WWE Second Biggest Name Fired Before Raw?

Rumors had emerged on social media noting that Kevin Dunn, Executive Vice President of Television Production, had departed the company, but Mike Johnson of PWInsider had shot down those rumors. Xero News have now noted that Dunn was released from the company.



Kevin Dunn was recently released from WWE

Xero News reported that Dunn was released from his 10-year contract. However, he will continue to draw the salary as promised by the company until the contract expires on December 15th, 2027

From the mouth of Chris DeJoseph – “Kevin Dunn was released from his 10 year contract with World Wrestling Entertainment on September 24th, 2022 but will continue to be paid for the promised salary in his contract which was supposed to expire on December 15th, 2027”

Chris DeJoseph is also reportedly back with the company as part of the production team.

“Chris is back in wwe as part of production No he isnt my source But he is 1 of 4 who has now confirmed the same info to me with the exact same wording”

Dunn first joined WWE in the mid-80s and has been producing the promotion’s television product ever since, though his propensity for camera cuts and shakes has been met with harsh criticism in recent years. According to Brandon Thurston, who spoke over on Busted Open Radio, it’s been revealed that he’s heard from many sources that Stephanie McMahon and Kevin Dunn “don’t like each other.” It was previously reported that Kevin Dunn could be on his way out of WWE after Vince McMahon’s shocking retirement. It was also reported that Dunn also isn’t a major “Triple H guy” which proved to be an issue with ‘The Game’ and then the eventual release.

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