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WWE reportedly planning to offer big money deals to top indie stars

Bullet Club All In event WWE

Cody Rhodes has become a top indie star since leaving WWE and many believe that the Officials may be regretting ever releasing him as the ALL In event approaches.

On the other hand, The Young Bucks have been on the radar of the company for a while and if some recent reports are to be believed then the Officials will be making moves to sign these three.

According to WrestleVotes Twitter account, WWE is planning to offer huge money deals to these three indie stars but it’s not clear if any of them will take it:

It’s worth mentioning here that while ALL In is already sold out, in a recent episode of their ALL US YouTube Show, the trio revealed that they are not expecting much profit from the show.

So it appears that how their event does in terms of profit and if they decided to hold other similar events will be a huge deciding factor on whether any of them take the WWE offer or not.

  • CC

    Is there any other promotion that is actually a threat to WWE? Certainly nothing on their home soil that is for sure, and the Japanese companies are no threat as it does not matter how big those guys in Japan are, the fans out there will pretty much lap up anything wrestling, so they could get bigger and bigger and fans would still love WWE as well.

    RoH & Impact are the two biggest promotions in the USA, and even if you added their following together, it would still not equal WWE.

    WWE is all about the bottom line, and if they think those guys are potential money makers, they want them making money for them. No threat in it at all, just WWE wanting more money.

  • rob

    “legit stars” LOL


    WWE’S interest in Omega, the Bucks and Cody has nothing to do with the ‘threat’ of NJPW. It has everything to do with WWE wanting/needing top talent. NJPW world has 40k US subscribers…..that’s nothing. Meltzer probably has as many US subscribers as that. The Bucks contracts are up around Oct and Omega’s is up in Jan. Cody is tied up until mid 2019 I believe. If the money is right they be #allin WWE by the summer of 19.

  • Steven Stevens

    I don’t believe this.