WWE Releasing New Graphic Novels Soon, Triple H’s Most Vicious Moments, Slams of the Week

– Randy Orton is featured in this week’s WWE RAW Slam of the Week:



– Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and Ryback are featured in the SmackDown Slam of the Week:

– Triple H’s most vicious moments are featured in the latest WWE Top 10:

– We noted before that the WWE comic book series “Superstars” was being canceled. This is now confirmed as the series completed its run with issue #12, which is out now. PWInsider reports that the publisher of the series sent a letter to readers and said “it’s not as bad as it sounds!” as Papercutz will be releasing a series of graphic novels soon that feature WWE Superstars. They will be written by Mick Foley.

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