WWE SmackDown Report – August 7th, 2009

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Report – August 7th, 2009
Report by ProWrestling.net, Chris Shore



[Q1]A video recapped the end of last week’s Smackdown. When it got to CMP Punk’s entrance, it cut to the “live” arena and Punk made his entrance. He got in the ring and cut a promo on what happened. He said he tried to empathize with “your vices.” He said all he did was make Jeff more popular. He said he would still try to each everyone their wrongs. He said he knew it would be tough, but he would face it like a man, like he did last week. He played a video that showed his beat down of Jeff.

He said the Jeff and the fans were alike. No one had the strength to be straight edge. He said Jeff’s way was for the weak. The crowd booed and Punk said the truth hurts. Punk put over his lifestyle as the smart, strong, and right way. He pointed out that pot is illegal and said that made the majority of the people there were criminals. He said he now understood why the fans loved Jeff and he loved them, because they were all weak. He said they needed a leader and he was there to be that leader, a straight edge World Heavyweight Champion.

Tony Chimmel got in the ring and announced the match as the world title match. He introduced CM Punk. The crowd chanted Hardy and he came out to a GIANT pop. I’m talking Austin/Rock type heat. Holy crap. Hardy got to the ring and attacked Punk before the bell could ring. Referees ran out and broke them up. Teddy Long got in the ring.

Suddenly, Vince McMahon’s music hit and he came to the stage. He said since Teddy couldn’t control things, he would. He said he was going to announce a special guest enforcer. Vince said he was going to make everybody wait to find out. Hardy broke free and attacked Punk again until they were separated again. They stared each other down into the break…[C]

[Q2]Back from commercial, the announce team officially welcomed us to Smackdown. John Morrison’s music hit and he came out to a good pop. Of course this live crowd is so hot, I could get over. Tyson Kidd was out next with the rest of the Hart Dynasty. A video recapped the match these two had on Superstars last week…

1. John Morrison defeated Tyson Kidd (w/The Hart Dynasty) at 11:34. Long collar and elbow tie up led to some mat wrestling back and forth. Kidd got the break in the ropes. The next lock up led to a Kidd kick and he took control. Morrison slid under Kidd’s legs and hit a drop kick for one. Morrison hit a pommel horse leg drop for two. Kidd tossed Morrison to the floor. Natalya hit him from behind. The ref chewed her out while Smith got his shot in. Morrison tried to get back in the ring, but Kidd hit a baseball slide. He tossed Morrison in the ring and stalked him into the break…[C]

Back at 6:21, Kidd had a chin lock on Morrison. Kid broke and hit a knee drop for two. He went back to the rest hold. Morrison made his feet and Kidd jumped on his back. Morrison backed into the corner to cause the break. They traded punches and Morrison ducked a kick to score hit own. Morrison hit the standing Shooting Star Press for two. Kidd kicked out and put Morrison in a cool submission move out of the kick out.

[Q3]Kidd worked the neck from the submission hold. He hit blockbuster for two. Morrison reversed a flying head scissors into a powerbomb for two. Kidd tossed Morrison to the floor again. They started to work the same set with the interference, but the ref saw it. Morrison slid in the ring and hit the Chuck kick, followed by Starship pain for the win…

Word Up was next. The word was “pretenda.” I’m not even…anyway, Jeezy came up and said they should watch him in the ring tonight. Cryme Tyme didn’t punk him and walked off…[C]

Back from commercial, Charlie Haas made his ring entrance, followed by Slam Master J, introduced as being from the A-T-L. I sh## you not…

2. Slam Master J defeated Charlie Haas at 2:38. Haas started off aggressive, but J took over with quickness. Cryme Tyme and Eve were shown backstage cheering J on. Haas hit a belly to belly and took control. Haas worked his aggressive offense, twist a Cobra clutch into a backbreaker. J escaped and went to the top. Haas ran up the turnbuckle. J knocked him to the mat and followed with a splash for the win. J celebrated in the ring…The announce team hyped the Fatal Fourway…[C]

[Q4]Back from commercial, Rey Mysterio came to the ring and joined commentary. R-Truth made his long, lame ass entrance again. Finlay was out next, followed by Knox. Ziggler came out last…

3. Dolph Ziggler defeated R-Truth, Finlay, Mike Knox to get a Intercontinental Championship match at SummerSlam in 7:55. Truth and Knox, Finlay and Ziggler to start. Knox destroyed everybody and looked strong into the break…[C] Back at 4:13, everybody took each other out, leaving Truth standing. He kicked Knox to the floor and then hit a suicide plancha to knock them both out.

Ziggler and Finlay went in the ring. Finlay hit a slam for two on Ziggler. Knox took out Finlay. Ziggler took out Knox and Truth with a double DDT. Knox got to this feet and he and Ziggler traded blows. They collided to knock each other out. Finlay agreed to help Truth with Knox, but turned on him and hit a roll for two. The ref got distracted by Truth flying out of the ring. Finlay hit Knox with the shillelagh and Ziggler hit him with the ZigZag for the win.

[Q5]Post match, Ziggler took a swipe at Rey at the desk. He backed up towards the ring and Finlay grabbed his hair. Ziggler escaped, but turned into a West Coast Pop to take out Ziggler. A video recapped the post match events. Rey held up the belt at the top of the ramp while Ziggler looked on pissed…A video recapped the opening brawl and Vince’s announcement. They hyped the main event…[C]

Back from commercial, Melina and Maria talked about how happy Maria is. Melina tried to tell Maria Ziggler is a douchebag, but Maria said he was only like that in the ring. Maria said away from the ring, he was a sweet guy and she deserved that. Melina said she was happy for her and Maria walked off…

Back ringside, JeriShow made their entrance. Cryme Tyme came out next…

4. JTG (w/Shad) defeated Chris Jericho (w/The Big Show) at 6:32. Jericho won the first shoulder tackle challenge, but lost the second one. JTG worked speed and hit a standing Fameassor for tow. Jericho punched his way into control. He tossed JTG to the floor and Show kicked him in the chest. Jericho went out and dropped JTG on the desk and rolled him back in the ring. He hooked in an abdominal stretch.

JTG hit a hip toss to escape and tried for a splash. Jericho brought his knees up and retook control. Jericho choked JTG on the ropes as the crowd chanted JTG (I think, could have been Y2J). Jericho went back to the abdominal stretch. Jericho broke the hold and whipped JTG. JTG hit a shoulder tackle and took control. JTG hit a facebuster out of the corner for two. He ducked a clothesline and hit his reverse clothesline for two.

[Q6]Jericho tried to hook in Walls of Jericho. He ended up slingshotting JTG to the corner. JTG landed on the turnbuckle and hit a flying leg drop for two. Jericho hit a Codebreaker out of nowhere. He covered, but JTG was in the ropes. Jericho drug him to the center of the ring and JTG rolled him up in a small package for the win. A video recapped the match. Cryme Tyme celebrated on the ramp while JeriShow looked pissed…The announce team hyped the main event and the special guest enforcer…[C]

A video recapped the Khali/Kane events from last week…The Great Khali and Mini-Me came out. Ricky F. Ortiz was out next, towel and all…

5. The Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh) destroyed Ricky Ortiz at 0:31. Chop, Punjabi Plunge, win. Post match, Kane’s music hit. Khali stared up the ramp, but Kane ran in from behind and tossed Khali. He chased Mini-Me to ringside. Mini-Me tried to escape in the crowd, but Kane grabbed him and drug him over the rail. He stomped on Mini-Me and then drug him away…[C]

[Q7]Back from commercial, the announce team hyped Kane’s Mini-menapping. They played a video of the events…The world title match was announced. The special guest enforcer/referee is…Matt Hardy.

Back from commercial, Jeff Hardy made his ring entrance. He got in Matt’s face talking garbage. Matt ignored him and went to the floor. Punk made his ring entrance…

6. Jeff Hardy defeated CM Punk to retain the World Heavyweight Championship w/Matt Hardy as the special enforcer at 11:06. Collar and elbow tie up led to Punk throwing punches. Jeff took control and hit his double leg drop for two. He teased Twist of Fate, but Punk pushed off. Hardy hit a clothesline, sending him to the floor. He went to the apron, but Punk drug him to the floor. They both recovered while Matt watched on into the break…[C]

Back at 5:09, Punk stomped Hardy and covered for two. Punk hit three whips into knees and locked in an abdominal stretch. Punk broke the hold and strong whipped Jeff to the corner and covered for two. He whipped Hardy to the corner again, but he ran up and hit Whisper in the Wind for two. Hardy hit the mule kick for two. Hardy went to the top, but Punk caught him up top and hit a superplex for a near fall.

[Q8]Punk stalked Hardy. He hit several kicks and strikes. He lifted Hardy for GTS. Hardy escaped and tried Twisty of Fate, but Punk rolled up for two. Hardy’s kick out sent Punk to the floor and he followed with a plancha. Hardy rolled Punk in the ring and got back in Matt’s face. Punk tried for a baseball slide on Jeff, but he moved and Punk hit Matt in the stomach. Ouch. Jeff got in the ring and hit Twist of Fate. He followed with the Swanton, but Punk held his knees up. Punk covered, but Matt Hardy pulled the ref out of the ring.

Matt got in the ring and argued with Punk. Jeff rolled Punk up and Matt made the count for the win. Matt left quickly with Punk casing him. Punk stopped at the top of the ramp and ran back to assault Jeff Hardy. He spilled him to ringside and attacked with a chair. He put Jeff’s head in the chair and then slammed him into the turnbuckle. The paramedics came out and tended to Jeff as Punk walked up the ramp. A video recapped the assault.

Teddy Long came out and argued with Punk on the ramp. Punk said he wanted a rematch because Matt counted the pin fall. Long said fine, you’ll get it at SummerSlam, but it will be Jeff Hardy style, tables, ladders, and chairs. Long went to check on Jeff and Punk complained on the ramp to end the show…

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