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WWE Reportedly Made Contract Offer to AJ Styles, Update on His Status with TNA

– There has been no word yet on AJ Styles signing another contract with TNA but it appears he will be working past December because of the current storyline he’s involved in. The plan is to keep him off TNA TV for a few months while he defends the World Heavyweight Title for other promotions.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that there was an offer from WWE but it was one that AJ couldn’t have possibly taken because it was about one-fifth what he’s currently making with TNA.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • ddfindl

    But Y2J isn’t even here -__-

  • JAckh45

    In DDPs prime he was the Y2J of today.

  • new8406

    Since he’s performing for other companies, why not work a 1-match deal with WWE to face, let’s say, Del Rio. Have him retain the title in a hell of a match. Pleases the fans, really makes it seem like A.J. seem like an “outlaw.”

    Not sure of the benefit of WWE unless they were to hype it up as a big event to sell merch and bring in outside interest.

    Just a thought

  • ddfindl

    Yeah, I “felt the bang” numerous times… I said they were similar, not that DDP wasn’t slightly better. Its not like he was oozing charisma like the Rock or something.

  • JAckh45

    u serious? AJ is similar to DDP on mic???
    You know who DDP is right?

  • JAckh45

    Cant believe you just put Orton on the same level as CM Punk….
    Orton is a joke. Cant talk on the mic (forgets his lines constantly) also limp syncs his lines when hes not talking, seen it several times myself.
    And in the ring… hes average at best.
    And sure I have a CM Punk logo… doesn’t mean I mark out every chance I get… just believe punk is miles above orton on every level.

    If anything AJ reminds me of Orton a lot. without the flips and shit.

  • ddfindl

    Not sure what TNA’s overall numbers have to do with Styles… ROH didn’t get a lot of attention and they had Bryan Danielson, now he’s one of the top draws in WWE. And no, Styles is WAAAY better than DDP in the ring, the both of them had similar mic skills, so again I’m not sure what you’re point is – Bringing Styles in would be a big deal and the ratings would spike for awhile and we’d be able to see him get the larger fan base that he deserves.

  • God of Entertainment

    John Cena is better than AJ! That’s not saying much considering Cena isn’t a great wrestler. I bet if Cena went to TNA, his reign as TNA champ would be longer than Bruno Sammartinos run from way back in the days. Lol well over 8 years. Just sayin.

  • God of Entertainment

    No actually they’re very smart. TNA doesn’t even do a fifth of WWEs numbers in the stands. That’s what they’re interested in right now. The attendance numbers won’t change because of AJ Styles. Be real, the guy isn’t better than Antonio Cesaro (who the WWE is slippin on.) He would literally be a flash in the pan United States contender like DDP was coming from WCW. Good talent but has nothing else to offer. At least DDP could rock the mic. Just sayin

  • God of Entertainment

    He’s a good performer, not great. If he was great, WWE would offer big bucks to keep him like they did CM Punk. People forget CM Punk, before the pipe bomb had difficulty leading a crowd by the mic as well. Idk if he was given the green light (he did wear a “stone cold” shirt that night) or if he just didn’t care cause the contract negotiations were going so bad. It took a radical change to put CM Punk over the top. TNA has more of an attitude era thing going on with their company (which goes to show that the attitude era wasn’t as good as fans on the net claim)and AJ Styles still can’t generate a big loyal fan base to TNA. Which goes to show that AJ Styles is a good wrestler but not in the CM Punk or Randy Orton categories. Just sayin.

  • God of Entertainment

    U just named why he couldn’t be the face of the company. How are u gonna say what’s wrong with him then try to give him props? He’s not young nor can he capture a crowd with his words. Honestly, I saw an AJ Styles documentary and he said he just wanted to get his foot in the WWE door to prove himself. Guess that changes when u get old and can’t carry a franchise like u thought he could. Mid level talent at his best in WWE. Wise move to stick it out in TNA (home of redneck talent)

  • nick-hulk

    Does anyonr actually believe WWE made an off of 1/5 of his TNA wage? What was the contract; you bust your ass here and pay us for letting you! TNA paid Christian less to be the face of the companybthan WWE paid him to be a mid card b****

  • CC

    exactly. Punk was larger than life when he came in because of his image setting him apart. Danielson was a huge surprise when they finally signed him, but he had a name that pretty much every bar the kids knew.
    Seems to me that experienced RoH wrestlers have more chance of being signed than experienced TNA.
    Plus, look how long Creed/Woods has been in development.
    Younger guys from TNA have more chance as development gives WWE a chance to mold them into their own shape. A guy like AJ is never going to want to spend 3-4 years in dev, and if he went straight to the main roster, he would be buried.

  • Scooter

    Not to mention they don’t NEED Aj, as great as he is would the average fan even be aware of who he was?

  • CC

    Firstly, just because “sources” say this, does not make it true.
    Secondly, AJ, as good as he is in the ring is not a young talent and has no charisma on the mic, and after so many years of being used wrongly by TNA (you tell me why he isnt the face of the company if they had used him properly), I honestly dont see why WWE would be interested in him, and by that I mean you know the criteria that WWE goes for these days.

  • ddfindl

    Omg, if this is true then people in charge at WWE are f##king retarded! Signing AJ and having him debut would be HUGE! Ugh… what a waste.

  • MrDr3w

    WWE doesn’t want AJ Styles. They’re currently not signing “indy-style” wrestlers, according to an article posted today that JohnCena33 apparently didn’t read. My guess is either they just made him an offer to shut everyone up about it so they could say that they at least made him an offer, or the rumor is completely false.

  • JohnCena33

    Wow, so WWE lowballed AJ, one of the best wrestlers today, that is sad but glad he is staying in TNA.