WWE Sad Firings At SmackDown Revealed

Adam Hopkins lost his job since Vince McMahon returned and it looks like things won’t stop at this departure. He was very closely working with Triple H, and was with the company for 25 years. His designation was President of Communications with the company.



There are no details on who else got released from their job in the WWE, but it’s a given that there were many other names that lost their jobs for the first time since Triple H took the creative charge.

WWE releasing employees is not new, but one would have to see if this had any reason of involvement from Vince McMahon. The looming information about a WWE sale is already in the works so anything is possible.

There were no details shared as to why Adam was let go, but it looks like his severance package could be the reason behind this release. Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful reported this and one can rest assured that his information is accurate as he has broken many news in the past which have been factual.

While there’s no news on who takes Adam’s space, one thing is clear and that’s the fact that WWE would be willing to cut ties with anyone or anything that may hinder in a possible sale by Vince McMahon.

WWE is currently not sold, but the rumors are doing rounds that Vince reinstated himself in the Board and as the Chairman to foresee a possible sale of the company.

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