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WWE reveals their top 10 best factions of all time

With the Shield reuniting yet again, the WWE took to Instagram to reveal their top 10 list of factions in wrestling history, from NXT’s Undisputed Era to the Hounds of Justice.

Their list has been considered controversial, as many fans aren’t exactly happy with the placement of certain groups. You can see why below.

  1. The Shield
  2. The Four Horsemen
  3. D-Generation X
  4. NWO
  5. Evolution
  6. The New Day
  7. The Hart Foundation
  8. Nexus
  9. The Fabulous Freebirds
  10. The Undisputed Era

What do you think of the list? How do you feel about the Shield being put at the top? Let us know what you think below!

  • CC

    Sorry, but this list is a joke. As much as I like the Shield, putting them above legendary factions is a joke.
    And a tag team like New Day (not even a faction in the scheme of things), has zero place on this list when the likes of the Nation of domination are missing, for instance.

  • Rinn13

    Seriously? Yeah, what a joke. Way to load your list up with wrestlers you currently have on the roster. And as relevant a faction as the NWO were, the WWE version of them was NOT. And The Four Horsemen were never IN the WWE, either. You don’t get to just pick factions that were never in your company out of a hat.

    You’re seriously going to ignore the Corporation, the Ministry of Darkness, Demolition, Camp Cornett, Ted DiBiasi’s Million Dollar Corporation, The Heenan Family, The Nation of Domination, or hell, JBL’s goddamn Cabinet, or the goofy ass Spirit Squad? There’s so many to choose from, and most of the modern ones you picked, especially the Shield, have no business on the list.

  • Stumpy

    Don’t forget about the Heenan Family.

  • Mike the Ike

    What a load of trash, but most of WWE’s countdowns are complete garbage. Nexus and New Day shouldn’t be on the list. nWo should be number one, followed by Horsemen(and I have no respect for Flair, so that’s saying something) DX is probably third. Evolution should be higher than the Shield. The Shield may have been more dominant, but they never held gold like Evolution did. At one point, Evolution had all the belts, no one in the Shield even competed for the top title and Ambrose US championship reign was a joke. The Corporation should be on the list for what it did for the careers of Rock and Triple H. Bullet Club, but I understand why the aren’t on the list. I might even add Brood/New Brood because that’s where Edge and Christian and the Hardys really got noticed.