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WWE Responds To Racism Allegations Following The Suspension Of Titus O’Neil

Some fans have alleged that Titus O’Neil’s suspension from WWE was racially motivated. WWE issued a statement to The New York Post in a response to the allegations.

“The suspension of Titus O’Neil had nothing to do with race and everything to do with unprofessional conduct.”

WWE followed up by sending in a copy of the text message they said they received from O’Neil, “I feel like sh** now so if you have to let me go, I understand. Stupid mistake.”

The video of the incident from Monday is below:

  • Kyle Hardee

    was it race… no, i don’t think so. I think its because it was on camera in front of millions and in front of 12,000+ people live. If it would have happened backstage, nothing would be done of it.

  • CC

    I see exactly where Vince and WWE are coming from, and it needs to be addressed, I just think the suspension or suspension length is harsh. Maybe a weeks suspension at most would be normal or a warning of some sort.
    Certainly was unprofessional conduct in almost any big business, not just a tv show.

  • CC

    not even remotely racial. harsh punishment, but I would guess that if it had been Heath Slater or Damian Sandow for instance, it would have been handled the same way.

  • CC

    Not even the same thing. It was a joke segment where Vince was proving he was out of touch by saying what most black people say to each other, thinking he was being hip, and not realising just because they say it, he cant. Much the same as when Jackie Chan said it in Rush hour.

  • Solid

    Indeed, people have become too sensitive and anytime something happens to someone of a different race people immediately grab for the race card.

  • Tony Kumar

    Remember the time when vince called booker t n**** backstage one time? If that’s not racist than i don’t know what is. But this incident with titus is a separate thing and grabbing your bosses arm in front of other employees is crazy.

  • Hunter_13

    its called “unprofessional conduct”. Titus did something that was not suppose to happen on Live TV, that arm grab was unnecesary. Paul London was suspended for a very similar situation in a backstage segment with vince, where he was angry and was supposed to have every wrestler scared but Paul London was the only one laughin… That kind of conduct in front of the boss…. the suspensions are legit…

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    The N.A.A.C.P. really needs to quit stepping in every time a BLACK performer is reprimanded, yeah. PERIOD! IT WAS OBVIOUSLY NOT ABOUT RACE!!

  • Dominic Foley

    Really I don’t see what the issue is in that video which caused Titus to be suspended. Yes he grabbed Vince’s arm but does that really warrant suspension!? I find it bizarre and really stupid!