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WWE Rumors: Seth Rollins’ Return, AJ Styles Plans, NXT Writer on why he was Released

Here are some rumors currently swirling around the world of pro wrestling and please note none of these have been confirmed as legitimate news. Take all these with a grain of salt:

  • It is expected that the Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles match at Extreme Rules will mark the final match in their feud, at least when it comes to pay-per-view events. Styles may transition out of the feud into something with ‘The Club’ members Gallows and Anderson.
  • Seth Rollins is expected to resume working as a heel when he returns to WWE television as the roster is overloaded with babyfaces.
  • Stephanie McMahon has reportedly being playing a babyface on WWE television due to her book deal being announced recently.

Any thoughts on these rumors, guys? Heard any interesting ones yourselves you’d like to share? Have fun, and remember these are all only rumors, so please take them as such.

  • Wildeye

    what have you been watching? Roman hasn’t been playing much of a face role. They have been playing with the boos and cheers for him making him neutral. With this story they make it look like Aj or Roman can be heel. I like John Cena but Roman is not trying to stay the hero like Cena. I think they need more neutral guys like they did before. LIke Randy Orton

  • David

    Aj styles beats Roman rains for the title!

  • visual

    Seth will come back as a heel, but he’s my captain and he’s going to stay a face for me.

  • TheFizPop

    lol Steph will obviously turn, they are not even booking her to look genuinely face. VinnieBoy really does live in his own world, to him RR is the big face (yet is booed), SR returning to be heel, will get a great face ovation. Then throw in Cena, this will continue to be soo bad its good for a while longer! 😀