WWE SmackDown Live Results (9/10): New York, NY

The September 10th, 2019 edition of WWE SmackDown Live took place at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY.



– The Undertaker comes out to the ring to kick off tonight’s broadcast, and he gets a big ovation from the New York City crowd. Taker gets in the ring, and he’s got a mic. He says he wanted to a take a moment to absorb all this, because he has considered these grounds his home for the last 30 years. Taker says he doesn’t know how many times he’ll be able to come home anymore. But one thing Taker wants everyone to remember about this place are the Titans that were born here, the legends who made their name here, and the heroes who were created here. Taker says he took a little piece of all their souls with him. Taker says the echoes of their memories will go through these hallways for all of eternity. Sami Zayn comes out to interrupt. Sami comes down the ramp with a mic, and says he knows New York City respects legends, and that Undertaker is a legend. Sami says he has all of the respect for Taker, but even he can admit, it probably shouldn’t have been Taker opening up SmackDown Live tonight. Sami says “when is it enough” with Undertaker, and the future is here, and the future is Sami Zayn. Sami says he is going to respectfully ask Undertaker to turn around and leave the ring right now, to pass the torch. Taker starts to walk out of the ring, but then turns around. He grabs Sami by the throat and gives him the Chokeslam. Taker’s music hits and he heads to the back while Sami is down in the ring.

– Shane McMahon calls Chad Gable into his office. Shane tells Gable what a great job he’s doing, and says Gable is on fire lately. Shane says Elias is interrupted and can’t compete in his King Of The Ring match against Gable. Gable says this must mean he is going to the finals, but Shane says that’s not the case. Shane says he doesn’t think Gable is the kind of guy who wants a free pass, so Elias is going to have a replacement tonight. Shane says the replacement could be anyone, even somebody already eliminated from the tournament. Gable says that’s fine with him, and he goes to get ready.

The Miz vs. Andrade: Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura is on commentary, and Zelina is at ringside in Andrade’s corner. The Miz starts taking control of this one until Zelina gets involved from the apron, which leads to Andrade connecting with a kick on Miz. Andrade beats down Miz in the corner and then hits the running knee strike on him in the corner. Andrade controls the next several moments of the match until The Miz rallies back with some right hands and knee strikes. Miz follows up with a neckbreaker for a two count. It’s time for the Miz Kicks on Andrade now. Andrade ducks one and tries to roll up Miz, but Miz fights him off with a boot to the face. More kicks from Miz in the corner, followed by some chops. The Miz hits two running knee strikes in the corner. Andrade tries to fire back with a running knee strike of his own, but he misses and falls out to ringside. Miz rolls out and slams Andrade into the announce table. The Miz has a brief stare-down with Nakamura, and then he throws Andrade into Nakamura and they both go down. Back in the ring, Zelina grabs Miz’s leg from the floor, which leads to Andrade hitting a spinning back elbow — which ended up being kind of botched. Andrade pins for a two count. The Miz fights back and hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the three count.

Winner: The Miz

– Immediately after the match, Nakamura hits the ring and gives Miz the Kinshasa.

– We see a replay of Rowan beating down Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan last week.

– Shane McMahon walks in the locker room and cracks some height jokes about Chad Gable. Gable walks in and asks if Shane has found his opponent for tonight yet. Shane says he found his opponent — and it’ll be The Best In The World, Shane McMahon.

– Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville come out to the ring, and Mandy gets on the mic. Mandy starts talking trash about Nikki Cross, and says that Mandy is beautiful and Nikki is ugly. She puts a side by side photo of her and Nikki up on the big screen, and starts trashing Nikki. Alexa Bliss and Nikki come out to interrupt, and we have a singles match.

Nikki Cross vs. Mandy Rose: Nikki hits the ring and starts pummeling on Mandy. Mandy finally fights back and hits a fallaway slam. Mandy puts the boots to Nikki in the corner, then puts her in a headlock. Nikki fights out with a jawbreaker, and then she slams Mandy into the corner. Nikki fires up with a flurry of strikes now. Nikki goes up top, but Sonya gets on the apron and distracts her. Alexa pulls Sonya down and drops her on the ringside floor. Nikiki looks for a flying crossbody and Mandy dodges it, but Nikki still rolls up Mandy in a small package pin to score the three count.

Winner: Nikki Cross

– Nikki and Alexa celebrate on the ramp after the match.

– Still to come: Rowan is in the house

– We see Heavy Machinery backstage making a shake and getting hyped up for their match, up next.

– Ember Moon approaches Bayley backstage, and says Bayley used to talk about wanting to elevate the women’s division, but then she beat down Becky Lynch, and it doesn’t make sense. Bayley says she’s the same person, and she did that to elevate the women’s division. Ember doesn’t like this and says Bayley is better than that, and it’s Sasha’s influence on her. Bayley says she’ll see Ember in the ring.

Heavy Machinery vs. Alex Keaton & Johnny Silver: Alex and Johnny are two enhancement talents. Tucker makes quick work of them both early on. Otis gets the tag and hits a splash on both jobbers in the corner. Otis follows up with The Caterpillar. Tucker tags back in for the Compactor double team for the three count.

Winners: Heavy Machinery


– Shane McMahon is shown backstage giving instructions to a production assistant. Kevin Owens walks in, at Shane’s request. Shane brings up Owens asking him to waive his $100,000 fine, and Shane says he might be willing to waive it. Kevin asks what the catch is. Shane says no catch, but there is a job involved, and he puts a referee shirt on Owens. Shane says the King Of The Ring is very important to him — he wants to be The Best In The World and The King. Shane tells Owens he’s the ref for his match tonight, and if he does his job correctly tonight, that $100,000 fine will be gone. Shane tells him to think about it. Owens doesn’t look happy, and he walks off.

– The broadcast team introduces a video package looking at the mystery attacks on Roman Reigns, and the revelation that Rowan was the attacker.

– Eric Rowan comes out to the ring and gets on the mic. Rowan says people don’t know him or get him. People think that someone else controls him or tells him what to do — until last week. Rowan says everyone thinks he’s just a big brute, but he’s really a mastermind and a manipulator. Roman Reigns comes out to interrupt. Reigns hits the ring and hits a Superman punch on Rowan. Rowan staggers out to ringside, and Reigns looks for another Superman punch, but Rowan stops him with a big boot. Rowan throws Reigns into the barricade, and they brawl out into the crowd now. Rowan dumps Reigns back into ringside, and then when Rowan tries to climb over the barricade, Reigns gives him a superman punch. Reigns gives Rowan another Superman punch as security tries to break it up. They get pulled apart, and then Rowan powerbombs a “fan” into Reigns and the security. Rowan runs around the security and tackles them and Reigns at ringside. Reigns and Rowan brawl up the ramp and on to the stage now. Rowan slams Reigns’ head into the ramp a few times, and then seems to back off. Reigns gets to his feet and hits a Superman punch on Rowan on the stage. They fight near the King Of The Ring throne on the stage, and security pulls them apart again. Rowan grabs a camera crane and uses it like a battering ram to take down Reigns and some security guards. Rowan finally leaves, and yells that there’s more of this for Reigns on Sunday.


– Back from the commercial break, we see Rowan backstage pacing back and forth, and talking to himself.

– Charlotte comes out to join the commentary table for this next match.

Bayley vs. Ember Moon: This one is a non-Title match. Ember starts off with a kick on Bayley, and then the fight spills out to ringside. Ember looks to leap off the barricade at Bayley, but Bayley stops her and kicks her down. Back in the ring, Ember fights back and hits an elbow in the corner, then a springboard cross body for a two count. Ember controls the next several moments until she misses a shot off the top rope and Bayley capitalizes with the belly to belly suplex. Bayley pins for the three count.

Winner: Bayley

– Charlotte steps in the ring after the match and gets in Bayley’s face. Bayley leaves.

– We see Kevin Owens backstage wearing the referee shirt, and it looks like he’s in deep thought.

– We see Kofi Kingston backstage walking through the hallways of MSG.

– Back from the break, WWE Champion Kofi Kingston makes his way down to the ring. Kofi gets on the mic and says this arena will always have a special place in his heart, because his career changed forever here, and he whooped Randy Orton’s ass all over this building. Kofi talks about how great it was to put Orton through the table in this building ten years ago, and then he rolls the footage on the big screen. He says the entire arena was chanting Kofi’s name, and he knew he would be back in MSG one day as WWE Champion. Orton interrupts Kofi from off-screen, saying “stupid” over and over again into a microphone. The camera cuts to Orton standing out in the crowd. He says he’s not impressed by Kofi putting him through a table ten years ago, because Orton has had the WWE Title multiple times. Orton says Kofi is pretending to be something he’s not, and he has been since day one. Kofi drops the mic and takes off his jacket and Title belt, then he heads out to the crowd to go after Orton. Kofi charges at Orton, but Orton’s got a steel chair in his hands and he starts nailing Kofi with it. Orton looks for a DDT, but Kofi fights him off and then nails Orton with the steel chair. Kofi positions a table (which has a black sheet over it), and he goes to put Orton on it, but Orton fights him off. Kofi is sitting on the table now and Orton charges at him, but Kofi fights him off. The table seems to collapse under Kofi’s weight. Kofi pulls out another table with a black sheet on it, and lays Orton on it. Kofi hits Oton with the chair to keep him down. Kofi climbs some stairs and hops up on to the hand railing. Kofi leaps from about 15 feet up and hits the Boom Drop on Orton through the table. Kofi runs up the stairs again to celebrate.

– Kevin Owens comes out to the ring to referee tonight’s main event, up next.

Shane McMahon vs. Chad Gable: The winner of this match goes to the final match of the King Of The Ring tournament. Owens calls for the opening bell, and Shane gets on his knees as a jab at Gable’s height. Shane misses a shot early on, and Gable hits a rolling German suplex on Shane with the bridge pin. Owens counts the pin, and it’s a three count after a very short match. Gable now advances in the King Of The Ring tournament. Owens raises Gable’s hand, but Shane rolls out to ringside and gets on the mic. Shane declares this match a best 2 out of 3 falls match. Shane hits a cheap shot on Gable, and it looks like this match is still going. Shane beats down Gable at ringside, then takes him back in the ring and stomps on him some more. Gable rolls up Shane out of nowhere, but Owens does a very delayed count, and Shane kicks out at one. Shane puts the boots to Gable and pins, and Owens tries to do a fast count, but Gable kicks out. Gable connects with some kicks and a spinning neckbreaker on Shane. Gable hits a big moonsault off the top and pins, but Owens counts very slowly and Shane gets the shoulder up at two. Gable gets frustrated with Owens, and Shane hits a cheap shot on Gable. Shane grabs a steel chair from ringside and brings it in, but Owens takes it away. Shane looks for a kick on Gable, but Gable catches it and puts Shane in the ankle lock. Shane taps out, and Owens has no choice put to call for the bell.

Winner: Chad Gable

– Gable runs around ringside and celebrates. HE is now going to the King Of The Ring finals against Baron Corbin on Monday.

– Shane and Owens are left alone in the ring. Owens asks Shane what he was supposed to do, since Shane tapped out. The crowd chants “you tapped out” at Shane. Owens starts to walk away, but Shane attacks him from behind and then pummels on him. Shane gets on the mic and says “you’re fired.” Shane gets in Owen’s face and grabs him and yells at him that he’s fired, and SmackDown goes off the air.


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