WWE responds to reports about Ronda Rousey’s status

Ronda Rousey made her in-ring debut at last year’s WrestleMania and at the time it was reported that she has signed a one year deal with the company.



Since she has been talking about having kids and starting a family with her husband in recent times, the reports that she might leave after this year’s Mania didn’t surprise a lot of people.

However, with AEW’s rise, it appears WWE is taking such rumors very seriously as the company went on and cleared the air on Rousey’s contract with the following statement released to TMZ:

“A WWE spokesperson tells us, “Ronda Rousey is under contract with WWE until April 10, 2021. Whether she wants to start a family is a private matter.”

This doesn’t mean that Rousey cannot take a hiatus from the company and similar to Maria Kanellis, it’s possible that she might take a break from the company after the Show Of Shows.

Though this confirmation does clear the fact that Rousey is WWE bound for at least until 2021 and it should kill any rumors about her possibly leaving the company for another promotion.

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