WWE SD/ECW Results – August 2nd, 2009

WWE SmackDown/ECW Live Event Results
August 2nd, 2009 – Hyannis, MA
Cape Cod Melody Tent
Report by F4Wonline, John B



Howard Finkel is the ring announcer. Attendance seems to be down from past years, but not really enough to notice. Unfortunately for the superstars, who had to walk outside before entering the tent, it was raining. This also happened last year.

Yoshi Tatsu d. Shelton Benjamin.
Forgive me if Yoshi has debuted already, but I had no idea who he was, nor did anyone else. “Lets go Benjamin” was chanted by nearly everyone. Benjamin grabbed the mic and told everyone “He doesn’t need us to jump on his ban wagon”. The match was nothing special and a bit of a lousy opener. Yoshi wins. big surprise. no really, I was surprised. Prior to the match Benjamin ripped up “sign guy’s” sign and threw it at him, if anyone cares.

Tyler Reks d. Paul Burchill
OK, now I’m really confused. Another newbie, has dread locks and a “surfer style” gimmick. What confuses me more, a little over 2 years ago Paul Burchill was introduced to the Melody Tent audience as an Italian from Boston, MA. Most people could care less about this one it seemed. Sufer dude beat Burchill with a springboard dropkick off the ropes.

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat d. Drew McIntyre
Drew came out and got on the mic and babbled for a while until Ricky Steamboat came out. Real nice surprise to see Ricky Steamboat, and he got an amazing ovation. I didn’t expect much out of this one, but the match was awesome. Steamboat is unreal. He looked like someone still in his prime. “You still got it” was roared. Seeing Steamboat soar through the air off the top rope was worth the price of admission alone, to me anyway. Ricky picked up the win here and the crowd loved it.

Tyson Kidd w/ DH Smith d. Jimmy Wang Yang
I get very nostalgic every time I hear the begining to the Hart Dynasty’s music. DH talked about Davey Boy and said as great as his father was, he is that much greater. He said Tyson Kidd was the protege of Bret Hart. He said Bret was the best there was, but Tyson is the best there ever will be. Boos. Jimmy came out and got a great reaction. This was a really good match, very physical and fast paced. Jimmy hit an awesome moonsalt on Tyson and DH distracted the ref from counting the 3. Tyson won after getting a quick roll up.

John Morrison d. Mike Knox
People went crazy for Morisson. He did just face Jeff Hardy on Smackdown. Morrison sold a rib injury but picked up the win. The fans loved him and he had some fun doing some Hulk Hogan posses during the match.

Melina d. Katie Lea Burchill
The match in my opinion was horrible but that was due to Katie Lea. Melina worked with what she had. They gave this match a lot of time which made it even worse.

Christian d. William Regal (ECW title on the line)
Insane reaction for Christian. Regal is an incredible heel. First susperstar of the night to get real heat, and got it by simply frowning at the crowd. Both Regal and Chrstian had some fun in this one a well. Regal posed, fans booed. Christian posed, fans cheered. This went on for a good 5 mins. Then a “U.S.A” chant began. Regal, trying not to laugh, got the mic and said he didn’t understand why we were chanting “U.S.A”, since Christian is from Canada. The crowd then began chanting “CA..NA..DA… CA.. NA.. DA”. This was another great match and would make a great televised match. Christian wins with the Impaler.

Teddy Long came out which was another nice surprise. He announced that the main event would be for the “WOOOORRRLLLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!”. The place went ballistic. Howard then tapped Teddy on the shoulder and corrected him that it was a number one contenders match. I felt real bad for many of the younger fans I saw with Jeff Hardy arm bands that were dissapointed to the “XTREME”. Teddy then tried to rectify the situation by saying it was a “TRRRRIPLE THREAT MATCH!!!”. This just didn’t do it for some people.

CM Punk d. Kane and The Great Khali
Punk was out first as a heel. Didn’t play to the crowd at all. He did have a lot of fans, however. Kane was out next and it was a mixed reaction. Khali was last and got mostly cheers. Early on, Punk tried to form an alliance with Khali against Kane. Khali pretended to go along with it until he chopped Punk from behind. This put Kane vs. Khali for about 5 mins. Punk attacked from behind eventually and then got double teamed by both men. Khali put the vice grip on Punk, and then Kane hit a decent chokeslam on Khali, (considering he was chokeslamming Khali). Punk knocked Kane out with a kick and leaped on Khali for a quick 3. Punk quickly rolled out of the ring and took, from what it looked like, a nasty spill of the stage. The stage is about 4 feet high and the ring sits on top of it, and I think Punk misjudged it. Post match, Kane grabbed a chair. People cheered this until they forgot that they were suppose to be booing Kane. Khali knocked the chair out of Kane’s hand, picked it up, and whaled him with it. Khali celebrated and then left. Howard thanked us for coming.

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