WWE Saturday Morning Slam Report – September 15th, 2012

This week’s show started with a live crowd shot as the voice-over man plugged WWE’s international flavor on the roster. Coming up today: WWE tag champs R-Truth & Kofi Kingston vs. Primo & Epico.



Sat. Morning Spotlight: Justin Gabriel high-flying, appealing to the kids, and being from South Africa. Gabriel talked in sit-down soundbytes about recently returning to S. Africa while WWE rolled footage of him touring his home country.

Around the World in 40 Superstars: WWE went through the video archives to show past and present WWE stars from the U.S. to Africa to Asia to Canada to Europe. WWE paused on Ivan Putski before crewing a new county for the combination of Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff. Finally, Parts Unknown for Ultimate Warrior and friends.

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Arena: Josh Mathews introduced the in-ring portion of the show as Kofi Kingston’s music played to bring out tag champions Kofi & R-Truth. This week, Mathews was joined by Santino on commentary. Epico & Primo were out next, but not accompanied by Rosa Mendes.

1 — WWE tag champions KOFI KINGSTON & R-TRUTH vs. PRIMO & EPICO — non-title match

The announcers discussed Little Jimmy as Kofi executed an armdrag into an armbar, prompting Santino to call that “pure sports entertainment” with “good wrestling maneuvers.” Truth then said he wanted a piece of the action, leading to a bit with Truth introducing Epico to Little Jimmy. This brought everyone into the ring to stand around and look down at the imaginary space. Ref Chioda waved off Jimmy’s involvement, leading to a break down in the action. The tag champs cleared the Colons to the outside, then danced in the ring leading to break.

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Don’t Try This At Home: Hey, there, it’s Sheamus lacing his boots to deliver this week’s message. Sheamus said he spent years perfecting his craft before WWE, so don’t imitate his moves at home or at school.

Back in the ring, Epico was working an abdominal stretch (called an abominal stretch by Santino) on Truth. Epico turned it into a bear hug to keep Truth away from Kofi for a tag. Truth made the tag moments later, bringing in Kofi for the Boom Drop on Epico. WWE cut to Mathews and Santino during a high-impact move, then the action broke down. Kofi then came off the top with a high cross-body splash for the pin and the win. Afterward, Santino broke down the art of tag wrestling for the kids.

WINNERS: Kofi & Truth at 9:21. A fine tag match emphasizing tag wrestling – and friendship – this week.

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Around the Globe Part 2: WWE’s recent tour of Asia hitting Japan, China, and Taiwan.

Next Week: Focus on the Intercontinental Title’s legacy before they talk to current champ The Miz.

Around the Globe Part 3: Antonio Cesaro is fluent in five languages. This week, sitting on the steps of a European-style apartment building, Cesaro said he’s going to teach everyone how to say “Welcome back to school” in five languages. Cesaro noted he just learned Italian, so the kids at home can learn, too.

The voice-over man thanked Antonio for this week’s lesson before signing off as WWE rolled rapid-fire clips of top WWE stars in action, ending with C.M. Punk, then John Cena.

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