WWE Roadblock PPV Results for 12/18/16 **NEW CHAMPION**

Show: WWE Roadblock 2016 PPV
Location: APPG Paints Arena Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Date: December 18, 2016
Airing Live On The WWE Network



Pre-show Results:

Big Cass vs. Rusev

They lock up and Cass gets the upper hand early as we go directly do a commercial break. Cass still with the advantage as Rusev tries to retreat. Cole lets us know this is Cass’ first PPV singles match. Cass catches a Rusev kick, hits a slam, and lands the Empire Elbow. Big splash to the corner and Rusev regroups once again. Cass goes for the big boot, but Rusev steers clear. Rusev, apparently scared of the big man, takes off into the crowd. Rusev hits a cheap shot and heads back in. Lana shoves Enzo and then fakes an injury, leading to Rusev with a drive-by. Rusev climbs back in the ring. Big Cass is a bit too late and gets counted out.

Winner via Count Out: Rusev

Main Card Results:

New Day vs. Sheamus & Cesaro (RAW Tag Team Championship Match)

Kofi and Big E are the pair for the champs tonight. Cesaro directly with a running drop kick and cover. Cesaro and Kofi trade monkey flips and land on their feet. Sheamus hits a clothesline from the outside as the referee was distracted. Sheamus makes the tag and hits a rolling senton as he makes the tag to Cesaro. Quick tags from the challengers as Sheamus hits a battering ram on his way in. Crowd getting behind Kingston as Sheamus slows the pace with a rear chin lock. Huge pop-up uppercut from Cesaro. Swiss Superman goes for a corner attack, but Kofi slips out of the way. Big E still down as Kingston unable to make a tag. Sheamus sent outside, but pops up and sets up for the ten beats. Kofi counters, tags Big E, and he hits his “YOLO Dive” to the outside. Back in the ring, he hits a big splash for a two count. Big E tries to suplex Sheamus back into the ring, but the Irishman counters. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Big E counters with a power bomb. Tag is made to Cesaro and a combo version of White Noise. Neutralizer countered, but Cesaro re-counters with a springboard uppercut. Sheamus tries to prevent Kofi from interfering, but hits Cesaro instead, sets up a kick from the outside from Woods. Big Ending from Big E but Cesaro kicks out. Action spills outside as Sheamus takes out Big E with the Brogue as Cesaro sends Kingston swinging and into the Sharpshooter. Kofi taps out but referee doesn’t see it as Woods rings the trombone. Cesaro with a unique transition to the Neutralizer but Big E breaks up the pin. Tag made to Sheamus, Woods gets in the way of a Brogue. SOS from Kingston to Sheamus, but he kicks out. Blind tag made from Cesaro to Sheamus as Kingston hits Trouble In Paradise on Cesaro. Sheamus, the true legal man, rolls up Kofi for the three and the win. New Day’s reign comes to an end.

Winners & NEW RAW Tag Team Champions: Sheamus & Cesaro

– After the match, Cesaro gives the former champs a hug in a sign of sportsmanship. Sheamus rips the titles away and celebrates with both titles. Cesaro goes to the Cesaro Section to celebrate with the fans. We’re back at square one.

– Backstage with Kevin Owens. He’s baring gifts apparently. He runs down the interviewer. He’s asked about his friendship with Chris Jericho and he says he and Jericho are best friends unconditionally. He leaves the interview and goes over to Jericho. Owens has gotten Y2J his very own holiday scarf, but Jericho rejects the gift and throws it to the ground.

– Let’s head back to the ring for singles action.

Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman (Ten Minute Challenge)

Bell rings and clock begins to wind down. Zayn able to get in some minor offense, but doesn’t really affect the big man. Strowman tosses Zayn across the length of the ring then shows off his speed. Action spills outside as Strowman lands some clubbing blows. We’re at 8:00. Zayn kicked into the ropes and held there. Strowman goes for an attack at the ropes, but Zayn ducks and lowers the ropes to send Braun outside. Zayn goes for a dive but is caught and sent back inside. Clothesline from Strowman, goes for the cover, but voluntarily pulls him up. At 6:00.

Official checks on Zayn and he wants to keep going. Strowman continues to toy with Zayn as he pull him up from a two count. Sami puts his dukes up but continues to get dropped. Zayn turned inside out with a clothesline but gets back up. Zayn continues to shake his head no as we approach 4:00. Mick Foley comes out with a white towel and wants Sami to throw it in and surrender. Strowman sends Zayn to the outside and berates the GM as a big “delete” chant comes out of the crowd. Sami crawls up and begs Foley to not throw in the towel. “Let them fight” chants erupt as we get to 2:00. Strowman attacks Zayn from behind and tells Foley the blood of Zayn is on his hands. Sami sends Strowman headfirst into the ring post. Strowman goes for a spear on the outside, but crashes and burns into the time keeper’s area. Sami back in early and Strowman barely beats the count. 30 seconds left. Sami to the top and lands a cross body. Cover for a two and is sent outside. He comes back in, hits a Helluva Kick, and goes for another as time expires. Zayn lasted the entire ten minutes.

Winner via Time Limit Rule: Sami Zayn

Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho

Crowd split with dueling “let’s go Rollins” and “Y2J” chants. They locks up and feel each other out as Jericho heels up the crowd. Nice chain wrestling as Rollins reverses and heads clasps in an arm submission. Whip to the ropes and a kick to the face of Jericho. Y2J sent to the corner but able to get the boot up and send Rollins down. He follows it up with a missile drop kick and side suplex. Rollins tries to make a comeback with strikes but is quickly halted. Jericho talks trash to Rollins in the corner and lays in a few kicks for good measure. Rollins able to counter. Action heads outside as Jericho looks to prep the announce table, but is met with a flying knee from Rollins coming off the apron. Back in and Jericho rakes the eyes as official gets caught in the middle. The veteran gets caught for a flip into the corner post. Official tries to break them up on each side the rope. Jericho hits springboard drop kick as Rollins pleads his case.

Rollins tries to pick up the pace, but Jericho having none of it as he stops it with a standing drop kick. He pins Rollins against the second rope cutting off the air supply of the former Shield member. Y2J making light of Rollins with playful slaps, but that only fires Rollins up as he delivers some Japanese-style strikes of his own. Enziguri from Rollins and both men are down. Jericho goes for a bulldog, but Rollins sends him all the way to the corner crotch first. Rollins heats up now with a sling blade off the whip sequence. Forearms to the corner. Rollins on the second rope and hits a block buster for a two count.

Pedigree countered, Walls of Jericho countered, Lionsault countered. Suicide dive from Rollins to the outside as Tye Dillinger is over with the “TEN” chants on the count out. Back in the ring and Y2J sits down on the Walls. Rollins makes it to the ropes. Jericho goes for another springboard drop kick to the outside, but met with a kick from Rollins. Frog splash missed by Rollins and Jericho goes straight into a Lionsault for a two. Crowd shows their appreciation for the competitors so far. Falcon Arrow by Rollins, cover for a long two. Official checking on them as we head toward the finish line. Boo/yay spot leads to a Pedigree attempt, blocked, but re-blocked into a power bomb. Jericho rolls through and cinches in the Walls once again. Rollins rolls under into a small package for a near fall. Two kicks to a flying Jericho. Rollins hits the frog splash this time as Kevin Owens comes to the aid of his friend. Jericho has Rollins pinned but KO has official occupied and costs his best friend the match. Y2J sends Owens to the showers, knee to the nose of Jericho, blocks a Code Breaker, and hits the Pedigree for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Seth Rollins

– We take a look back at tonight’s match between Rusev and Big Cass on the Kickoff Show that ended in shambles. They will have a rematch on Monday Night RAW.

– A preview of the Cruiserweight Championship match. Austin Aries joins the commentary team as Byron Saxton takes a quick break for the this title match.

Rich Swann (C) vs. TJ Perkins vs. Brian Kendrick (Cruiserweight Championship Match)

Kendrick hit with a knee and sent out early. He returns the favor and sends Swann outside. Perkins drags Kendrick in, goes for a sunset flip, an early knee bar, but Kendrick slips out. Swann back in with an enziguri Kendrick. Double rana from the champ. Swann goes for a cover but no dice. Swann hits his flip miss of a whip and we have a standoff. Kendrick back in and locks in the Captain’s Hook on the champ. TJP takes Kendrick out and locks in the knee bar. Swann with a splash that ends up hitting Perkins and all three slow to get up. Kendrick sends Swann to the corner, goes for Sliced Bread, countered by Swann. Perkins hits a super kick to prevent any covers. Knee bar from TJP to Swann as he crawls to the ropes but no break due to triple threat rules. Action goes all over the place, but culminates with two Swann Songs from the champ to his challenger for the three and title retention.

Winner via Pinfall & STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Rich Swann

– After the match, Neville’s music hits to a great pop. Great to see him in this picture. He immediately decks Swann and the rest of those in the ring. Reminds me of his NXT Championship reign. Neville continues to lay waste and stands above everyone in the ring before heading out.

– Video package looking ahead to the iron man match between Sasha and Charlotte for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Sasha Banks (C) vs. Charlotte Flair (30-Minute Iron Man Match For RAW Women’s Championship)

Cole says this is sixth meeting for the title between these two, and championship has changed hands all five previous encounters. They lock up and stay that way as they counter the others’ offense and make a break. Arm submission by Charlotte, reversed by Sasha, but drop toe hold by Charlotte to regain advantage. More submission trading until Charlotte finally grounds the champ. Sasha lets out a WOO as Charlotte bounces off the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle. A couple of quick pins to no avail. Corner attacks lead to Sasha transitioning into the Banks Statement but Charlotte able to slip to the outside. Backslide cover by Sasha for a two, but holds on. Sasha tells Charlotte her daddy loves her more, which Charlotte takes obvious exception to. Who’s the face here? Choke hold from Sasha, looks a bit tight, but legal. Charlotte uses her power to drop Sasha and break the hold.

Down to 22:00 as the action heads outside. Charlotte tries to pop Sasha to the ring post, but she catches herself and delivers a kick to the challenger. She follows it up with double knees to the outside. back in the ring now and Sasha applies a straight jacket and they cut to an astonished fan for added enthusiasm. Charlotte able to sling Sasha off the hold and hits her comeback but is quickly stopped by the champ. Charlotte heads outside and Sasha meets her with a cross body through the top and middle rope. Cover for a two and we’re still knotted at zero. Sasha headed to the top but Charlotte sweeps the leg and the champ is down. Charlotte goes back out to get Sasha for some reason rather than taking the count out fall. Sasha gets back in, Charlotte covers, two count. The official checks on Sasha until Charlotte breaks it up and puts a boot to the neck of Sasha on the bottom rope. Charlotte wrenching the neck of Banks but the champ fights back. Short lived comeback as Charlotte slams her to the mat. Sasha avoids a knee and corner attack and hits a cross body from the second rope. Back/Neck breaker combo from Charlotte with a kip up and drops a knee. Another near fall. Head scissors from Charlotte and slams Sasha’s head to the mat as we hit the halfway point.

Charlotte displaying her power now, but Sasha shows some fighting spirit and lands a bevy of strikes and double knees in the corner. She goes up top, misses a cross body. Charlotte hits Natural Selection but only a two! Banks goes for the back breaker but caught and sent into the corner followed by a snapmare. Charlotte up top, Banks joins her. 11:00 left. Natural Selection from the top rope for the three count and first fall.

First Fall: Charlotte Flair (Charlotte leads 1-0)

Around the 10:00 mark now, Charlotte goes directly for multiple covers to seal a second fall, but Banks kicks out. Crowd rallies behind Sasha. Sloppy encounter ends with a roll-up and Sasha gets the cover. We’re tied!

Second Fall: Sasha Banks (Tied 1-1)

At the 8:00 mark, Charlotte goes into frustration and goes right after the champ. Cover for a two. Charlotte drags Sasha to the corner and drops a few boots to set up her moonsault. Charlotte comes up empty and Sasha locks in the Banks Statement. Charlotte can’t make it to the ropes and Sasha rolls her back into the middle. Charlotte taps!

Third Fall: Sasha Banks (Banks leads 2-1)

Around 5:00 remaining and both have a burst of energy. Charlotte destroys the knee of Sasha in the corner. New bullseye to set up for the Figure Eight. Sasha blocks it. Charlotte slithers outside and continues to work over the knee with 3:30 left. Painful leg submission locked in, Sasha counters and covers for a two. Sasha back in a leg submission, reaches for the ropes, but Charlotte slaps her back to reality. Figure four locked in by Nature Girl. Banks rolls it over to reverse the pressure, but it’s turned right back around. Down to 1:00 remaining. 20 seconds. 10 seconds. Sasha TAPS and we’re tied.

Fourth Fall: Charlotte Flair (Tied 2-2)

We head to SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME!  Charlotte attacks Sasha as the official checks on her. She goes right back for the leg, Sasha rolls her up, two count! Fall away slam from Charlotte and Sasha looks near lifeless. Another roll-up from Sasha for two. Banks chops the tree. Hits the Banks Statement, she’s busted open, and it’s finally locked in. Charlotte grinding on the bad leg. Charlotte reverses into the Figure Four. Charlotte bridges into the Figure Eight and drags Sasha back to the middle. Banks has to tap and Charlotte wins.

Fifth Fall: Charlotte Flair

Overall Winner 3-2 & NEW RAW Women’s Champion: Charlotte Flair

– The Pittsburgh Steelers are in the house. The announce team hypes the Royal Rumble on January 29 from the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, TX. Guests for tonight’s RAW Talk will be Sami Zayn, Charlotte Flair, and Sheamus and Cesaro.

– Video package highlighting tonight’s main event for the WWE Universal Title.

Kevin Owens (C) vs. Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Championship Match)

Current United States Champion Roman Reigns makes his entrance to a flock of boo birds. Split reaction for the Universal Champ. Owens out for multiple regroups to get started, attempting to frustrate Reigns. The US Champ is having none of it and heads out to deliver a big slap to the Universal Champ. Action back inside and Owens locks in his patented side head lock. Reigns powers out with a slam and covers Owens for a one. Action spills back outside and the announce table gets introduced into the equation. Reigns no-sells a stomp to the fingers. Reigns whipped to the corner but recovers with a rebound clothesline. Back outside again as Owens lures Reigns into the steel steps.

Side head lock in again, and Owens expands his repertoire. Reigns with a neck breaker to get out of a bad situation and creates some space. Owens locks it in once again and gets a chin lock over while talking trash. Reigns gets out and dodges a running senton while catching his breath. They trade big right hands and clotheslines. Roman digs into the reserve with several forearms in the corner. Owens with forearms of his own as they’ve been booked evenly so far. Owens hits a German Suplex after blocking a Samoan Drop. Cannonball gets stopped by a kick and eventual Samoan Drop. Reigns selling his behind off or is legitimately out of breath as he heads to the corner to set up a Superman Punch. He swings and misses and gets caught by a DDT by Owens for a two.

Owens mocks Reigns’ “Hooah” and delivers a cannon ball. Reigns no-sells it and meets Owens with a Superman Punch. Reigns sets Owens on the top rope and joins him. Superplex gets blocked as Owen lands pointed elbows. Superman Punch from Reigns to knock the champ loopy still sitting up top. Owens counters a Superplex with a driver for a long two count. Cole makes note of the evenly matched contest. Owens heads up top for a swanton but Reigns gets the knees up. Owens rolls out of the ring to avoid a spear but gets hit with a drive-by. Owens rolls out of the ring again and Reigns misses the second drive-by and Owens hits a super kick. Owens puts Reigns on the announce table, hits a frog splash from the barricade to the table, and the table no-sells. Owens says no sir and hits a second one and the table gives. Reigns barely beats the count. Owens with another frog splash and Reigns kicks out.

Pop-up power bomb blocked. Reigns able to lift Owens up and hits a sit-out power bomb. Both men down. Reigns up first, spear blocked with a knee. Pop-up power bomb. Cover and Reigns gets the leg on the bottom rope. Only the kitchen sink is left. Owens grabs the title and brings it into the ring with him. Official tries to take away the title and Reigns hits a spear, but unable to cover. Jericho comes down the ramp and surveys the situation. The friendship is over as Jericho hits a Code Breaker on Owens. However, because of the interference, Reigns is disqualified and Owens retains the championship.

Winner via Disqualification: Kevin Owens

After the match, Jericho looks at the Universal Title, but hands it over to Owens and raises his hand. Seth Rollins’ music hits and comes to the aid of Reigns. Owens able to hit a spear on Owens as Jericho retreats. Rollins and Reigns able to grab him and hit the Shield power bomb on Y2J. Rollins and Reigns snag Owens before he heads to the back and power bomb him all the way to the announce table at the ramp. WWE Roadblock ends as Rollins and Reigns stand tall.

(All match descriptions courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

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