WWE Reacts To TNA President’s Speech, Feuding TNA Knockouts Break Kayfabe, More

— A number of people from World Wrestling Entertainment watched Dixie Carter’s speech on iMPACT! last week on YouTube, with many laughing at it. One person within WWE made the following statement to the Figure Four Newsletter regarding the TNA President’s speech:



“After investing the previous two hours of Impact on hyping how Hulk Hogan and TNA are ushering in this new era of euphoria with this huge game changer move and perhaps making their fan base feel like this is finally the place to be right here and right now, they kick off this week’s show with THAT video. A video that comes across totally out of context even if it’s not a ‘shoot, brutha’, where a sea of sleepy, droopy-faced and indifferent talent sit in bleachers and are lectured to by a woman that has about 2% conviction in the speech she’s giving.

“For the talent, it’s a big old ‘F*** you, it’s my way or the highway’. For the viewer it comes across as ‘Hey, you know that whole big Hulk Hogan hype we sold you on last week? Yeah, buyer beware – it’s not as cool or as euphorically kick ass as we kind of suggested it was last week.’ I don’t think it served any purpose other than to further amp up Dixie’s ego. It was like a bad public speaking class.”

— A few weeks ago on iMPACT!, “The Beautiful People” said they were filming a movie called The Meanest Girls. Their first segment saw them get into a food fight with Sarita and Taylor, resulting in the Knockout Tag Team Champions being laid out. Well, Sarita’s official website has posted an image of herself and Wilde posing with their “bitter enemies” following the food fight, stained clothes and all. To view the photo, click here.

— TNA has released No Surrender on DVD. Click here for more information.

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