WWE SD/ECW Live Results – August 17th, 2009

WWE SmackDown/ECW Live Event Results
August 17th, 2009 – Lincoln, Nebraska
Report by F4Wonline, Andrew Larsen



Arena was full except for the upper deck, hot crowd with more younger people than I’ve ever seen at a show.

Match 1- Finlay V. Mike Knox- Finlay was the first guy out so he got a big pop. Standard back and forth match, but entertaining. Finish saw Knox try to undo the turnbuckle and Finlay knock him out with the shillelagh.

Match 2- Vladimir Kozlov V. Jimmy Wang Yang- Told my friends this one would be over in 3 minutes in a Kozlov squash, but surprisingly Yang controlled the match and won with a high crossbody off the top rope. Not much reaction for either guy.

Gave away front row seats by asking a family where SummerSlam is being held this year.

Match 3- Bella Twins V. Maria and Melina. Melina and Maria worked pretty well together and seemed to be working hard to improve. Nice crowd reaction too.

Brought two little girls into the ring to throw t-shirts into the crowd. Loudest the crowd got all night.

Match 4- Dolph Ziggler V. R-Truth- Ended up being about a 20 min. match due to all the stalling and comedy bits. Still really fun though. Ziggler had huge heel heat and worked his ass off with big bumps and comedic stunts. This match had more heat than any other match on the card.

Match 5- Cryme Tyme and Eva Torres V. Hart Dynasty- Generic 6 person mixed tag. Harts worked over JTG until Shad got the hot tag and cleaned house. Shad pinned Tyson Kidd while JTG and Eva were holding Smith and Natalya on the outside. Cryme Tyme got a big pop.

Intermission filled with plugs for SummerSlam, merchandise and Twelve Rounds on DVD.

Match 6- C.M. Punk V. John Morrison- Punk got on the mic before the match lecturing the adults and telling them they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing their kids to wear Morrison shirts and Hardy “pantyhose” on their arms. Said they should be marking their firsts with X’s instead. Beginning was filled with restholds so wasn’t as good as their tv matches, but didn’t expect them to be. Hot finish with lots of near falls on Punk. Punk won with the G2S.

Match 7- Tommy Dreamer V. Shelton Benjamin V. William Regal V. Christian for the ECW Championship- Pretty good match. Did the usual spots where two guys rested on the outside and two fought inside. Did the superplex/powerbomb combo from the top rope. Christian pinned Benjamin with the killswitch. Nice pop for Christian

Main event- Kane V. Khali in a Lumberjack match. Every guy from the first 6 matches were the lumberjacks. What you’d expect from these guys. Lots of chokes and punches and chops. Ziggler’s reaction to the match on the outside was better than the match on the inside. Finish came when everyone brawled on the outside and Ziggler tried to hit Khali with the chair, but Khali punched it, then chokeslammed Kane.

After the main all the faces brought little kids into the ring and danced together. Overall it was a really fun show filled with a few stinkers but mostly really entertaining matches.

Heel heat: 1. Ziggler 2. CM Punk 3. William Regal

Face pop: 1. R-Truth 2. Christian 3. Cryme Tyme

MVP: 1. Ziggler 2. John Morrison 3. Christian

—Andrew Larsen

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