WWE Royal Rumble Winners Leaked To Reporter

The WWE Royal Rumble is tonight, and Wrestling Inc owner Raj Giri is claiming that he has been informed who will win the Rumble matches, and until 4:30PM EST he would tell people who DM’d him who would win if they would ‘pinky swear’ to not post it anywhere. WWE are reportedly bringing an Attitude Era champion back at the Royal Rumble.



Raj first tweeted, “Posting spoilers as articles makes me feel dirty. But I have heard about who are currently scheduled to win the Royal Rumble matches. I’m not going to post them on
@WrestlingInc, if you want to know, you can DM me.

“If anyone knows me, they know that I don’t give a shit about the number of Twitter followers I have. I’d much rather they follow @wrestlinginc than me. I just don’t want to post the spoilers, but if people want to know, I’ll tell them what I heard.”

“Ok, maybe that was a bad idea, I’ve gotten a couple of hundred DMs already. I’ll just post a hidden link shortly.”

“Since I said I would, I’ll respond to all the DMs I’ve gotten so far, but no more after 4:30 ET!”

“Deleted my original tweet, will never do that again. I’m slowly responding to all the DMs, I’m doing about 20 at a time.”

“Also, anyone that I dm has to pinky swear that they won’t post them anywhere.” He posted earlier before this series of tweets, “I’m one of the few internet fans that likes Goldberg, but him beating Drew would be awful. I’d rather have the Miz cash in again and Drew pin him then that.” He also said, “I’m all in for Bryan, but again if you were going on that direction, then he shouldn’t have been losing every other match the last couple of months.” Vince McMahon ‘changing’ a Royal Rumble winner was just detailed.

Below is the rumored Royal Rumble match order:

Charlotte & Asuka vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (Kickoff)

Goldberg vs. Drew McIntyre

Sasha Banks vs. Carmella

Bad Bunny’s Musical Performance

Women’s Royal Rumble

Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns

Men’s Royal Rumble

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