WWE SmackDown February 3rd Spoilers Leak

Friday Night Smackdown will be airing tonight again and WWE clearly has a lot of plans for this week’s show, which will be dealing with the fallout of the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event.



Xero News took to Twitter and revealed spoilers for the show.

The Tag Tournament will Kick off Smackdown Tomorrow Also Fatal4way KKross Rey Moss Escobar. Winner gets Gunther announcement. And Bray and Howdy are friends.


The latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that WWE never planned for Sami Zayn’s Bloodline angle to go anywhere. It was originally intended to be a couple of weeks for a comedy bit, but that was it. Now, fans are wanting so much more.

The Zayn-Reigns scenario was originally just set up to be a few week comedy deal, but it caught on with the public and was changed months ago to a WrestleMania season angle. The plan as of three months ago was to end up basically where we are now, with Zayn being turned on and beaten down at the Rumble, leading to Reigns beating Zayn to keep the title in Montreal, and moving on to face Rhodes or The Rock at WrestleMania. While not confirmed, most likely one would have expected Owens & Zayn to form a tag team to beat the Usos, so they got something out of it at Mania.

The issue got so hot that from a fans perspective, Reigns-Zayn and really a title change for the singles belt would have been the perfect climax to the angle.

This was acknowledged by a few internally that they didn’t see coming in how hot this would be, and it should be changed, but we were also told that neither Vince McMahon nor Paul Levesque saw Zayn as a guy who could headline WrestleMania and that the scenario of Zayn challenging in Montreal and moving it to WrestleMania because he got hot, which WWE did previously for Kofi Kingston when he got hot and got the spot planned for Owens in 2019 was not going to happen.

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