WWE seemingly had to cancel top title feud

The world of professional wrestling is an unpredictable one. Plans can change at any time due to a wrestler getting injured. It seems that is what happened to a particular top feud that could have taken place in WWE.



Jinder Mahal made his return from injury recently. He came at an interesting time as Drew McIntyre was already the WWE Champion. Them being former 3MB teammates, it seems WWE had plans for the two of them to be involved in a feud according to a report by Wrestle Talk.

However, Jinder Mahal underwent knee surgery recently, which will keep him out of action for some time. Due to this, whatever plans the company had were scrapped.

Paul Heyman had big plans for Jinder Mahal on his brand, and there were plans to have him feud with former stablemate Drew McIntyre over the WWE Champion at some point in the future.

There was no indication of the feud being a long-term one, but with the history between the two, it would have made for an interesting feud for certain.

Drew McIntyre is currently engaged in a feud with Bobby Lashley, where he will be defending his WWE Title at WWE Backlash this month. The ending for the match could surprise fans.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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