WWE Raw Star Stunned By Sexist Allegations

WWE RAW commentator Corey Graves has been serving as the commentator for several years now starting from 2014 after his in-ring career ended prematurely due to concussion issues. The former NXT commentator recently engaged in a Twitter war with a fan.



Corey Graves fires back at the criticisms

Previously, Corey Graves’ text message to a WWE star got leaked. Graves, who had to face critics, went on to respond to criticism over his commentary when women are featured on WWE programming. It started with the tweets by ex-NXT talent Alyssa Marino, who serves as a wrestling commentator as well. It is to be noted that she never mentioned Graves by name and she never tagged him. She never outright said that she was referring to him or anyone in WWE. She also did not mention Graves’ fiance Carmella as Graves did in his tweets. Graves was accused of not being focused during the women’s matches.

She tweeted:

“When an announce team can’t “focus” on a match and is constantly commenting on the physical appearance of competitors (especially when it’s women in the ring), it’s time to find professional broadcasters who can tell the story without being “distracted” by the athletes. (1/2)”

“I don’t often share my takes on things, but I work hard to prepare myself as a broadcaster. I’ve studied how great commentary teams can elevate matches, but it’s really grating to hear announcers get lost in how attractive they think competitors are in the midst of a match. (2/2)”

Graves responded:

“Well then, I suggest you find a different field than sports entertainment. If you can’t differentiate between a TV character and an ACTUAL journalist, then I don’t trust anything you have to say. Good luck.”

Graves also responded to a tweet that said,

“Responding to criticism regarding how you talk about women by telling a woman that she’s in the wrong line of work probably isn’t a good move but you do you”

Graves’ response:

“Responding to criticism about how I speak ON TV about a CHARACTER portrayed by my ACTUAL fiancé trumps any of your “woke” bullshit…but you do you…You’re welcome for the virtue signal boost.”

Graves’ follow-up tweet in the conversation:

“Where, Norman, did I say ANYTHING about her gender. I specifically targeted her lack of understanding between fiction/reality. Please..Correct me.”

Graves followed up with another tweet:

“In 2021, being engaged to an absolutely, wildly talented, beautiful woman, and talking about how amazingly beautiful and talented I think she is on TV because we work at the same place is somehow offensive to some people Twitter.

Call me the “troll buffet.””

Graves recently pinned Akira Tozawa at ringside to win the WWE 24/7 Championship but he had immediately lost it to co-commentator Byron Saxton.


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