WWE SD/ECW Results – August 1st, 2009, 2nd

WWE SmackDown/ECW Live Event Results
August 1st, 2009 – Cohasset, Massachusetts
Report by F4Wonline, Jerry Lane



WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel your ring announcer for the evening…

1.Yoshi Tatsu pinned Shelton Benjamin w/the spin kick….nice reaction for Tatsu

2. Ricky Steamboat dons the tights and pins Drew MacIntyre w/flying crossbody off the top rope…super face reactio for the Dragon…who had the fans chanting “let’s go Steamboat as soon as the bell rang…he is truly in better shape and a better worker than the majority of the Raw roster

3. Tyler Reks pinned Paul Burchill after his dropkick from the middle of the top rope…Burchill tried, but Reks is way too green

4. Tyson Kidd(w/Harry Boy Smith) pinned Jimmy Wang Yang w/a schoolboy and feet on the ropes, after Harry Boy distracted the ref while Yang had Kidd pinned

5.John Morrison pinned Mike Knox w/Starship Pain…Morrison’s pop nearly blew the roof off the tent…and he carried Knox to a tremendous big man/smaller man match..Morrison is a budding star having great matches w/everyone!

after Intermission

6.Melina pinned Katie Lea Burchill w/a bridge off the reversal of a schoolgirl…just before the finish, Michelle McCool came out to the top of the entranceway noticeably limping…taunting Melina w/the Women’s Title belt

7.Christian pinned William Regal w/a sunset flip off the top turnbuckle to retain the ECW Championship…a shorter match than expected…w/2 failed killswitch attempts by Christian before the finish…2nd loudest pop of the night behind Morrison

prior to the main event…Tedddy Long came out to announce that the winner would become #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Title

8. CM Punk defeated Kane and the Great Khali in a Triple Threat Match to become the #1 contender for the World Title…after Kane chokeslammed Khali, Punk hit a reverse kick on Kane to knock him out of the ring, then Punk ranover quickly to cover Khali for the pin…Punk got a 75-25 face pop…but played chicken shit heel for most of the match…afterwards…Kane tried toa ttack Khali w/a chair…only to have Khali kick it back into Kane’s face…Khali got a terrific face pop as well…

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