WWE SmackDown Live Results

The September 25th, 2018 edition of WWE SmackDown Live took place at the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO.



– SmackDown immediately kicks off with the Miz TV set in the ring, and the Miz’s music playing. However, The Miz is nowhere to be seen. Instead, R-Truth and Carmella are in the ring, and they appear to be hosting Miz TV. The crowd chants for R-Truth as he asks what’s up and then introduces his mixed-match tag partner Carmella. R-Truth introduces his first guest as host of Miz TV – Daniel Bryan. Bryan comes out and its down next to Truth and Carmella, and the crowd is hot for Bryan. It looks like the show name has been changed to “Truth TV.” R-Truth switches from sunglasses to reading glasses so he can read his interview questions for Bryan. Truth asks Bryan about Miz and Maryse, and refers to Maryse as “other Carmella.” Bryan starts talking about his plans to beat Miz at Super Show Down, but Truth and Carmella interrupt him for the regular Truth TV “7 second dance break.” The lights and music go on, and Truth and Carmella start dancing, which confuses Bryan. The music turns off, and Bryan goes back to answering, saying that this show is already way better than Miz TV. Truth says he has an animal segment coming up later with people from the Denver Zoo.

Bryan starts talking about his feud with Miz again. Bryan says he wants the WWE Title to prove he’s still the best, while Miz doesn’t really even want the WWE Title, he just wants fame. The Miz now comes out to the stage with a mic. The first thing Miz takes issue with, is R-Truth taking his talk show. The crowd chants “Truth TV” as Truth explains to Miz that since he beat him a couple weeks ago, he’s taking his talk show. Miz calls Truth an idiot, and then he addresses Daniel Bryan. Miz says he’s the one coming for the WWE Title, and he will do anything it takes, but Bryan won’t do anything it takes. Miz says Bryan won’t cheat to win like Miz will. R-Truth interrupts and yells something unintelligible at Miz, and tells him to stop talking trash about his guest Bryan. Truth says with all of The Miz’s talking, he ate up the time for his animal segment. Miz yells at Truth saying this isn’t his show. Truth says if Miz wants his show back, he’ll fight him for it right now. The Miz protests, but Truth interrupts and calls for a dance break, and the music hits. The Miz looks furious now, and he heads to the back.

While Truth and Carmella dance in the ring, we see The Miz approach SmackDown GM Paige at the Gorilla position. He yells at Paige to cancel Truth TV, but Paige tells him if he wants it he should go out and fight R-Truth for it. The Miz begrudgingly heads back out down the ramp, and it looks like we have a match.

– Still to come: Rusev demands answers from Aiden English; Samoa Joe and WWE Champion AJ Styles will sign their contracts for Super Show Down.

The Miz vs. R-Truth: Daniel Bryan is on commentary for this one. The Miz applies a side headlock early on, but Truth fights away and The Mi gets frustrated. Miz rolls outside for a breather and he taunts Daniel Bryan. The Miz gets back in the ring briefly before the fight spills out to ringside. They run around the ring until Truth catches Miz with a right hand and then throws him into the fan barricade. R-Truth takes Miz back in the ring and pummels on him in the corner. The Miz fights back and throws down Truth, then hits the Yes Kicks on him. R-Truth dodges a kick and rolls up Miz for a two count. Miz comes back with a DDT for a two count of his own. Truth and Miz have a test of strength as they get to their feet, until Truth hits him with a right hand. Truth runs the ropes and Miz fires back with a boot to the face, then he follows up with some running knees to the face. R-Truth dodges some shots from The Miz and then drops him with a spinning heel kick. R-Truth hits a splash in the corner, and then a vertical suplex into a jawbreaker for a two count. R-Truth follows up with a running forearm shot to the face for a two count. The Miz gets tangled up in the ropes and the ref pulls back R-Truth, and The Miz hits a thumb to the eye of R-Truth behind the ref’s back. The Miz immediately follows up with a Skull Crushing Finale, and then he taunts Daniel Bryan at ringside. The Miz follows up with the running knee to the face to Truth for the three count.

Winner: The Miz

– Daniel Bryan hits the ring after the match, and The Miz runs up the ramp. Bryan helps R-Truth to her feet.

– We see footage shot earlier today at a photo shoot with Charlotte. Becky runs in out of nowhere and attacks Charlotte from Behind, and then beats her down. Becky poses for some photos with the Women’s Title belt before leafing. The broadcast team tells us that Charlotte has been sent home and isn’t in the building any more.

Big E vs. Sheamus: The New Day cuts a promo on The Bar before the match. Sheamus interrupts and says they just walk to talk and tell the same old crappy jokes. Sheamus says all The Bar wants to do is fight. Cesaro and The New Day are at ringside for this one. The opening bell sounds as the crowd chants “we wants pancakes.” Sheamus starts of strong with a series of strikes on Big E before the fight spills out to ringside. Big E turns things around on the floor and drops Sheamus. Big E lays Sheamus on the ring apron and hits a running splash on him. Back in the ring, Sheamus fights off Big E as Cesaro cheers him on. Sheamus drops Big E and then looks for the big boot, but Big E catches Sheamus with a powerbomb out of nowhere for a two count. Sheamus rolls out to the apron, and Big E looks for a spear but Sheamus blocks it with a knee to the face through the ropes. Back in the ring, Big E looks for the Big Ending, but Sheamus escapes and hits the big boot for the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

– Big E rolls outside to recover with The New Day, as Cesaro and Sheamus celebrate in the ring.

– Paige is backstage asking AJ Styles not to cause any damage when he’s out for his contract signing with Samoa Joe later. AJ says he’s just here to sign his contract, and he walks off.

– Lana knocks on Rusev’s locker room door, and Rusev comes out to head to the Gorilla position.

– Rusev comes out to the ring with Lana, and he’s got a mic. Rusev talks about Aiden English betraying him last week, and calls him out for being a traitor. Rusev says before he crushes Aiden, he wants him to answer why he betrayed him. Aiden comes out to the stage to explain himself. Aiden says this isn’t his fault, and he always had Rusev’s best interests in mind. Aiden says Rusev was always a super-athlete, but people weren’t noticing him until Aiden English joined him as his sidekick. English shows a video package of him singing about Rusev and helping him. The crowd chants “Rusev Day,” and Aiden says they were amazing together. Aiden says they were destined to be legends, but Lana got in the way and ruined things. Rusev then shows a video package showing some of Rusev’s losses, and seeming to blame Lana for Rusev’s failures. Aiden says things were better when it was just him and Rusev. Lana says before Aiden, she helped Rusev be an unstoppable force. She says Aiden does a great job, but he’s just trying to get famous off Rusev’s talent. Aiden says Lana is dedicated to her husband and honest with him, but if she’s really honest, is she going to tell Rusev about that one night in Milwaukee. Aiden doesn’t explain, and he walks off. Lana yells at Rusev that she doesn’t know what Aiden is talking about.

– Naomi and Asuka are shown backstage in their locker room warming up. They’re up next.

– Rusev and Lana talk backstage about Aiden’s comments. Becky Lynch walks over and says Becky is going to take her out because she runs the women’s division and Lana is trying to compete in it now. Becky walks off and Rusev questions Lana about Aiden’s comments now. Lana gets frustrated and walks off.

Naomi & Asuka vs. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville: The Iiconics are on commentary for this one. We see footage from earlier today of Mandy and Sonya harassing Naomi and Asuka backstage. The opening bell sounds and Mandy and Asuka start things off. Sonya quickly tags in, and Sonya and Mandy exchange frequent tags now to control the pace against Asuka. Mandy stomps on Asuka in the corner, and then Sonya tags back in for a double team kick on Asuka. Asuka blocks a kick and comes back with a German suplex on Sonya. Mandy and Naomi tag in, and Naomi hits a clothesline and then a hurricanrana. Naomi slaps Mandy across the face and then knees her. Naomi hits a leg drop for a two count. Sonya causes a distraction from the apron, which leads to Mandy dropping Naomi. Sonya tags in for the double team, and Asuka comes in to throw Mandy out. Asuka tags in and they hit a double team kick on Sonya for the three count.

Winners: Naomi & Asuka

– Still to come: Becky Lynch vs. Lana

– Shinsuka Nakamura is backstage with the U.S. Title belt, and he’s getting ready to come out next.

Shinsuka Nakamura vs. Tye Dillinger: This one is a non-Title match. Tye starts off strong with a series of chops to the chest of Nakamura, and then he drops him. Tye wastes some time taunting Nakamura, and Nakamura fires back with kicks and stomps. Nakamura looks for the Kinshasa, but Tye dodges it and superkicks Nakamura down. Tye follows up with a frog splash off the top for a two count. Tye mounts Nakamura in the corner and pummels on him, until Randy Orton comes out of nowhere and attacks Tye.

Winner via DQ: Tye Dillinger

– After the bell, Orton continues to beat down Tye. He throws him in to the ring post, and then takes him outside and slams his head on the ring steps. He throws Dillinger over the announce table, and then suplexes him on top of it. Back in the ring, Orton stomps on Tye, then he takes him back outside for a DDT on the floor. Orton leaves, and then Nakamura starts to leave, but he turns back. Nakamura knees Tye in the face while he’s down, then the U.S. Champion leaves.

– Rusev gives a pep talk to Lana backstage for her upcoming match. Rusev assures her that he doesn’t believe anything Aiden said.

– There’s a new Cricket Wireless commercial with Sheamus.

– Randy Orton does a brief interview backstage where he says that Tye is not his next victim. Orton says what it boils down to is just that the “Perfect 10” crap just pisses him off.

Becky Lynch vs. Lana: This one is a non-Title match. Becky controls the opening moments of this one and slams Lana around. Lana comes back with a slap across the face and a spear. Lana pummels on Becky and then hits a running facebuster. The fight spills outside and Becky beats down Lana on the floor. Back in the ring, Lana comes back with a kick to the head for a two count. Lana climbs the turnbuckle, but Becky throws her down. Becky hits the t-bone suplex and then applies the Disarm-her for the the win via submission.

Winner: Becky Lynch

– After the match, we go to an interview with Aiden English backstage. Aiden says next week he’ll have video proof of this unknown incident with Lana in Milwaukee.

– We see another promo video for the Mixed Match Challenge, with comments from Miz & Asuka, and Carmella & R-Truth.

– The ring is set up with a table and chairs in it, and Paige comes out to host the contract signing with WWE Champion AJ Styles and Samoa Joe for Super Show Down. Paige says we all know how these contract signings usually end, but then introduces the Champion. Paige introduces Samoa Joe next, but Joe doesn’t appear to be coming out. Paige says she thought Joe was here, and then AJ says he knew Joe didn’t have the courage to face him. AJ says he’s expecting Joe to attack him from behind, because that’s more of his style. AJ says Joe might not be here right now, but he knows where Joe is going to be, at Super Show Down, with no count-outs and no rules. As AJ talks, Joe appears on the big screen. It appears that Joe is on his cell phone in selfie mode. Joe reveals himself to be at AJ Styles’ house in Georgia. Joe comments on how nice AJ’s house is as he approaches the front door. AJ yells at Joe and asks what he wants, but it appears Joe can’t hear him. Joe says he knows AJ feels helpless right now because there’s nothing he can do. Joe seems to make some threats to AJ, and says he brought a gift for AJ’s kid. AJ yells for Joe to back up and not go in his house. Joe continues to taunt AJ via video, and says this is how AJ is going to feel when he loses at Super Show Down. Joe rings the doorbell and says “daddy’s home,” and then SmackDown cuts to black.

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