WWE Rehire Legend After Firing On Raw?

Wrestling News reported that Matt Cardona aka Zack Ryder could be returning on Monday Night RAW this week.




During the electrifying WWE WrestleMania 39 event on a Saturday night, an unexpected turn of events took place when the chart-topping Puerto Rican rapper, Bad Bunny, intervened in the singles match between Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio. The audience was on the edge of their seats as the action-packed match was interrupted by outside interference from Judgment Day. However, the interference was short-lived as the Legado Del Fantasma made a heroic appearance to save the day.

As the match resumed, Bad Bunny, who was present at the commentary desk, took matters into his own hands and retrieved a chain from Dominik. This allowed Rey Mysterio to execute the 619 move and follow up with an impressive frog splash, leading him to secure a well-deserved victory. The audience erupted in cheers, celebrating the momentous victory and the unexpected intervention by Bad Bunny.

Fans of Bad Bunny and WWE were thrilled to hear that he would be hosting the Backlash PLE, scheduled for May 6th in his home country of Puerto Rico. Not only that, but it was also announced that the talented musician would make appearances on WWE programming. In a recent report by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, it was revealed that Bad Bunny is scheduled to appear on the upcoming RAW episode.

Although the nature of his appearance is still a mystery, rumors are flying about a possible angle involving Dominik Mysterio and Bad Bunny in the future. The report suggests that the Puerto Rican superstar might have a front-row seat for a show segment, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what he might do next. One thing is for sure; Bad Bunny’s electrifying intervention at WrestleMania has firmly placed him on the WWE map and set the stage for even more exciting moments to come.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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