WWE reportedly looking to rename Chad Gable

Over the years, WWE has changed many star’s names for better or worse and it appears that the former NXT Tag Team Champion Chad Gable might be experiencing this change soon.



This week’s episode of SmackDown Live saw Shelton Benjamin play a joke on Gable where Benjamin put a sign on his changing room saying that he must be  “this tall” to wrestle in the King of the Ring tournament.

And per Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this angle could lead to some changes into Chad’s character and it could result in him being renamed ‘Shorty G’:

“WWE just trademarked the term Shorty G as a wrestling name and rumor had it Gable was going to get that name,”

It’s unknown whether WWE is going to repackage Chad Gable completely or just give him a nickname but people have already started reacting to this news negatively.

What do you think about WWE’s idea to rename Chad Gable to Shorty G? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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