WWE SmackDown Report – August 10th

We are live on tape from Houston, Texas and your announcers are Josh Mathews and Michael Cole.



Since we are in the home town of the General Manager, that means that Booker T is going to start things off and he makes his way to the ring.

Before Booker makes any announcements, he does the Spinaroonie.

Booker wants to know what’s up with the people of Houston. He says that it feels damn good to be in his home town. He mentions that this is his second week on the job and he tells Houston that he has a problem. Booker wants to show us footage from Raw when Sheamus stole Alberto Del Rio’s car while Del Rio was winning his match.

Booker laughs at what Sheamus did and he says that watching Alberto freak out makes him smile. Booker says that Sheamus crossed the line and Booker wants Sheamus to come out and apologize to Del Rio.

Sheamus’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Sheamus gets a mic and he tells Booker that Alberto Del Rio stood in the ring last week and told him where he came from, grew up, and conducted himself, he did not deserve to be the World Champion. He says that Del Rio tried to take his dignity, so he took Del Rio’s car. He had a lot of fun checking out San Antonio and talking with the locals. He also enjoyed having some food in Alberto’s car.

Sheamus says that if you are going to do the crime, you have to do the time. Sheamus apologizes to Booker, the WWE Universe, and Alberto Del Rio.

Booker says that we are going to move on . . .

However, there is someone who does not want to move on. That man is Alberto Del Rio and he is accompanied by Ricardo Rodriguez. Alberto says that we are not leaving this behind us. Alberto reminds Booker that Sheamus stole his car. Sheamus is not a champion, he is just a peasant. He is a thief, thug, and criminal. Alberto says that he filed a report with the San Antonio police department.

Booker stops Alberto and tells him that if charges are brought against Sheamus, then he will be stripped of his title.

Alberto says that he does not care and when a World Champion acts like a common hooligan, it reflects on the General Manager. He tells Booker to do something and do it now. Alberto says that he is close to taking things into his own hands.

Sheamus tells Bertie to calm down. He has an idea about how to settle this. Sheamus says that they don’t wait until SummerSlam. He suggests that he defend the World Title tonight against Alberto.

Booker wants to get an answer from Alberto and Del Rio says that he is thinking about waiting to be ready for SummerSlam, but to hell with everything so let’s do it tonight.

Booker wants to know if a Sucka can dig this.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Cody Rhodes comes out and he has something to say before his match with Sin Cara. Cody says that he is no stranger to wearing a mask. He will tell us why Sin Cara is wearing a mask. It is because he is ugly, cock-eyed, and one ear is bigger than the other. The real reason is because under the mask, there is nothing special about him.

Match Number One: Sin Cara versus Cody Rhodes

The lights go down and Cody grabs a leg and backs Cara into the corner. Rhodes with a face wash and then Cara with a forearm followed by a victory roll for a near fall. Cara with a head scissors that sends Rhodes to the floor. Rhodes stops a baseball slide and he slams Cara’s head into the apron.

Rhodes with a drop kick for a near fall. Cody with a gourdbuster and he gets another near fall. Cody with knees to the midsection followed by a punch and kick. Cody with a kick to the upper chest and then he has Cara on his back in a modified Gory Special while trying to remove Cara’s mask.

Cara with an arm drag but Rhodes with a boot to the head for a near fall. Cara with kicks to he leg and a handspring back elbow. Cara with a double jump spinning arm drag. Cara is sent to the apron and he connects with an enzuigiri to Rhodes. Cara with a springboard cross body for a near fall.

Cara runs into a forearm from Rhodes but Cara tries for a sunset flip but Rhodes grabs the mask. Cara with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winner: Sin Cara

Daniel Bryan is in the back and he is telling everyone No.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Wade Barrett video package.

We take a look back at what Daniel Bryan had to go through last week on Raw.

Daniel Bryan comes to the ring and he chants ‘NO’ while everyone else chants ‘YES’. He tells them to stop and then Bryan sits in the ring. Bryan wants to know if people think he is more than a catchphrase. He says, no, he is a former World Champion. He deserves to be in the WWE Championship Match at SummerSlam, but the woman who callously left him at the altar has not only ruined his reputation by labeling him as psychologically unstable, she has put him in a match at SummerSlam against Kane.

Bryan asks if he deserves that and the fans say yes. Bryan says that the answer is No, no, no. He deserves more than to be insulted by the fans who chant yes in his face. He deserves better than to be walked all over by some skipping, Chucks wearing, broad in a power suit and her overgrown Frankenstein monster boy toy.

Speaking of boy toys, Kane’s pyro and music sound and he makes his way to the ring.

Before anything can happen, AJ makes her way to the stage. She tells Daniel not to leave the ring. She says that Daniel might be a little shocked to see her on Smackdown, but this was the show they first met. She is here because she was asked to be Booker’s special guest tonight.

AJ says that they made a match for them at SummerSlam because they are incredibly gifted athletes. We can’t have them attacking the audience . . . or each other every single week.

The crowd starts chanting Yes while AJ looks into Kane’s eyes.

She tells Kane that they haven’t had their chance to talk since she became General Manager but she says that it is good to see him again. She says that she never got a chance to tell him how much she appreciates how sweet and understanding he was when other people treated him miserably.

AJ looks at Daniel and she tells him that she doesn’t want the fact that he has been jealous of the friendship between her and Kane or the fact that Daniel has never pinned Kane in a one-on-one match and does not want it to affect his rage. She wants Daniel to prove how emotionally stable he is. She wants him to prove that he does not have anger management issues. He can start tonight by being a good sportsman and by shaking Kane’s hand.

Bryan refuses to do it.

AJ says that she wants a clean fight at SummerSlam and she tells them to shake on it. AJ tells him to do it now.

Bryan offers his hand to Kane and AJ leaves the ring. AJ winks at Kane and Kane with an uppercut. AJ goes up the ramp while Kane punches Bryan and then Bryan with kicks. Kane tries for a choke slam but Bryan escapes. Bryan tries for the No Lock but Kane knocks Bryan out of the ring. Bryan runs through the crowd and AJ chuckles.

Kane looks at AJ and she is on the stage and she gets to her knees and says that was great.

Kane unleashes the hellfire and brimstone.

Teddy Long and Booker are in the office and Teddy says that he was impressed with the job that Booker did regarding Alberto and Sheamus earlier.

Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins enter and Booker wonders if they knocked. Tyler says that they are looking for an opportunity.

Booker says that they have a great look and a great future. He tells them that they need to step it up. He mentions that he saw what they did against Ryback and they couldn’t get the job done. Booker says that he is looking for A Plus talent and nothing else will do.

Tyler tells Curt that he cannot go back to his old job.

Booker tells them to raise up.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jinder Mahal is in the Goldman Box. He says that he wants Ryback to watch carefully as he defeats his two opponents faster than Ryback could imagine. He says that Ryback says ‘feed me more’ but Mahal says that Ryback’s eyes are bigger than his stomach.

Match Number Two: Jinder Mahal versus Two Local Guys from Houston

Mahal demands that one of his opponents go to the apron. Mahal with a clothesline and then he hits a spinebuster. Mahal stands over his opponent and applies the camel clutch and he taps out.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

After the match, Mahal attacks the other man and brings him into the ring. Mahal applies a double decker camel clutch until Ryback’s music plays.

Mahal releases the hold and leaves the ring while Ryback does his usual entrance. Mahal goes up the ramp and Ryback sees Mahal’s opponents on the mat. Ryback has an idea and he goes after both men and he hits the double marching muscle buster.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho.

He says that for the first time in two years, he gets to say ‘Welcome to the Highlight Reel’ on Smackdown.

Vickie interrupts Chris and she excuses her way to the ring. She says that Chris’ guest will not lower himself to appear on this show. Vickie says that she is here to speak on her client’s behalf. Vickie says that Dolph is the future World Champion.

Chris says that they are flexible on the Highlight Reel. If they cannot interview Dolph, he has no problem interviewing his mother. Chris says that Vickie looks good for a woman of her age. Chris and Vickie have a duck season/rabbit season exchange of Excuse Mes.

Chris tells Vickie to stop. There is no reason to be yelling at each other and they have known each other for years.

Vickie says that one more insult and she is walking out of the show and he will have no guests.

Chris tells Vickie to get out of here. Chris says that he is just playing around and he tells Vickie to come back. He wants to know why Vickie is so angry and tensed up. He tells her to take things easy. She is probably miffed at what happened at the end of Dolph’s match on Raw. We go to the JeriTron 6000 for the footage of Jericho recording it on his phone.

Chris points out that Dolph and Vickie are saying that Chris cannot win the big ones, but Dolph cannot even win the little ones. He points out that Riley has only won one match in 2012, even though he is the future of the company.

Vickie says that Dolph does not waste his time with Jericho because Chris does not have the facts. Vickie tells Chris that Dolph doesn’t just think that Jericho has lost his touch and cannot win the big one. Dolph knows it and he will prove it at SummerSlam.

Jericho tells Vickie that he doesn’t have to prove himself to anyone. His legacy stands on its own. Dolph did say something. Dolph was right that his record wasn’t that great in the big ones. Maybe it is time to change and to bring back Y2J. He says that Y2J is back.

He accepts the challenge at SummerSlam and he will prove to Vickie, Ziggy, and every Jericholic that he has never lost his touch and he will never lose it agayne.

Ziggler tries to attack Jericho from behind but Jericho avoids him. Vickie slaps Jericho and she backs up into the corner and Ziggler hits the Zig Zag on Jericho.

Dolph waits for Jericho to get up and he nails Jericho in the head with the briefcase and Vickie laughs at Jericho.

Josh and Michael talk about the situation between Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio and we see the announcement of the World Title Match for later tonight.

Kofi Kingston and R Truth make their way to the announce table.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Darren Young and Titus O’Neil (with Abraham Washington) versus Epico and Primo in a Number One Contender Match

Young and Epico start things off and they lock up. Young pushes Epico out of the corner and then Young with a running shoulder tackle. Titus tags in and they hit a double shoulder tackle and Titus barks. Epico tries to crawl through Titus’ legs but Titus stops him. Young tags in and Epico is able to kick Titus away and make the tag to Primo.

Primo with chops and punches to Young followed by a head butt. Primo sends Young into the turnbuckles but Young with an Irish whip. Primo with a clothesline out of the corner. Primo with a drop kick to the knee that sends Young into the ropes. Primo with a tornado DDT and he gets a near fall that is broken up by Titus. Epico with a drop kick to Titus.

Meanwhile, at the announce table, Washington throws some water on Kofi and Truth and they chase Abe into the ring and they attack Titus and Darren, causing the referee to call for the bell while Primo has Young covered.

Winners: Darren Young and Titus O’Neil (by disqualification)

After the match, Primo and Epico want to know why Truth and Kofi did what they did.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Antonio Cesaro and Aksana make their way to the ring for Antonio’s match.

Before the match, Antonio will provide us with a Rosetta Stone moment by saying the word ‘victory’ in multiple languages.

Match Number Four: Antonio Cesaro (with Aksana) versus Christian

Christian with a waist lock but Cesaro with an elbow and side head lock. Cesaro is thrown over the top rope to the floor by Christian. Christian with a baseball slide but he misses. Cesaro pushes Christian into the ring steps and then Cesaro returns him to the ring. Cesaro gets a near fall. Cesaro with a reverse chin lock.

Cesaro with a forearm to the lower back followed by a European uppercut and a deadlift side salto for a near fall. Cesaro chokes Christian in the ropes while standing on his back. Cesaro with a leaping European uppercut from the floor. Cesaro goes to the turnbuckles and he mocks Christian but when he comes off the turnbuckles, Christian gets his boots up.

Christian with punches and a running forearm. Cesaro gets Christian on his shoulders but Christian escapes. Christian with a back heel kick and sunset flip for a near fall. Christian with a punch to Cesaro and Christian goes to the turnbuckles but Cesaro catches him and hits a bridging Fallaway Slam for a near fall. Cesaro with punches in the corner but Christian sets for the Killswitch but Cesaro with a head butt.

Cesaro tries for another deadlift side salto but Christian lands on his feet and hits an inverted DDT. Christian waits for Cesaro to get up but Cesaro hits Swiss Death but Christian is able to kick out. Cesaro sets for the Gotch Style Neutralizer but Christian escapes and hits the spear for the three count.

Winner: Christian

After the match, Christian celebrates on the turnbuckles when Aksana distracts him. Cesaro pushes Christian to the floor and then he hits a running power slam into the ringside barrier.

It is time for the Raw Rebound.

We go to Booker’s office and Eve Torres wants to talk to Booker. Booker wants to know why they are having this meeting. Eve says that she is looking for a job with Booker. Booker says that they don’t have any jobs.

Teddy Long enters with Kaitlyn (without knocking but Booker is okay with that) and Teddy says that Kaitlyn has something to ask Booker. She says that she is super psyched that Booker is in charge and she suggests that she should be Booker’s assistant.

Booker says that since Teddy is recommending her, she can have the job.

Fortunately Eve is in earshot because she has not left the office and Eve is not happy. She says that she is more qualified than Kaitlyn. Eve blames Teddy for this. She says that Booker will not like it when the Board of Directors hears about the discriminatory hiring practices.

Eve and Teddy argue and Booker has a suggestion. He says that we will have a match next week between Kaitlyn and Eve with the winner getting the job.

Match Number Four: Rey Mysterio versus Miz

They lock up and Miz backs Rey into the corner but Miz with a kick instead of a clean break. Miz with more kicks to Rey but Rey with a head scissors to Miz. MIz pushes Rey into the corner but Rey gets his boots up. Rey with an elbow and then Rey tries for a springboard moonsault. Miz catches Rey and hits a neck breaker. Miz throws Rey under the ropes to the floor.

Miz goes to the floor and he sends Rey back into the ring. Miz gets a near fall. Miz with a knee to the back followed by a kick to the head. Miz gets a near fall. Miz with a reverse chin lock. Rey with elbows followed by kicks to the leg. Miz with a clothesline from his knees and then Miz sets for the Awesome Clothesline even though he is limping. Miz hits the Awesome Clothesline and then he goes up top.

Miz is met with a drop kick from Rey. Rey climbs up top and hits the seated senton splash. Miz with a kick followed by a sunset flip but you don’t give Rey a sunset flip because he rolls through and kicks Miz in the head. Rey gets a near fall. Rey goes up top again but Miz stops him.

Miz with punches and he sets for a superplex but Rey blocks it and tries for a sunset flip power bomb but Miz gets to his feet. Rey with a kick but Miz with a boot to the head for a near fall. Miz misses a running boot and Rey with a head scissors that sends Miz into the ropes. Rey comes off the ropes for the 619 but Miz grabs Rey’s legs. Miz with a knee and he tries for the Skull Crushing Finale but Rey counters with a victory roll and the three count.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

We go to commercial.

Match Number Six: Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez) versus Sheamus for the World Championship

Before the match can start, the ‘authorities’ come to the ring and he tells them that he never filed the report. He wants them to leave. Del Rio says that he wants his title match. They get on the apron and surround Sheamus.

Del Rio smiles and he tells them to ‘go’. Sheamus takes care of the ‘authorities’ and it is now time for Sheamus and Del Rio. Sheamus runs Del Rio into the turnbuckles but Ricardo and the rest of ‘Houston’s finest’ swarm Sheamus and punch him.

Del Rio goes after Sheamus, who is down in the corner. They hold Sheamus for Alberto and Del Rio slaps Sheamus in the face twice. Del Rio with a step up enzuigiri to Sheamus and then Del Rio sends his co-conspirators away.

Del Rio yells at Sheamus and then he stands over Sheamus as he tries to get up. Del Rio with the cross arm breaker and then he releases it.

We go to credits.

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