WWE ‘Rebooting’ nWo With New Members?

WWE star Bayley recently made her fans wonder about the formation of a new stable. Two decades back, nWo had created a buzz in the wrestling world. Now, a possibility of formation of a nWo style stable cannot be ruled out and that too if it was a women’s stable.



Bayley could form a stable?

Bayley recently shared a picture on her Instagram account being in nWo gear. This drew some attention on the platform. Then NXT star Dakota Kai came up with an interesting comment as she said: “I’d join that faction.” Jimmy Uso Major Smackdown Update Leaks

A fan has tweeted out a graphic of Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Mia Yim. This caught the HBIC’s attention on Twitter and Yim replied to say, “This group thoooo” along with an ecstatic emoji with hearts popping out of its eyes.

It is a great idea pitched by the fans and we’ll have to see if WWE thinks about forming this faction. Though is not 100% sure but the idea cannot be ruled out. We will have to wait to see if it happens in future.

Currently, Bayley works on SmackDown while, Mia Yim has been on a hiatus since leaving RETRIBUTION and Dakota Kai works on NXT.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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