WWE SD/ECW Live Results – Dec. 27th, 2009

WWE SmackDown/ECW Live Event Results
Raleigh, North Carolina – December 27th, 2009
Report by Iain Watt, PWInsider



Matt Hardy defeated Dolph Ziggler – Matt got a huge pop being from NC and all, and there was a lot of heat on Dolph too. Pretty good matchup from these 2.

Hart Dynasty defeated Slam Master J/Jimmy Wang Yang.

Mickie James/Savannah/Maria defeated Michelle McCool/Beth Phoenix/Layla

Hurricane defeated Zack Ryder in a few seconds

R-Truth defeated Mike Knox

Christian defeated Ezekiel Jackson – Kozlov ran in at the end to save Christian from a revenge attack.

Drew McIntyre defeated John Morrison. Interesting thing happened here in this match. I believe Morrison’s tooth was knocked out, and someone was given it from a member of production from around the ring.

Rey Mysterio/Kane defeated CM Punk/Chris Jericho – before the match, CM Punk and Jericho cut fantastic, hilarious promos, plus a member of the ‘universe’ was getting in Punks face, I thought they were about to start a fight…it looked genuine to me, anyway.

Undertaker defeated Batista in a rather boring and slow match.

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