right hands on Cena. Boring… same exact thing as earlier just about. Ted is tagged back in and hits a dropkick on Cena for a 2 count.

Cena trades rights with Ted but gets hit with a big powerslam. 2 count by Ted. Cody comes back in for more offense on Cena while Orton just looks on. Cody with a sleeper hold. Orton takes his eye off Cena and Cena tags him in. Orton has to come in and wrestle Cody. Cody tries to get a quick pin on Orton and Orton is surprised. They lock up and go to the corner. Cody tags in Ted. Ted tries to pin Orton twice and gets 2 counts. Orton tags in Cena. Cena and Orton tease a fight. Cena goes at it with Ted and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Orton tags himself in as Cena runs the ropes. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment on Ted. Orton comes in and beats Cena down. Ted comes from behind Orton and rolls him up for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Legacy

– After the match, Ted and Cody go to the floor as Orton is furious in the ring, yelling at Ted. Orton turns around to a big Attitude Adjustment from Cena. Cena poses for the fans as his music plays. It’s announced that Cena’s opponent for next week’s RAW will be Triple H. Cena sees this on the big screen and looks worried as RAW goes off the air.

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