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WWE Removes Goldberg Signs, Layla and Kaitlyn Argue, More

– cameras caught Layla and Kaitlyn arguing about their loss at WWE Hell In a Cell. Layla was upset about Kaitlyn hitting her hard but Kaitlyn said she was just trying to win.

– WWE cameras also caught Darren Young and Titus O’Neil venting about their loss. Young was super depressed about not being able to get a win over Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. Titus reminded him that they have a chance this Wednesday on Main Event when they team with Alberto Del Rio to face Randy Orton, Cara and Mysterio.

– Security at last night’s WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view were told to remove all signs related to Bill Goldberg. WWE officials were afraid the signs would encourage Goldberg chants since they were in Atlanta and Ryback was in the main event.

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  • The WWE is so contradicting to its fans and the world of wrestling itself, So what people had Goldberg signs, doesn’t that go against the freedom of speech in this country that the WWE is supposedly so proud of? Leave the fans signs alone and just work on your “talent” for your “entertainment” show so your wrestlers, oops sorry “entertainers” so they can give the TRUE wrestling fans a good show to go to, let them have the right to spend their hard earned money for it anyway they please, Now your just getting ridiculous. Seriously

  • barry horowitz

    You guys act like Goldberg was some kind of original gimmick..he wasnt. besides that guess who goldberg mostly racked up his record against? oh yeah…JOBBERS!

  • Shawn

    U guys are losers sorry dudes ryback can hang with the main eventers if u don’t think so go check out Florida championship wrestling on YouTube then u guys can talk

  • Seth

    Because fans who bought tickets to a pay per view in Atlanta couldn’t put together that Ryback is Goldburg 2.0 without a sign.


  • Bawb

    They’ll never be able to stop it. What were they thinking in the first place making such a similar gimmick? And this guy has barely showed his dominance other than beating so many jobbers and throwing couches out of a ring.

  • Jeff

    You mean the Goldberg chants that were clearly evident through 90 percent of the match?