WWE Raw Star Looks ‘Intoxicated’ In Airport Video

Earlier this month, the professional wrestler Matt Riddle made headlines for a series of events that unfolded at JFK Airport, casting a shadow of controversy over his career. The incident began when Riddle took to Instagram to make a startling accusation, claiming he had been “sexually assaulted” by a security officer at the airport. However, the post was met with a torrent of backlash, prompting Riddle to swiftly delete it, leaving the public both baffled and intrigued.



As reported exclusively by Ringside News, the situation leading up to the explosive Instagram post was far from straightforward. It was revealed that there had been multiple attempts to defuse the tension between Matt Riddle and airport personnel before the situation escalated physically. A crucial detail emerged that Riddle had been noticeably “heavily intoxicated” during the incident, shedding light on the context of his actions.

Riddle’s alleged disruptive behavior at JFK Airport ultimately led to the involvement of law enforcement officers, sparking an investigation by WWE, the professional wrestling organization he was associated with at the time. The investigation, however, resulted in Matt Riddle’s departure from WWE, raising questions among fans and industry insiders about his future in the wrestling world.

In the midst of this controversy, TMZ added fuel to the fire by releasing a video on their YouTube channel that showed Matt Riddle at JFK Airport. In the footage, Riddle appeared visibly intoxicated, being loud and frequently using profanity. What struck viewers was the stark contrast between his erratic behavior and moments of apparent calm when he interacted with fellow airport patrons.

As speculation swirled about Riddle’s next career move, many fans and wrestling personalities began to ponder the possibility of him joining All Elite Wrestling once his non-compete clause with WWE expired. Adding to the intrigue, Matt Riddle dropped hints of something new on the horizon following his WWE release, leaving the wrestling community eager to see what the future holds for him.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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