WWE SmackDown Diva Quits After Insulting Legend

Lacey Evans has bid farewell to her tenure with WWE, marking a significant turning point in her career. The culmination of hints and signs about her departure had been brewing for some time, drawing attention to her reduced involvement within the company’s programming.



Back in 2016, Lacey Evans embarked on her journey with WWE, immersing herself in rigorous training at the esteemed Performance Center. This initial phase paved the way for her subsequent progression to NXT, a developmental platform where she honed her skills and persona. It wasn’t until three years later that she ascended to the grand stage of the main roster, a leap accompanied by a series of fits and starts, as well as a myriad of character transformations that added complexity to her wrestling identity.

Yet, as of late, a conspicuous absence from prominent storylines had become a noticeable facet of Evans’ presence within WWE programming. The dwindling frequency of her appearances culminated in a recent inconspicuous match, an encounter that saw her facing off against Zelina Vega in a dark match—a contest with minimal fanfare and visibility.

The saga took an intriguing turn when Evans, in a cryptic move, shared a meme across her social media platforms. This meme bore the phrase, “How Many Days Left,” triggering a wave of speculation among ardent followers. The prevailing interpretation suggested that Evans might have been clandestinely counting down the days until the expiration of her WWE contract, thereby igniting fervent discussions within the wrestling community.

In an unexpected twist that intensified the intrigue surrounding her situation, Evans underwent a digital transformation by altering her social media handles. Now going by the moniker “LimitlessMacey,” she shed her wrestling persona for her real name, Macey Estrella-Kadlec. This strategic maneuver set the rumor mill into overdrive, prompting heightened anticipation and conjecture regarding her next career move.

Recent headlines further thrust Evans into the spotlight, as she engaged in a spirited exchange with the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter. The interaction revolved around Evans’ utilization of the famed Cobra Clutch maneuver—a move closely associated with Sgt. Slaughter. Interestingly, Sgt. Slaughter had previously divulged that he had declined an offer to collaborate with Evans earlier in the year, adding an extra layer of complexity to the unfolding narrative.

Dave Meltzer have shed light on the ultimate resolution of this captivating storyline. Meltzer’s reports confirmed that Lacey Evans is truly done with Vince McMahon’s company.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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