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WWE Set to Release Ryback; Details of his Demands, Reason Cameron was Fired

WWE feel it will be easier to let Ryback’s contract run down rather than officially release him, and as such, he is not expected to work for the company again. The decision was actually taken before the recent Payback pay-per-view where Ryback was defeated by Kalisto in a US Championship match on the kick-off show.

It’s no secret Ryback and WWE were at loggerheads on money, and alledgedly ‘The Big Guy’ wanted his hotel and road expenses covered, as well as a guarantee that if he were ever to be released from his contract, he would receive severance for the remainder of his deal.

Speaking of releases, Cameron’s tweet in support of Ryback’s “equal pay” blog was said to be the nail in the coffin for her and that it was a major influencer behind her release last Friday. Although she had removed the tweet pretty promptly after posting, the damage had already been done.

  • Darrin Tyler

    lol Good. I never was a fan of him anyway….and now I don’t even like him as a person either. I didn’t know he was a greedy piece of garbage….

  • CC

    You name the ones that do. And I want proof of this. Go on.

  • Khosrow

    Actually you are quite confused. He merely wants WWE to live up to the contract he signs. If he gets signed for two years he wants to be paid for what the deal he signed is for. Pretty simple concept and not greedy at all. If WWE has buyers remorse and wants to release him, all well they signed the deal. Guess they will have to honor the deal or pay him to leave. Saying main eventers don’t get travel or hotels is stupid. Name one modern day main eventer in WWE that doesn’t get that today. Just one, we are waiting……..Also Your statement that only a few get that is the very thing he has said he is standing up against for all wrestlers. He wants things to be more fair in the pretend world of wrestling. I’m sorry change offends you.

  • CC

    but all the reports on here he has stated that he isn’t tight with anyone, and generally travels on his own etc.
    If he realises his time is short then he has shot himself in the foot, because instead of being re-signed and earning money, he is now likely to be released, if he hasn’t been already.

  • CC

    no I am not. only a select few get that, and they have earned through years of being top draws for the company. If you read various autobiographies, many of them will state that even as a main eventer you get none of this.
    Also if you read the article above he is asking for something nobody gets “as well as a guarantee that if he were ever to be released from his contract, he would receive severance for the remainder of his deal”
    If WWE did this, there would be no point in releasing someone if they still have to pay them.

  • Khosrow

    To be fair you are confused. He was merely asking for what the upper tier guys get already, which is paid travel and hotels. He wanted equality in that respect. Sure he wants a max contract, as anyone would. It was a nice try to get the extra amenities that the top guys get for everyone, but when you are doing contract negotiations with Vince, you aren’t likely to get that. He keeps you under the “independent contractor rules” for a reason.

  • AmishPatel

    From what I’ve heard he’s very merticilous with his money and is aware he has a short-career in this business so wouldn’t surprise me if he was trying to get more money while supporting those who he is tight with backstage…

  • CC

    No loss with either of them. And the fact that Ryback wanted “equal” pay, yet wanted terms in his contract that others do not have, just shows that he is not interested in equality, just more money.
    Would he be writing stuff like that in support of those getting less than him if he was getting top dollar? I doubt.