WWE SmackDown Report – August 21st, 2009

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Report – August 21st, 2009
Report by Prowrestling.net, Chris Shore



[Q1]The opening video aired, followed by the pyro, and Jim Ross and Todd Grisham welcomed us to Smackdown. They hyped a Matt Hardy interview and the main event…Rey Mysterio’s music hit and he made his ring entrance. The announce team hyped his IC match at SummerSlam. Cryme Tyme was out next to a small pop. JeriShow made their entrance (complete with hype for their title match at SummerSlam) and Ziggler was out last…

1. Dolph Ziggler, The Big Show, and Chris Jericho defeated Rey Mysterio and Cryme Tyme at 12:59. Jericho and Rey started. Jericho took control with a knee lift to the gut. He worked strikes on Mysterio. He whipped Mysterio to the corner and ran in. Mysterio kicked him and hit a front flip into a bulldog. Jericho popped up and hit a clothesline. He whipped Mysterio who grabbed the ropes. Rey hit the drop toe hold to the rope for the 619 setup. Jericho stood up as Rey hit the ropes, but Rey hit a knee and tagged in JTG. They hit a double kick.

Jericho punched JTG and tagged in Ziggler. Ziggler worked strikes on JTG. He whipped JTG to the corner and charged in. JTG kicked his feet up and Ziggler ran under him. JTG hit a back dropkick, sending Ziggler into the turnbuckle. He went to the second rope and drove Ziggler’s face into the mat. He played up to JeriShow by motioning for the belts as the show went to break…[C]

Back at 6:34, Ziggler had JTG in a chinlock. JTG made his feet, but Ziggler pulled him down for one. Jericho tagged in and whipped JTG. JTG hit a crossbody for two. JTG tagged in Shad and they worked cool tag moves in the corner. JTG tagged back in and Jericho hit a forearm. He tagged in Show who just bitch slapped JTG in the chest. He tied JTG’s arms up and just slapped his chest over and over. Jericho ran to the announce table and yelled for them to tell everyone how Show was destroying JTG (I missed the exact words). Show broke and set JTG on the ropes and choked him. The ref got distracted and Jericho went to the floor to blast JTG while he was being choked.

[Q2]Jericho tagged back in and JTG fought back. He went for the tag, but Jericho stopped him. He swept Jericho’s legs and covered for two. JTG went for the tag again, but Jericho hit an insaguri to take control. He whipped JTG, but JTG punched him off the ropes. He ducked a clothesline and got the hot tag to Shad. Shad cleared Show and worked power on Jericho. Jericho tried for a crossbody, but Shad just ran through it. Shad tagged in Mysterio and he hit a splash off Shad’s shoulders. Ziggler made the save.

Shad tossed Ziggler. Show took out Shad and himself. JTG was just out. Rey hit a bulldog on Jericho for two. He hit a hurricanranna to setup 619. He hit 619, but Show immediately knocked out Rey with the right hand. Ziggler got the tag from Jericho and covered for the win. Ziggler celebrated up the ramp like he had just won the belt while JeriShow posed in the ring with the belts…The announce team hyped the Matt Hardy interview again…[C]

Back from commercial, a video recapped Matt Hardy’s save of his brother last week. Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed Matt Hardy. Matt said he had always looked after his little brother. Josh asked him about what happened previous in the year. Matt said he wanted to explain. He said it was hard to go from the big brother to the back burner. He said a nasty side of him came out from the jealousy, but he said it was the biggest mistake of his life. He said he didn’t know if he could ever forgive himself, but he took comfort in knowing Jeff forgave him.

[Q3]He said they were going to do what Jeff said and they were going to, move on. He said nothing was going to feel better than standing in a WWE ring with his brother. He said tonight, the Hardys ride again…[C]

Back from commercial, Kane made his entrance. A video recapped Kane’s kidnapping of Mini-Me. The announce team officially announced the match with Khali at SummerSlam. He cut a promo about how he was the only dominate big man in the WWE. He pointed out he was a monster and proved it last week. He said Khali’s weakness is in his compassion and caring. He said he would put an end of the myth of The Great Khali at SummerSlam. He said he had never been afraid of Khali, but Khali better be afraid of him.

Khali’s music hit and he came to the ring. Kane got a chair and swung it at Khali, but he slapped it out of Kane’s hands. Khali stomped a mud hole in Kane and grabbed the chair. He went for Kane, but he escaped and backed up the ramp. Khali’s music hit and he looked pissed in the ring…The announce team hyped the main event.

Back from commercial, Mike Knox made his ring entrance. Grisham called him “Mountainous” Mike Knox. A video recapped his attack on Finlay last week. A video overlay was an interview with Knox. He was wearing the creepiest glasses. He said he knew what Finlay was going through. He said Finlay’s body was so full of fearful energy, he was unable to move. Knox told him not to fear, he would move Finlay. Finlay made his ring entrance…

2. Finlay defeated Mike Knox at 5:25 by disqualification. Knox drove Finlay into the corner and almost got disqualified again. Finlay fought back from the break. Knox went to the apron to escape and Finlay kicked his feet out, sending Knox to the floor. Finlay went out and Knox punched him. He lifted Finlay on his shoulder. Finlay slipped out and drove Knox into the post. He rolled him back in and hooked a half nelson rollup for two. Finlay went to the second rope, but Finlay drug him to the mat before Finlay could do anything.

[Q4]Knox sold the beating but started attacking Finlay. He hit a side backbreaker and bent Finlay over his knee. Finlay grabbed his hair and tried to knee out, but Knox slammed him. He hit a knee to the back and pulled Finlay’s arm back. Finlay made his feet, but Finlay worked strikes on the back. He hit a short arm clothesline and a splash for two. Knox kicked the shillelagh to the floor and tried to hit a running knee on Finlay. Finlay moved and Knox tied his leg in the ropes.

Finlay took control and hit several strikes. He hit a cannonball for two. He tried to lift Knox but his back gave out. He ducked a clothesline and lifted Knox for a forward roll for two. He charged at Knox, but Knox moved and Finlay went through turnbuckle into the post. Knox covered for two. He mounted Finlay and beat on him until the ref DQed him.

Knox drug Finlay to the floor and took the top part off the stairs. Finlay hit Knox with the shillelagh, but Knox hit a big boot in response. He lifted the top of the stairs and hit Finlay in the head with it. Knox walked away looking crazy as officials checked on Finlay…Backstage, The Hardys and Morrison were shown talking. Jeff walked away, heading towards the ring. He has a promo next…[C]

Back from commercial, Jeff Hardy made his ring entrance. The ring area was setup with tables, ladders, and chairs. I wonder why. Anyway, the belt was hanging above the ring, just above a ladder. Jeff cut his promo on his match. He said he was thinking about what has happened the past few months. He said he was happy to announce he and his brother were at peace. He pointed out that the Hardys made the TLC match famous.

He said sometimes you’re dealt a difficult hand. He said last week, the doctors told him he shouldn’t compete in any physical competition. He said the doctors advised him to retire before it was too late. He said he had never listened to doctor’s orders and he wasn’t going to start now.

He climbed the ladder and said that was where it all happened. He said the space below him was his, the sound of tables cracking was music to his ears, and the sound of chairs on humanity was a song he had written long ago and it still rang a bell. He said he would defeat Punk at SummerSlam in TLC.

[Q5]Punk’s music hit and he came to the ring. He got a mic and asked Jeff if he was scared being so high, especially since he was probably drunk like everyone in the arena. Punk said you had to be drunk to live a “live in the moment” lifestyle. He asked Jeff what he got out of it. He said Jeff got a night in the hospital and for what? He said Jeff was addicted to the roar of the crowd. He said they actually thought Jeff could win. Jeff said he did too. Punk said Teddy Long did too. He said Teddy called TLC “Jeff’s match.” He said this was Jeff’s match, his last match. He said he was going to get rid of Jeff to prove his straight edge lifestyle was better than his. He said he had to take Jeff out to save the fans. He said Jeff could say all he wanted, but at SummerSlam he would hurt Jeff, and remove his stain from WWE forever.

Jeff said Punk couldn’t destroy him and all he had done. He said Kansas City wasn’t going to listen to him. He said he would beat him at SummerSlam and prove he was better. Punk said Jeff needed the fans to justify his recklessness just as they needed him to justify their addictions. He said Jeff thought he could fly. Jeff said he didn’t think he could fly, his spirit knew he could. Punk said let’s find out and tipped the ladder. Jeff dropped to the mat and hit Twist of Fate as the ladder fell on his head. Jeff went up the ramp selling the ladder blow as a video recapped the end of the segment. Jeff stood at the top of the ramp holding his head…[C]

Back from commercial, Michelle McCool joined the guys on commentary. Maria and Melina made their ring entrance, followed by Natalya and Layla…

3. Maria and Melina defeated Layla and Natalya at 2:41. Layla and Maria started out. Layla hit a quick rollup for one. She whipped Maria, and Maria hit a clothesline and a drop kick for two. She tagged in Melina who hit dropkick on Layla.

[Q6]Layla went to the floor and Melina followed. Layla went right back into the ring. Melina looked at McCool who stood. Melina pushed McCool down. She turned around and Layla clotheslined her. Layla drove Melina into the table twice and rolled her back in the ring for two. Natalya tagged in. She drove Melina’s knee into the mat and then locked in a surfboard. She grabbed Melina’s head to cinch it in tighter. The ref counted one on Natalya who sat up but kept the hold. Wow. Melina tried for a tag, but Natalya took out Maria. Melina hit her finisher out of nowhere for the win. Post match, Melina and Maria celebrated in the ring as McCool held up her belt…

Word Up was next. Cryme Tyme was all down in the dumps over their loss. Slam Master J rolled up and started the “Yo yo yo yo…” stuff. Shad shut him down and told Eve to get rid of him. Jeezy said they were sweatin’ two punks who were suspect. He said suspect was the word of the day. He punked JeriShow, showing photoshopped pictures of Jericho in women’s clothes and real pic of Big Show stuffing his face. He said Cryme Tyme would be the tag team champions. He said it again and they said, “Yeah, yeah.” They kept getting louder into commercial…[C]

Back from commercial, Josh Matthews interviewed Rey Mysterio. He put over Ziggler as a true opponent, but he would be victorious…The announce team was in the ring and played the DX video from Raw. After the video, they ran down the SummerSlam card…

[Q7]Punk’s music hit and he made his ring entrance as the announce team vacated the ring. A video recapped the events between him and Jeff from earlier. The Harts were out next with Natalya…[C]

Back from commercial, John Morrison made his ring entrance. JR called him “A main event waiting to happen.” He stopped halfway down the ramp. The Hardys’ tag team music hit and they came out to a great pop, not as big as I thought, but solid nonetheless. Alright boys, let’s do this…

4. John Morrison and The Hardy Boys defeated CM Punk and The Hart Dynasty at 19:09. Morrison and Kidd started out. Kidd hit an immediate side headlock takeover. Morrison whipped out but lost the shoulder tackle challenge. They ran the ropes and Morrison hit a one man flapjack for one. He tagged in Matt who strong whipped Kidd to the corner and covered for one. Kidd punched Matt and tagged in Smith.

Smith worked strikes on Matt. He choked Matt on the ropes, breaking at four. He tagged in Punk who kicked Matt in the gut about 30 times. Glad that surgery site is heeled! Punk missed a knee and Matt tagged in Jeff. They hit their tag team move where Matt drops to all fours and Jeff jumps off of his back. Jeff clotheslined Punk to the floor. The faces posed in the ring while the Harts checked on Punk into the break…

[Q8][C]Back at 6:20, Kidd missed a dropkick on Jeff who tagged in Matt. They flipped Kidd onto his head and Matt covered for two. He locked in a front face lock. Morrison tagged in and pulled a side headlock takeover of his own on Kidd. Jeff tagged back in and stomped on Kidd. He hit double leg drop to the “midsection” and then a low dropkick for two. Matt tagged back in for another tag move for two. Kidd escaped and tagged in Smith who worked strikes on Matt.

Smith locked in a sitting sleeper type hold. Matt elbowed out and tagged in Morrison. Morrison swept the legs while Matt did a side Russian leg sweep. Morison hit his standing Shooting Star Press for two. Smith ducked a running knee and rolled up Morison for two. He clotheslined Morrison and tagged in Punk who pounced on Morrison and worked strikes until forced to break. Morrison recovered and whipped Punk to the corner. He went for the Chuck kick, but Punk pushed him over the ropes. The ref was distracted by the Hardys and Smith kicked Morrison. He recovered into the break…[C]

Back at 13:42, Kidd had a headlock on Morrison. Morrison made his feet and ducked a Kidd kick to hit one of his own. Kidd made the tag to Smith who came in and worked strikes and power on Morrison. He locked in a reverse chin lock. Morrison made his feet again. He pushed Smith off into the corner and connected with the Chuck kick. Kidd tagged back in and grabbed Morrison’s foot. Morrison kicked away and tagged in Jeff.

Jeff took out Kidd and hit a front suplex. He took out Punk and Smith and slammed Kidd. He went to the top and came off with the Swanton, but Smith pulled Kidd away as Punk distracted the ref. Kidd tagged in Punk and he hit several leg drops in a row for two. He drove the elbow into Jeff’s shoulder for two and locked in a reverse chin lock. Jeff made his feet and tried to fight out. Punk pushed him to the corner, but Jeff ran up and hit an ugly looking Whisper in the Wind. Jeff hot tagged Matt to no response from the crowd.

Matt destroyed Punk. He whipped him to the rope and hit a bulldog. He took out Kidd and hit a hangman on Smith in the corner. He hit a side effect and covered. Smith broke the count. Morrison ran in and clotheslined Smith over the top rope. Kidd came charging in and Morrison back dropped him over the ropes onto Smith. They both stood and Morrison hit his corkscrew plancha to take them both out. Jeff hit a hangman on Punk and Matt followed with a Twist of Fate for the win. Post match, the faces celebrated in the ring with Matt and Jeff hugging while Punk recovered on the floor to end the show…

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