WWE ‘Rejected’ Samoa Joe Offer Before Release

Samoa Joe was one of the the names currently released by WWE and ‘The Second City Saint’ and former WWE Champion, CM Punk is not happy about the news in the slightest. Taking to social media via Twitter, Punk posted a gif of Dave Chappelle portraying Rick James on his hit show Chappelle’s Show, kicking his feet and wailing, indicating as such. This would draw the attention of Joe himself who responded to Punk by stating: “They really should of never gave me money.” Joe’s last WWE appearance was as a color commentator during night’s one and two of WWE WrestleMania 37. These major Samoa Joe AEW signing rumors just leaked.



Sean Ross Sapp stated on a Fightful podcast that within the last week he has heard that Samoa Joe wants to return to the ring and is not retiring, and that WWE would not clear him.

Samoa Joe has indicated that he wants to return to the ring however as he stated the following during an interview with Sports Illustrated prior to his release. Credit to the outlet for the following quotes.

“It’s all about taking the best and healthiest approach to my recovery,” Joe says. “When it comes to concussions, the amount of knowledge and science that has evolved over the past decade has been incredible. I’d suffered one on TV, and then one shortly thereafter. For my health and safety, WWE pulled me back, and I was all on board.

“There have also been some holdups with the pandemic, in terms of medical availability of certain specialists and facilities, so that’s played a large factor in the timing. But like I said, WWE medical is doing their very best for me to have the healthiest return possible.”

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