WWE SmackDown Report – October 12th, 2012

We are live on tape from San Jose, California and your announcers are Josh Mathews and John Layfield.



We will find out which is more powerful, the Brogue Kick from Sheamus or the Knockout Punch from Big Show.

Booker T makes his way to the stage and he tells everyone that we will see the World Title defended at Hell in a Cell in two weeks. Big Show will face Sheamus for the first time. Booker says that there is a buzz going around over which is the more devastating maneuver, the Brogue Kick or the Knockout Punch.

Booker says that he wouldn’t want to get kicked by either and each man thinks theirs is the most powerful.

Booker brings out Big Show first and he looks at the apparatus.

We see footage from Monday when Big Show pushed Sheamus over the top rope by the leg after blocking a Brogue Kick.

Booker introduces a man who needs no introduction, Sheamus.

Booker stands between Show and Sheamus. He says that tonight is all about the Big Show and Sheamus. Booker reminds Show about what they talked about in the locker room. It is not about Hell in a Cell and despite what happened on Monday night, they can let it out on an inanimate object.

Each man will get one shot and the winner will be the one with the highest score. Booker says that he knows a little about boxing and a championship fighter has a punch of about 776 pounds per square inch.

Big Show gets to go first. Show refuses to go first. He will not play this game. Show tells everyone to ask Undertaker and John Cena how devastating his punch is. He says that he has knocked out Randy Orton and John Cena. He has knocked out every superstar and he will knock out Sheamus.

Sheamus says that he is willing to take a shot. Sheamus lines up for the Brogue Kick by pounding his chest and he connects with a kick that registers 1,322 pounds per square inch. Booker T is impressed with the performance.

Sheamus tells Show to give it a crack.

Show approaches the machine and he refuses to do it. Show says that he knows that this is rigged and he is going to be made to look funny.

Sheamus says that they are here in the spirit of competition and everyone wants to see which is more powerful, the Brogue Kick or the WMD.

Show continues to refuse and he says that he doesn’t want to look like a fool.

Sheamus asks Show if he wants a hug or if he is afraid that he is going to be embarrassed because the Brogue Kick is more powerful than his punch. Sheamus says that Show cannot be more embarrassed than his last World Title run of forty-five seconds.

Show punches the machine and it registers at 1,809 pounds per square inch.

Sheamus and Show stare each other down as Booker declares Show the winner.

Show tells Sheamus that he will see him at Hell in a Cell . . . fella.

Booker tells Sheamus that he has his work cut out for him and he wants to know how he feels.

Sheamus says that is impressive. Show is a giant but he is hitting a machine that is standing still.

Something that is not standing still is Tensai who attacks Sheamus from behind.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Sheamus versus Tensai in a Non Title Match

Sheamus attacks Tensai on his way to the ring. Sheamus with punches and then he gives Tensai a knee and he sends Tensai into the ringside barrier. Tensai with forearms to the back and then he tries to send Sheamus into the ring post but Sheamus blocks it and he sends Tensai into the post.

They return to the ring and the referee checks on both men to see if they are ready to go and then he calls for the bell.

Sheamus charges at Tensai in the corner and he connects with forearms and punches. Sheamus with an Irish whip and a running forearm into the corner. Tensai with an Irish whip but Sheamus with kicks. Tensai with a back elbow to Sheamus. Sheamus clips Tensai and he gets a near fall.

Sheamus with a forearm to the back followed by shoulders in the corner. Tensai with a clothesline to Sheamus and he tries for a suplex but Sheamus blocks it and he hits a suplex of his own and both men are down.

Tensai misses a splash into the corner and Sheamus with the two running double sledges followed by a running shoulder into the midsection and a running knee lift. Sheamus with a power slam for a near fall. Sheamus tries for the uranage back breaker but Tensai with elbows and a body block but he misses the back senton splash. Sheamus gets Tensai on his shoulders for White Noise and then he signals for the Brogue Kick after looking around.

Sheamus with the Brogue Kick for the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

We go to commercial.

We are back and some members of the San Francisco 49ers are in the crowd.

We see footage of the attack by Alberto Del Rio on Randy Orton two weeks ago after Smackdown.

Josh mentions that Randy Orton is looking for Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto is in the locker room with Ricardo Rodriguez. Alberto wants to know what Ricardo is doing. Ricardo brings up the rumors and Alberto says that he does not care with he said on Twitter. Remember what he did in the past and what Big Show did to Orton. Alberto tells Ricardo if he is so worried about Orton, he should go out and find him.

Ricardo is hesitant but he leaves the room and we go to commercial.

We are back and Ricardo is looking in the back and he does not look too confident. He asks if anyone has seen Orton. Ricardo continues to walk and he is stopped by a snake and Ricardo is afraid. It is not a Viper, it is a Cobra. Santino asks Ricardo if he is afraid of snakes. Ricardo says that he isn’t but Santino tells him that he should be afraid of the Cobra and the Viper.

Ricardo walks away after being attacked by the Cobra.

We see footage from Monday when Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, and Heath Slater attacked Zack Ryder and Santino Marella after Zack and Santino lost to Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow.

Heath Slater tells everyone to listen up. Drew says that what happened on Raw was more than a simple beat down. It was more like beautiful music. Jinder says that as solo acts, their careers were way out of tune. Now they joined forces to become a super group. Heath says that they are The Band.

Match Number Two: Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal (with Drew McIntyre) versus Santino Marella and Zack Ryder

Ryder and Mahal start things off. Ryder works on the wrist and applies a side head lock. Ryder drives Mahal’s head into the mat and hits a drop kick for a near fall. Santino tags in and he goes up top but he decides to go to the bottom rope for a double sledge.

Mahal with a knee and forearm but Santino with a split followed by a hip toss. He takes too long talking to Slater so he misses the diving head butt. Mahal with a kick and he tags in Slater. Mahal with a snap mare and Slater with a sliding clothesline for a near fall. Slater kicks at Ryder and then he punches Marella. Slater with an Irish whip and he kicks Santino in the corner.

Mahal tags back in and they kick Santino. Slater tags back in and they continue to kick Santino. Slater with a near fall. Santino avoids a punch but Santino misses making the tag and Slater with a gator roll into a reverse chin lock.

Santino gets to his feet and he snap mares Slater. Santino with a punch and a split stunner. Santino goes to the wrong corner first but he tags in Ryder. Ryder with a forearm but he connects with knees when Ryder charges into the corner. Ryder with a missile drop kick and then he hits the running forearm into the corner.

Ryder sets for the Broski Boot and he connects. Ryder gets a near fall but Mahal breaks things up. Mahal sends Santino to the floor but Ryder clotheslines Mahal over the top rope to the floor. Slater with a kick followed by a snap mare driver for the three count.

Winners: Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater

We see what happened on Monday between Kane, Daniel Bryan, and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler sent a Tout to challenge Kane tonight.

Match Number Three: Kane versus Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero)

Ziggler with forearms to th back and a waist lock but Kane is able to apply a waist lock and he lifts Ziggler followed by an uppercut. Ziggler rolls to the apron for a moment. Kane misses a punch and Ziggler with punches of his own. Ziggler climbs the turnbuckles but Kane pushes him off. Ziggler tries for a cross body but Kane catches him. Ziggler escapes a power slam attempt and he connects with a forearm.

Kane tries to send Ziggler over the top rope but Ziggler skins the cat and returns to the ring. The return is short lived because Kane connects with a boot that sends Ziggler over the top rope to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kane with a knee and punch in the corner. Kane with an Irish whip and Ziggler floats over. Kane sends Ziggler to the apron again but Ziggler drops Kane across the top rope. Ziggler goes up top and Kane grabs Ziggler by the throat when he gets to the mat. Ziggler avoids the choke slam and he hits a Fameasser for a near fall.

Ziggler punches Kane and head butts him. Ziggler with another punch but Kane with a punch of his own. Kane with more punches and kicks to Ziggler. Ziggler with a swinging neck breaker but he takes too long to make the cover so Kane is able to kick out.

Ziggler with boots to Kane followed by a series of elbow drops culminating in a delayed leaping elbow drop. Ziggler with a near fall. Ziggler with a kick to Kane followed punches and he chokes Kane in the corner. Ziggler with a front face lock but Kane runs Ziggler into the turnbuckles.

Kane with an arm drag but Ziggler with a drop kick. Ziggler misses a splash into the corner and Ziggler staggers around the ring. Kane with a clothesline for a near fall. Kane with a drop kick to Ziggler followed by a near fall. Kane with an Irish whip and clotheslines into the corner.

Kane with the side slam for a near fall. Kane goes to the apron and then he goes up top for the clothesline but Ziggler hits the ropes and it crotches Kane. Ziggler punches Kane and then he tries for a superplex but Kane with a head butt that sends Ziggler to the mat.

Vickie gets on the apron and she distracts Kane long enough to allow Ziggler to get the briefcase and he hits Kane in the midsection with it and the referee calls for the bell.

After the match, Ziggler tries to hit Kane with the case but Kane with an uppercut.

Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring to help out his tag team partner and they argue. Bryan says that he saved his partner while Kane says he was in control.

Matt Striker gets in the ring and he asks Kane and Bryan if this bickering will cost them the title at Hell in a Cell. He asks Bryan about the people who say that he is the weak link in the team. Bryan applies the No Lock on Striker. Kane picks up Bryan by the beard. Kane puts Bryan in the corner and then Kane picks up Striker. Kane picks him up higher and gives Striker a choke slam despite Bryan’s demands not to do it.

Ricardo Rodriguez continues his search for Randy Orton and he is sent down another hallway. Ricardo hears what sounds like Orton, but he storms into a dressing room and it is Hornswoggle with a Randy Orton Brawling Buddy. Ricardo beats up the action figure and leaves.

We go to commercial.

We are back with footage from Raw when Larry King ‘interviewed’ Miz only to have Miz sprayed with water from Larry’s wife.

Miz is at the announce table and Josh asks Miz about being embarrassed on his birthday. Miz says that he is a star maker and that is what he is going to do to Kofi Kingston.

Match Number Four: Kofi Kingston versus Big Show

Show backs Kofi into the corner but he misses with a punch. Kofi with kicks but Show with a shoulder tackle and Kofi goes down. Kofi goes to the apron and then the floor but Show picks Kofi up by the hair. Show is dropped on the top rope. Kofi goes for a springboard drop kick but he does not move Big Show.

Show with a chop to Kofi. Kofi struggles to breathe because of the beating from Show but Show charges into a boot from Kofi. Kofi with a pendulum kick and then he goes up top and hits a missile drop kick and he gets Show down. Kofi hits the Boom drop on Show and he sets for Trouble in Paradise but Show blocks it and Kofi grabs his shin. Show with the punch and he gets the three count.

Winner: Big Show

After the match, the medical staff and referee check on Kofi. Miz gets up from the announce table and he throws out a few Reallys before saying that this is appropriate because Kofi should be lying on his back, beaten once again. That is the story of Kofi’s life, he comes so close only to fall short.

Miz says that he is going to leave with his head held high and the Intercontinental Championship over his shoulder, just like it will be on Wednesday when he beats Kofi on The Main Event. Miz reminds us who he is and that he is Awesome.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to talk about the choice that CM Punk has for Monday. Does he face Ryback or John Cena at Hell in a Cell? The WWE Universe is split.

Ricardo is telling Alberto that he knows that Randy Orton is here. Ricardo hides behind Del Rio and Daniel Bryan enters. Bryan asks if they were expecting someone else. Alberto says that they were expecting a snake, not a goat.

Daniel says that if he is a goat, he is the Greatest of All Time and he Am the Tag Team Champions.

Alberto says that Daniel is the tag team champions because of Kane.

Daniel tells Alberto that he is talking to him because Randy Orton has not found Del Rio yet.

Daniel tells Alberto that they have a match tonight. We will find out who the real G.O.A.T. in WWE is. Daniel reminds Alberto and Ricardo that he am the tag team champions.

We go to Booker T’s office and he is joined by Teddy Long, Layla El, and Kaitlyn. Eve and Kaitlyn says that they have proof of the person who attacked Kailtyn. They found the blonde wig. Teddy Long says that Aksana told them that she found a blonde wig in Eve’s bag.

Eve conveniently enters the office and she says that now it is okay to go through people’s personal property. Eve says that she found a blonde wig in Teddy’s bag. She wonders if it was Teddy in the wig.

People scream and Booker wants to talk to Kaitlyn and Layla.

Teddy says that he does not know what Eve is trying to do or prove but he had nothing to do with it. Eve tells Teddy that she did not do it either.

Match Number Five: Sin Cara versus Damien Sandow (with Cody Rhodes)

The lights go blue and Sandow pushes Cara and he tells Cara that today is not his day. Cara with a kick to the leg but Sandow pushes Cara down. Cara with a series of kicks and then he uses the ropes for a flipping arm drag and Sandow goes to the floor>

Sandow returns to the ring and he connects with a knee and kicks in the corner. Sandow chokes Cara. Sandow with a side Russian leg sweep and then he rolls through for the Elbow of Disdain and connects and gets a near fall.

Cara with a jawbreaker followed by forearms. Cara with a handspring back elbow to Sandow and then he hits a rana that sends Sandow to the apron. Cara with a double jump drop kick that sends Sandow to the floor.

Cara goes up top and Rhodes takes one for the team as Cara hits a cross body onto Rhodes. Cara with an enzuigiri from the apron but Rhodes goes after Cara and puls Cara from the apron. The referee sees Cody go after Cara and he sends Rhodes to the back.

Rhodes argues with the referee before going up the ramp. Sandow pleads his case and for Rhodes. Cara with a springbard rana and he gets the three count.

Winner: Sin Cara

Rhodes and Sandow have a discussion in the ring, possibly about the Nobel Peace Prize winners.

Daniel Bryan walks in the back and he tells Kane that no matter how much trouble he might be in, he does not want Kane to come out to help him. Kane tells Bryan he will not have to worry about that.

Match Number Six: Daniel Bryan versus Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez)

They lock up and Del Rio with a kick instead of a clean break. Bryan with kicks to the leg followed by a European uppercut or two. Bryan with a snap mare and kick to the back for a near fall. Del Rio sends Bryan into the corner and he kicks Bryan and chokes him in the corner.

Del Rio with a suplex and he floats over for a near fall. Del Rio with an Irish whip but Bryan moves when Del Rio charges into the corner. Bryan with kicks of no in the corner and around the ring. Bryan drives Del Rio’s knees into the mat and he gets a near fall. Bryan with another European uppercut.

Del Rio with kicks but Bryan with a punch and kicks to the midsection. Bryan flips over Del Rio in the corner and then he hits a flying clothesline. Bryan sets for the kicks of No to the chest. Bryan with a running kick to the midsection and then he sets for the running drop kick into the corner but Del Rio moves and Bryan hits the mat hard.

Del Rio with a step up enzuigiri to the shoulder. Del Rio wraps Bryan’s arm in the ropes as he sets up for the cross arm breaker. Del Rio misses a splash into the ropes but he holds on to the ropes. Bryan with kicks to the chest and Del Rio goes to the floor.

Bryan misses a running knee off the apron and Del Rio sends Bryan shoulder first into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial.

Bryan with a kick to Del Rio as he tries to get feeling back into his arm. Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Del Rio with a kick to the arm and he applies a key lock. Bryan gets to his feet and he punches Del Rio in the midsection. Del Rio tries for another tilt-a-whirl back breaker but Bryan lands on his feet. Bryan tries for a round kick but Del Rio ducks it.

Del Rio tries for the float over into the cross arm breaker but Bryan avoids it and Bryan tries to lock in the No Lock but Ricardo gets on the apron and distracts the referee. Bryan is able to apply the hold but Del Rio crawls to the ropes as Ricardo tries to help by moving the rope closer. Del Rio gets his finger tip on the rope and Bryan releases the hold.

Del Rio goes to the apron and he applies a cross arm breaker in the ropes and the referee tells Del Rio to release the hold. Del Rio sends Bryan shoulder first into the ring post and then he floats over into the cross arm breaker and Bryan has to tap out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Del Rio celebrates in the ring and he has his arm raised by the referee.

Alberto says that he heard the rumors and the talking. The social media is messing with you because Randy Orton will not show up tonight. He says that we will see why he is not showing up tonight.

We see the footage from two weeks ago, one more time. We then see the footage from Orton’s match against Big Show on Main Event.

Del Rio says that Randy Orton is not a viper. He is not the apex predator because Alberto Del Rio is the new apex predator in the WWE. Orton is nothing but a slimy garden snake with no cajones to show his face tonight. Randy made the right decision to hide in the shadows like a little girl.

If Orton was here, he would give Randy a piece of his own medicine. Del Rio does the Orton pose. Del Rio then does the twist into the mat and he sees Randy Orton a few inches away from him. Orton grabs Del Rio and connects with forearms and kicks to the ribs. Orton sends Del Rio into the announce table and then connects with a European uppercut. Del Rio is sent into the ring post. Orton sends Del Rio into the ring steps and then Randy rearranges the announce table.

Orton puts Del Rio on the announce table and sets for the IEDDT off the table but Ricardo jumps on Orton’s back.

Del Rio goes up the ramp but Orton knows that Ricardo is at ringside and on the announce table. Orton slams Ricardo’s head into the announce table and then Orton hits an RKO on Ricardo onto the table.

We go to credits.

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