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WWE SmackDown Live Results (8/13)

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  • Mike the Ike

    Can charlie flair please suffer an acl tear or just flat out retire? She’s an absolute bore as a heel and they book her to win clean. You know when heels win clean? When they’re monsters like Kane or Big Show or are going against non-roster jobbers. As a face, charlie is no better; there is absolutely nothing sympathetic about flair.

  • CC

    I am gonna give credit where credit is due, Murphys performance was stellar, but Roman put him over like a pro. Romans selling was some of the best I have seen from him.

  • R.T. Red

    Buddy Murphy is so good! He has a novel of match if the year candidates in my opinion. Hopefully he gets a chance to show it

  • CC

    Ember Moon has been made to look like the Sami Zayn of the womens division.
    She kept losing matches in her run up to the Summerslam match, lost the title match against Bayley, then jobs to Charlotte two days later.

    Have to say though, as much as it was inevitable that Buddy Murphy would lose to Reigns, what a match they put on (not something I usually say about a Reigns match). Murphy was actually made to look incredibly strong. Now he needs to get some wins under his belt though.