WWE Signs Wrestlers from WXW C4 and the Wild Samoan Training Center

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WXW C4 and the Wild Samoan Training Center Announces The Signing Of Their First Two Students!

Continuing in his father’s footsteps, The Great Samu, owner and operator of WXW C4 and the Allentown based Wild Samoan Training Center, is pleased to announce the signing of his first two students to contracts offered by World Wrestling Entertainment. Based out of Pennsylvania, Samu created WXW C4, a premiere independent wrestling federation, in May 2008 to give his students and other independent wrestlers an opportunity to have consistent work and priceless exposure on it’s weekly television series “Blast TV” seen by thousands across PA on Service Electric TV2 and Blue Ridge Cable, and millions of viewers via HybridEnt.tv.

Now, due to this exposure and the valuable advice and lessons from head trainer The Great Samu, WXW C4 Stars Joe Gomez and Ki Vuda have been offered contracts with WWE. After a week long camp, followed by a tryout a few weeks ago down in Florida at Afa “The Wild Samoan’s” Florida based Wild Samoan Training Center, VP of Talent Relations John Laurenitis scouted talent himself during the camp. After additional tryouts at a recent “Monday Night Raw” the standouts were offered contracts. On behalf of Samu, the Wild Samoan Training Center, and the staff and roster of WXW C4, we would like to congratulate Joe and Ki on reaching their dreams.

You never know which WXW C4 star will be wrestling in front of you today, and on WWE Programming next week which is why you need to be sure to come out and support the stars of WXW C4 each and every month! Be sure to be there to see the stars of tomorrow when we debut in Drums, PA on Saturday, August 8th at 7:30pm with Homecoming ’09 featuring a No DQ Grudge Match pitting Afa Jr against the returning Slyck Wagner Brown! First and second row tickets are only $15 and GA are $12. Then, WXW C4 returns to Allentown, PA on Sept. 5th with “Unfinished Business” featuring Steve Corino and his Extreme Horsemen vs. The Daniels Dynasty in an 8-man Total Elimination Tag Team Match! For more information, visit wxwc4.com.

Do you want to try your hand at becoming the next wrestling superstar? Do you have what it takes to walk the aisle as a wrestler, manager or referee? Then what better place to train then at the Wild Samoan Training Center. Based in Allentown, PA you’ll be given all the tools you’ll need to try and become wrestling’s next star! For more information call 484-860-3007.

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