WWE SD/ECW Live Results – January 11th

WWE SmackDown/ECW Live Event Results
January 11th, 2010 – LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Report by Cody Endres, F4Wonline



The crowd was a bit smaller compared to the Raw house show a year ago. The Center was probably 3/4 full with lots of younger fans in attendance.

1) Kane defeated Dolph Ziggler

People were familiar with Ziggler as he had a ton of heat. Before the match, Ziggler bragged about his matches with Kane the past two weeks on Smackdown. Solid match that the crowd really got behind. Kane won with a chokeslam.

2) Vladimir Kozlov, Goldust, & Yoshi Tatsu defeated William Regal, Tyler Reks, & Zack Ryder (w/Rosa Mendes)

Regal made his entrance first and talked about spending his Christmas vacation in England. He ripped on America and even mentioned Kozlov becoming an American citizen recently. This prompted Kozlov to run out and attack him. Soon the members of both teams were all in the ring brawling. Fans had no idea who Reks, Ryder, & Mendes even were. Finish came when Kozlov pinned Regal following his Iron Curtain finisher.

-Savannah introduced some fans near the top of the building and asked them what the name of the upcoming PPV was. The fans correctly answered the Royal Rumble and they were given front row seats.

3) Eric Escobar defeated Mike Knox

This is where the crowd died. The only highlight was Knox fitting in that awesome running crossbody spot. Escobar won out of nowhere with a quick rollup. Fans booed the finish.

-While Escobar made his way down the aisle, The Hart Dynasty ran out and attacked him. They then entered the ring and Natalya cut a short promo. She mentioned Bret Hart and said that unlike Bret, The Hart Dynasty would never get beaten up by a 65 year old man.

4) The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & D.H. Smith w/Natalya) defeated Slam Master J & Jimmy Wang Yang.

Way better than expected. The Hart Dynasty got heat on Yang for an extended period and the crowd popped big time when Slam Master J got the hot tag. The Hart Dynasty picked up the win after isolating Slam Master J and hitting him with the Hart Attack.

5) Mickie James defeated Beth Phoenix

Above average women’s match that was given time, but the crowd really didn’t care. Mickie caught Beth with a DDT for the victory.

-Tony Chimel announced it was intermission time and tossed some t-shirts to the crowd.

6) Triple Threat Match: Drew McIntyre defeated John Morrison & Matt Hardy to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

McIntyre cut a promo and complained about the cold weather. He claimed that Kozlov was backstage huddled in a corner even though he was from Russia. A large gathering of Military personnel starting heckling him. McIntyre said he didn’t have to show them respect since they weren’t “his” army. Typical three-way match where one person sells while the other two work. Morrison attempted to hit McIntyre with the Flying Chuck, but accidentally kicked Hardy and sent him flying outside the ring. McIntyre capitalized on the situation and put Morrison away with the double armed DDT. After the match, Morrison & Hardy reconciled and led the crowd in a USA chant.

7) Christian defeated Ezekiel Jackson to retain the ECW Championship

Christian did a bunch of comedy spots and bumped like crazy to make this match five times better than it had any right to be. Christian finished Big Zeke with the Kill-Switch.

8) Main Event: Rey Mysterio defeated Batista via DQ

Batista played his over-the-top heel character to perfection which included: making his entrance twice (since the pop on the first wasn’t good enough), pulling his hand away from children so they couldn’t touch him, kicking the ring steps in frustration, and constantly posing. Good main event after all of the stalling. Both men ended up battling outside the ring when Batista grabbed a weapon (looked like the ring bell) and smacked Mysterio with it for the DQ. Fans were not happy with the finish and chanted bullshit. After the match Mysterio hit Batista with the 619 and knocked him out of the ring with a (safe) chairshot to send the crowd home happy.

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