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Will WWE unify RAW and Smackdown in new era?

WWE constantly evolves and changes things up. However, since the last brand split, they have been sticking with just RAW and Smackdown as separate entities.

On  Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted how WWE could unify the two brands in the new era. However, they will not do that no matter how good of an idea it is to have fewer titles in the company.

Meltzer admits that WWE can do whatever they want, but thinks there is no reason to have the United States and Intercontinental Champions on both shows. He thinks it is possible if they have one Champion or one Women’s Champion, but just does not see it happening.

It is to be noted that the newly announced Women’s Tag Team Titles might also be exclusive to RAW. Regardless, it seems that there will be no change in the brand split.

  • Spoiler Alert

    Lars Sullivan goes to Smackdown and goes on to face Daniel Bryan for the WWE title at Mania. As of now, this is happening.

  • CC

    Earlier this year I called Anutosh on this and he got quite defensive saying that he is well respected and usually gets things right. I had to point out just how often he also gets things wrong and he was like a petulant child in Daves defense.

    Dave is not the be all and end all of wrestling, and quite often all he is doing is the same as us, speculating on what might happen, and they still report this as being “fact”.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    How you start an a topic with a question. I mean you or David Meltzer are the so called expect. Not

  • Will Henderson

    that’s the problem with wrestling news sites these days, they take Dave Meltzer’s opinions/speculation as actual news.

  • CC

    So this is not a rumour, it is just Meltzer saying what could happen and what should happen etc.
    Stop with the stupid click bait titles.

    The mens, womens and tag championships should be crossbrand and the mid tier titles should be unique to help people get over. Which is one of the few times I agree with Meltzer.

  • The Random Reader

    Meh, WWE sunk low