WWE SD/ECW Live Results – Nov. 9th, 2009

WWE SmackDown/ECW Live Results
November 9th, 2009 – Cardiff, Wales
Report by Sean Thorne, PWInsider



Another solid offering from the Smackdown/ECW brands in Cardiff tonight. Their last visit was slightly hampered by the draft which took place the previous week which meant that the big stars that coming from raw to Smackdown were at the The Raw TV taping “saying their goodbyes” and the big stars that were leaving Smackdown to go to Raw, well… they were on Raw as well.

Tony Chimel welcomes the crowd and begins to announce the first bout and is then interrupted by CM Punk, who then cuts a promo saying how if he lived in Wales, he’d have to smoke, drink, take “mom’s prescription medicine (?)” etc. We then begin the first match

World Championship
Casket Match
CM Punk vs. Undertaker
This match was advertised at the last Cardiff house show, and I was surprised that it opened the show, however it was a great contest although the outcome was never really in doubt. Taker looked as good as ever, and I would say that he was far more mobile than he was in his tag match here in April. The big match instantly got the crowd into the show which was a smart move, and we were treated to a host of trademark spots including the last ride from the corner and Punk’s GTS, but the match penultimately came down to Taker nailing Punk with the tombstone and rolling him into the casket. A great start to the show.

Diva Battle Royal, Winner gets a shot at the Women’s Championship later that night.
Katie Lea vs. Rosa Mendes vs. Mickie James vs. Natalya vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Layla
Nice reaction for Beth Phoenix, you’d have to think they’d turn her face sometime soon. Eve knocked Mickie’s hat into the crowd, which must have been accidental as it lead to an interesting moment where Eve, Mickie & Tony Chimel basically demanded that the fan gave the hat back. Eve tried some sort of pose down with the other divas which basically lead to her being beat down and eliminated. The closing stages involved Natalya and Beth trying to double team Mickie but disagreeing over who would finally throw her out. Mickie capitalized and used this to her advantage to book her place in the Women’s championship match later that evening. I guess that’s why she needed her hat so bad.

Finlay & Yoshi Tatsu vs. Zack Ryder & Ezikiel Jackson
A solid Tag match with Zack & Zeke working over Finlay for the majority of the match. Big Zeke looks friggin’ huge and friggin’ scary in real life. Finlay managed to get the hot tag to Yoshi. Zeke flies out the ring courtesy of Tatsu and as the referee is checking on him, Finlay strikes with the shillelagh for the victory. Finlay & Tatsu (with remixed combined music, a possible tag run perhaps?) then celebrate by waving the Welsh flag.

Drew McIntyre Vs. Matt Hardy
McIntyre enters and cuts a promo on how Welsh people secretly just wish they were Scottish. As an Englishman I was neither here nor there, just enjoyed watching the Welsh get angry. But anyways… It was a proper slow start with McIntyre refusing to get into the ring for long periods before the match, and I mean long periods, to the point where I think in the whole bout he spent more time out the ring than he did in it. When he finally did enter, it was a far more competitive contest than I anticipated, with McIntyre winning with a powerbomb pin, with his feet on the ropes.

Cryme Tyme vs. Hart Dynasty
Was hard to properly involve myself in this after watching this match so many times before, but still, an enjoyable bout live, with Cryme Tyme grabbing the victory as Shad hit the STO in unison with JTG’s awesome looking rotating neckbreaker.

WWE IC Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison
Ziggler cuts a promo telling the crowd how they came for only two reasons, to see him, and to hear him introduce himself, which lead to a few Mr. Ziggles chants. Morrison then interrupts and we have our IC title match. A match that started slow, but shifted up a gear when Morrison hit the Chuck Norris kick. Morrison wins with the Starship Pain.


WWE Women’s Championship
Michelle McCool vs. Mickie James
No matter how heelish Michelle McCool is, she’s just too damn hot to boo. Standard Diva contest, Michelle reversed a powerbomb attempt for the pin fall. I guess Mickie’s lucky hat failed her here.

ECW Championship
Goldust vs. Christian
I sort of hoped William Regal was going to make an appearance and make things a triple threat. But ah well. Both competitors shook hands before the match, and there was a lot of posing, and clapping to get the crowd involved which for the most part worked but lead to an amusing “Please stop clapping, Just start Wrestling” chant from a section behind me. A good match where Goldust had Christian set up for the Shattered Dreams but I just don’t think many fans in attendance knew what Goldust was going for when he was urging the crowd to get behind him. Christian hits the Killswitch and retains the title.

Batista vs. Rey Mysterio
We get to our main event, and Batista made it pretty clear to any fans in attendance that he is now a bad guy. A couple of fans were bowing down to him at ringside, and Batista stood, glared at them, and slowly gave them the finger. Brilliant and very Un-PG. Rey got a great ovation and spent a lot of time touching masks with the kids in the aisle. Their match basically consisted of Batista swatting around Rey for the majority of the contest, including a sick looking spear as Rey rebounded off the ropes. The match spilled outside and Batista grabbed a chair, and rams it into Rey’s gut which leads to a disqualification. Batista throws Rey into the ring, and attempts to beat him down with the chair, but Matt Hardy runs to make the save and nails Batista with the twist of fate, which leads to Dolph Ziggler hitting the ring and hitting his reverse neckbreaker finisher. Shad then sprints down and nails Ziggler with the STO, followed by DH Smith who hits Shad with a Sidewalk Slam. JTG Then saves his tag partner with the rotating neckbreaker, who is then cleaned out by Tyson Kidd who hits a clothesline off the ropes. Rey throws Kidd out the ring, and as Batista attempts to take another shot at rey with a chair, Rey dropkicks the chair into Batista’s head and nails the 619. Another chairshot to batista sees him and the other heels flee the scene. Rey, Cryme Tyme & Matt Hardy then celebrate in the ring.

The manic ending of the main event was by far the highlight of the show , and one of the most entertaining things I’ve seen live. I personally enjoy seeing a lot of wrestlers involved in things like this, and the crowd lapped it up. A great 3 hour show, entertaining from start to finish! Best.

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