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The April 10th, 2018 edition of WWE SmackDown Live was the first episode after WrestleMania 34, and took place at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, LA.



– WWE SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon comes down to the ring to kick off this week’s SmackDown broadcast. Shane gets on the mic and first of all, on behalf of everyone in the company, he wants to thank all of the fans for making WrestleMania such a huge success. Shane talks about his WrestleMania moment on Sunday, and talks about how great it was to see Daniel Bryan in action and doing what he was born to do. Shane says he’s accepted Daniel’s resignation as SmackDown GM, now that Bryan is wrestling again, and so Shane has to introduce the new SmackDown GM. Shane reveals the new GM: Paige.

Paige comes down to the ring and gets on the mic. Paige talks about her road to becoming GM, and quickly moves on to the topic of Daniel Bryan. Paige says since we haven’t seen Bryan wrestle on TV in so long, they’re going to make it happen tonight. Paige hesitates on revealing Bryan’s partner tonight. The fans chant for Rusev and AJ, and Paige goes with AJ. Paige and Shane head backstage as the announcers discuss AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan being booked for later tonight.

The Usos vs. Big E & Xavier Woods: Jimmy and Xavier start this one off, and the Usos take control when Jey tags in and they do a double kick to the head of Woods. After some back and forth, Big E gets the blind tag and hits a big suplex on Jey. Woods and Big E trade tags frequently now and repeatedly double team Jimmy and Jey. The Usos come back and dump the New Day members to the outside, and Jey follows up with a suicide dive on to both of them at ringside. Back in the ring, Woods fires up with a DDT and a kick, then Big E comes in and spears Jimmy to the outside. Woods hits a flying leg drop to Jey in the ring for a two count. Woods and Jey start trading elbows to the face in the ring, until Jey hits a kick and both men are reeling. Jimmy and Big E tag in, and Big E and Xavier double team Jimmy with a suplex into a backbreaker for a two count. Woods tags back in and they go for another double team on Jimmy, but Jey breaks it up and they hit a double superkick on Big E. Woods hits a missile dropkick off the top one Jey Uso, but then Jimmy Uso superkicks him. Jey tags in now and hits the big splash off the top for the three count.

Winners: The Usos

– The Usos high-five in the ring as we go to replays. Before The Usos can leave, The Bludgeon Brothers’ music hits and they come out on the stage. Rowan and Harper stand on the stage and point their hammers at The Usos in the ring, then The Bludgeon Brothers leave.

– The commentary team promotes the AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan singles match later tonight.

– We see footage from earlier today of Naomi talking about winning the battle royal on Sunday, and then Natalya confronts her about it.

Naomi vs. Natalya: Natalya starts things off with a headlock take down, and then they go back and forth trading holds and take downs. Naomi hits a hurricanrana, and follows up with a kick to the midsection. Naomi slingshots in with a leg drop on Natalya, then Natalya rolls outside for a breather. Back in the ring, Natalya mounts a comeback and starts working on keeping Naomi grounded. Naomi fires back with a kick and then a split-legged moonsault on Natalya. Naomi pins and hooks the leg for the three count.

Winner: Naomi

– After the match, Naomi poses with her WrestleMania battle royal trophy, and then she high-fives the commentary team at ringside.

– Shinsuke Nakamura does an interview backstage where he’s asked about his attack on AJ Styles on Sunday. Nakamura says he doesn’t know what came over him, and he’s very sorry, but he winks as he says it. Renee Young asks him again why he attacked him, and Nakamura says he doesn’t speak English and walks off.

– Women’s Champion Charlotte is backstage walking towards the gorilla position.

– Charlotte comes down to the ring and gets on the mic. She talks about how her and Asuka left everything in the ring on Sunday, and it was magical. Peyton Royce and Billy Kay make their debut and interrupt. They introduce themselves and say Charlotte’s match at WrestleMania was good but it wasn’t iconic. They say they want Charlotte to stop talking, and then mock her. They get in Charlotte’s face and Charlotte starts brawling with the two of them. Charlotte briefly fights them off, but then they start doubling teaming her and throw her into the announce table. They beat down Charlotte at ringside for several minutes and throw her into the ring post and ring steps. They do a double powerbomb on Charlotte on the floor, then they drag her back in the ring. Referees come out and chase them off and they check on Charlotte.

– Carmela runs out to the ring while Charlotte is still down. Carmella cashes in her Money In The Bank briefcase. The referee hesitates before starting the match, but he does start it, and Carmella is getting her Women’s Title shot.

Carmella vs. Charlotte: Carmella kicks Charlotte and then immediately pins her for the three count.

Winner & new SmackDown Women’s Champion: Carmella

– After the match, Carmella grabs her Title Belt and runs around the ring with it. Carmella gets back in the ring and celebrates her win and taunts Charlotte with the belt.

– U.S. Champion Jinder Mahal is sitting at ringside in a big chair with Sunil Singh beside him. He’s here to watch this next match to determine the #1 contender for his U.S. Title.

Bobby Roode vs. Randy Orton vs. Rusev: Aiden English does Rusev’s introduction, and he’s at ringside in Rusev’s corner. Orton looks for an RKO attempt on Roode early on, but Roode dodges it and Rusev drops Orton. Rusev and Roode go at it in the ring now and Roode hits a blockbuster off the middle rope. Orton comes in and dumps Roode outside, then he goes after Rusev in he ring. Rusev hits a kick to the head of Orton for a two count. Rusev and Orton fight out to ringside, and Orton hits a back suplex on to the announce table. Roode comes over and starts laying into Orton with right hands, then he takes Orton in the ring then hits a flying clothesline off the top. Roode looks for the Glorious DDT, but Orton escapes and they start exchanging strikes. Rusev pulls Orton out to the floor and hits a back suplex of his own on the table on Orton. Back in the ring, Rusev lays into Roode with kicks then hits a splash in the corner. Rusev follows up with a spinning heel kick on Roode, and then leads the crowd in a Rusev Day chant. Rusev hits a big boot then puts Roode in the Accolade. Orton breaks it up, then hits an RKO on Roode for the three count. Orton now has a U.S. Title shot against Jinder at Backlash.

Winner: Randy Orton

– Orton and Mahal have a stare down after the bell, and we see some replays from the match.

– We see replays of Carmella winning the Women’s Title earlier, and then Carmella does an interview backstage. Carmella talks about waiting for the perfect time to cash in, and she got it. Carmella fakes crying and says there’s someone she wants to thank who is really important — herself. Carmella says this is her time and she has the gold. Back at the commentary table, Graves asks Saxton why he isn’t celebrating Carmella’s win, and he throws a pen at Saxton.

– AJ Styles does an interview in the back where he says when he sees him he might kick his ass, but tonight his focus is on Daniel Bryan. AJ says Bryan is one of the greatest, but he’s not phenomenal. AJ walks off and gets ready to come out to the ring.

AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan: This one is a non-Title match. AJ starts off with a side headlock, and then a shoulder tackle on Bryan. AJ and Bryan wrestle up to their feet, then Bryan connects with several kicks on AJ. Bryan starts working over AJ’s shoulder, then hits some European uppercuts. They run the ropes and AJ hits a dropkick that sends Bryan rolling outside. AJ follows up with a suicide dive on Bryan to the outside. Back in the ring, they trade elbows until Bryan whips AJ into the corner and follows up with a splash. Bryan misses a shot in the corner, and AJ capitlizes with his moonsault into a reverse DDT for a two count. Bryan and AJ trade strikes on their feet again until Bryan hits a slam and goes right into an arm bar. They wrestle around the mat and Bryan looks for the Yes Lock, but he can’t execute it. Bryan misses a shot and AJ hits the Pele Kick and then a lariat for a two count. AJ misses a shot off the top and Bryan kicks him. Bryan leads the crowd in a “Yes” chant then charges, but AJ trips him and looks for a Styles Clash. Bryan fights out and puts him in the Yes Lock, and AJ reaches the ropes to break it. Bryan hangs AJ upside down in the corner and repeatedly kicks him in the midsection. Bryan takes AJ up top and goes for a back suplex, but AJ reverses and lands on Bryan’s head. Shinsuke Nakamura comes in to interfere and he knees Bryan in the head. Nakamura then turns his attention to AJ and hits a series of strikes on the Champion. Nakamura hits a low blow on him, then the running knee to the face.

Winner via DQ: Daniel Bryan

– Nakaura picks up AJ, then drops to his knees and hits yet another low blow on Styles. Nakamura smiles and heads to the back as referees check on AJ in the ring.

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