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WWE signs Pat McAfee to multi-year contract

WWE is always looking to add more talent and it seems they are adding another one to the company. WWE has had great success with some superstars making a transition from other sports. The Rock is arguably the biggest superstar in all of sports entertainment and he came from football. Ronda Rousey came from UFC and is doing well in WWE.

Former NFL player Pat McAfee has signed a multi-year contract with WWE to talk on kickoff show panels and other digital content for WWE. Here is what McAfee said on his podcast recently.

“WWE has formally offered me a multi-year contract. Who knows what we’re going to be doing over there, they just want me to come make some content. And we’ll see where it goes.”

While it seems Pat will not be wrestling, he will still be a notable name in the company. Perhaps this is all due to WWE moving to Fox Sports. We will have to wait and see what happens.

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    Considering the likes of Angle and Mark Henry competed in the Olympics, how can you use The Rock as an example of someone who came from another sport? He never actually played football professionally, just college football. When he did sign for a pro team he never even played a game and was dropped after two months.
    Also, the fact his father and grandfather were wrestlers, it was hardly a surprise he became a wrestler now is it.

    And the fact he is just signing on to do some panel shows is hardly worth the comparison for people successfully transitioning to wrestling. You might as well compare him to Renee Young for all this story is worth.