WWE Saturday Morning Slam Report – August 25th, 2012

The premiere episode of WWE’s new Saturday morning, kids-oriented TV show started with a standard intro video highlighting WWE’s most recognizable stars.



In a pre-taped intro, a man sounding like Scott Stanford set the stage for the show. New, animated graphics introduced Kofi Kingston vs. Heath Slater promoting the main event. The announcer also promoted a behind-the-scenes look at Sheamus, C.M. Punk, and the Summerslam music video.

Saturday Morning Spotlight: A trip to Planet Funk for a look at Brodus Clay. Clay introduced his gimmick before bringing in his dancers to help the kids watching learn how to get funky.

Video Vault: A history of dance-oriented wrestlers. 2 Cold Scorpio, Rikishi, Disco Inferno, Too Cool, and JYD were spotlighted.

“WWE Inbox” segment (re-named The Third Degree for this show): WWE stars talked about their favorite Olympic sport.

Up Next: Kofi Kingston vs. Heath Slater.

[Commercial Break. Some crazy “toys” are being advertised to kids these days, including a collection of garbage.]

In-ring: Tony Chimel announced U.S. champion Santino Marella, which exposed this show being taped before Summerslam, where Santino dropped the title. Josh Mathews introduced the segment to the audience and plugged Santino’s title reign as he power-walked around ringside with the U.S. Title belt around his waist. Ringside, Santino said it’s an “electrifying audience this morning.” Kofi Kingston was out next as WWE went to numerous shots of the kids in the audience, making it look cool to attend a WWE show.


Santino broke down the basics early on, noting Kofi shows good sportsmanship and Slater is a bad sport. Basic wrestling holds early on as Mathews talked about the backgrounds for Santino, Slater, and Kofi. Kofi took a page from Ricky Steamboat using multiple armdrags to wear down Slater, who suddenly found himself running the ropes before getting blown up in a comedy spot. Kofi went back to the armdrag before firing up the crowd. They cut to break with a smiling Kofi in control.

[Commercial Break]

Before WWE returned to the match, a very calm, seemingly-normal, relaxed, focused Daniel Bryan delivered a pre-taped “Don’t Try This At Home” message encouraging the kids not to try wrestling moves at home or at school. Bryan’s beard was much shorter, too.

Back to the Slam main event, Slater was in control working on Kofi’s shoulder. Slater lost focus by playing his air guitar, prompting Santino to explain how Slater is making a mistake. Slater settled into the old abdominal stretch spot grabbing the ropes twice before going to the well for a third time, which caught the ref’s attention. Kofi then made his comeback and hit the Boom Drop before teasing Trouble on Paradise. Slater ducked, though, but missed with a corner attack and comically fell back to the mat. Kofi then went to the top rope for a big cross-body splash for the pin and the win. Santino noted that cheating doesn’t pay before Mathews recapped highlights from the match.

WINNER: Kingston at 10:38.

[Commercial Break]

For the final segment of the half-hour show, WWE aired a video package from a recent B.A. STAR event in St. Louis. Stephanie McMahon, Sheamus, The Miz, and Eve were shown promoting WWE’s anti-bullying program.

Next Week: Rey Mysterio is highlighted, plus a look at signatures from top WWE stars. … The episode concluded with the music video of WWE stars lip-synching the Summerslam theme song a la the viral “Call Me Maybe” videos. C.M. Punk dancing with a water cooler jug in the Summerslam video was the final image of the show.

Source: PWTorch.com

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