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WWE reportedly reaching out to talent appearing at ALL IN

Bullet Club All In event WWE

  • Rinn13

    To be perfectly fair, NXT IS doing very real damage to many indies, taking their top stars, etc. And with WWE looking to expand NXT into the UK, it’s going to do more damage to local promotions there, ironically including Paige’s family’s promotion. And it isn’t as if this special one off show is an “indie promotion” unto itself. If anything, it’s really turned into a cross-promotional event between ROH and NJPW, promotions that are already successful, and already had an ongoing relationship.

    It isn’t as if 80s WWF DIDN’T change the business, it was literally the death knell for the old territory promotions, because Vince took their top talent, and promoted his show, live and on TV, in their territories, right in their faces. That’s why so many were pissed at him, and some that are still alive to this day still are. Indies may be “here to stay”, but the truth is, running indie promotions when the WWE exists, is hard. And most indie wrestlers aren’t able to make a living out of wrestling, instead having to work day jobs and wrestle on weekends.

  • CC

    WWE are always reaching out to wrestlers from the promotions represented at this show. How else do we get the likes of Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, Keven Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka etc?

    Does not mean they would be able to stop them appearing at All in unless the wrestler chose to pull out themselves.
    And we have seen numerous times in the past, if contracts are involved with the indy promotions, WWE will have to either honour that commitment for any future signed talent, or pay to get them out of it.

  • oppa

    Repeat of the 80s when people were hoping WrestleMania would fail and were striking deals so that people wouldn’t go to WWE because it was changing the business. NXT was said to be designed to help kill off top indy promotions, but this show is proving the indies are here to stay.

  • Rinn13

    I’m not super interested in this show, and I’ve never been a fan of the Young Bucks, but I’m glad that it’s happening and that it sold out. People need to realize that there’s more out there beyond WWE, or even Impact/ROH/NJPW. And I clearly remember when this was first announced, many people in this comments section, saying it’d never happen, that they could never sell a 10,000 seat show of indie wrestling.

    Shows what “fans” know, eh?

    But of course, WWE is “reaching out” to some of this talent, so they can try to steal them away from other promotions, and then proceed to waste them on NXT, or bring them up to the main roster only to do little with them.