WWE Rejected Rehiring Controversial SmackDown Star

Aria Daivari revealed on AEW Restricted that Vince McMahon rejected rehiring his brother Shawn Daivari.



“I went to Vince and I pitched rehiring my brother… I showed him all our tag stuff, he really liked it. He liked our look, you know? We’re two Persian brothers. Even though he’s five years older, we’re roughly the same height, you know? When I shaved my head bald, we looked very similar. He liked the look and everything.”

Ronert Roode uploaded a picture of Southlake Orthopaedics in Birmingham, Alabama on Instagram towards the end of September, noting that he was suffering from injuries.

It was then noted that Robert Roode is set to make his return to the squared circle soon. According to Fightful’s paywall, Robert Roode was backstage at Friday Night Smackdown this week, but it’s unclear why he wasn’t used.

Bobby Roode is backstage at Smackdown. We don’t know if he is to be used.

Speaking about the incident on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s SmackTalk, Dutch Mantell simply said that WWE would not be happy with Strowman’s jibe as it puts him in a bad light which also affects merchandise sales.

“Well, you’re gonna get a lot of fans not liking him and they [WWE] don’t like that because they want them to buy merchandise. You don’t buy things off of guys that you don’t like. I was reading part of it, and he was talking about guys bagging groceries and I had to laugh,

We will have to wait and see when Anthony Ogogo will come back.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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