WWE Sad Women’s Money in the Bank Botch Leaks

WWE might have accidentally spoiled who could be the new member of The Judgment Day.



The sinister faction has teased new WWE members over the past few months, but as of yet, no names have been put forward. At Money in the Bank, ring announcer Samantha Irvin announced Bayley to the ring for her ladder match and claimed she was representing The Judgment Day.

This has led to some interesting tweets from fans since Bayley was clearly representing Damage CTRL along with IYO SKY, and it was a small botch, but many now believe that The Role Model could betray her faction and join The Judgment Day.

Of course, at the moment, Bayley is still a member of Damage CTRL and has had no contact with The Judgment Day on WWE TV to set up a storyline.

When IYO SKY made her way to the ring several seconds later, she was announced as representing Damage CTRL, which could be why many WWE fans are now choosing to believe that this wasn’t an accident.

One wrote on Twitter, “Did she just call Bayley a judgement day member lmaoooo”

Another said: “Was it just me or was Bayley introduced as part of the Judgement day??”

Third wrote: “Bayley joined judgement day holy crap 🤣 #MITB”

Bayley is the main person in Damage CTRL at the moment and the group has been having some issues since Dakota Kai’s injury, but it’s likely that she would prefer to make things right with her current stable.If Damage CTRL was to implode sometime in the coming weeks, Bayley could join Finn Balor in the group since the two stars have been close friends for several years.

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