WWE Raw Star Was Knocked Out On Plane

WWE Hall Of Famer JBL is considered one of the “biggest bullies” in the locker room in WWE and has many infamous stories about this.



In 2008, he reportedly got into an altercation with former commentator Joey Styles. After JBL kept bothering Styles during a tour in Iraq, the two ended up getting into a fight and this resulted in Joey Styles hitting JBL in the face with a huge punch and giving him a black eye.

During the latest episode of Café de René, a fan asked former superstar René Duprée if JBL was still a “bully” after getting knocked out by Styles.

“Okay, I wasn’t there but from what I heard he would just sit in a corner on his laptop wouldn’t talk to nobody. Yeah, he got f**king embarrassed like a motherf**ker. Jesus, when I heard that story I was like, I felt like, ‘Wow, you got put in your place,’ you know

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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