WWE SmackDown Report – September 4th, 2009

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Report – September 4th, 2009
Report by Prowrestling.net, Chris Shore



[Q1]A video recapped the Punk/Hardy match from last week. It morphed into a very nice Jeff Hardy tribute video, but ended with the Punk attack. Ringside, Jeff Hardy’s music hit to a giant pop. Little kids were shown going ape shit in the crowd. CM Punk came out dressed as Jeff Hardy and the cheers turned to boos.

Punk cut a promo on Jeff being gone. Punk said for the fans to suck what they saw in because that would be the last vestige of Jeff Hardy on Smackdown. He said that mean no more face paint and wiped his face off. He said that meant no more stupid arm bands and took them off, He said that meant no more excuses. He said they now had a champion they could be proud of, a straight edge heavyweight champion. He continued to punk Hardy, calling out some of his bad behavior.

He switched gears to the Undertaker. He said the Undertaker wasn’t the same man. Punk put over his own accomplishments as better. He called out the Undertaker. He said he would be waiting for the lights to go out and appear in front of his eyes. Nothing happened. He said that proved Undertaker knew he couldn’t beat him. He said all the crowd needed was smoke and mirrors to be impressed with their drug addled mind. He said his brain wasn’t addled and he wouldn’t fall for the tricks. He said he had no breaking point and had proved it by never tapping out to the world’s push of drugs and alcohol.

Punk said he did have one vice. He said it was like a anaconda…Matt Hardy’s music hit, cutting him off. Matt took his shirt off and ran to the ring. He slid in and tackled Punk. They brawled on the mat and refs came out to break it up. They pushed Punk back up the ramp as Hardy was held in the ring…An Undertaker returns video aired…

[Q2]Back from commercial, the announce team hyped Morrison vs. Mysterio…Backstage, Punk chased down Teddy Long. He complained about Matt and Long booked them in a match. Punk said, “Not for the title, right?” Long said no and Punk was satisfied…

Khali made his ring entrance. A video recapped his run in last week in the Kane/Mysterio match. The announce team hyped the Kane/Khali match at Breaking Point as a Singapore Cane match. Finlay made his ring entrance. Knox was out next and cut a promo in a separate video about how size was relative when Mike Knox is the variable. Kane was out last…

1. The Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh) and Finlay defeated Mike Knox and Kane at 9:43.) Finlay and Knox started. They traded blows and Finlay charged at Knox. Knox hit a powerslam for two. Kane tagged in and whipped Finlay to the corner and hit a sidewalk slam on the bounce. Kane went to the top and jumped off but Finlay ducked. He tagged in Khali and Kane quickly tagged in Knox. Khali hit a clothesline and then took out Kane. Knox hit him from behind and Khali just swatted him away. Knox ran in and Khali hit a big boot. He locked in the Khali head grip and Kane drug Knox out of the ring. They recovered into the break…

Back at 4:19, Khali hit a clothesline on Kane. Kane stood in the corner and Khali hit chops. Kane escaped and tagged in Knox who was clotheslined immediately. Khali chopped him too and tagged in Finlay. Finlay hit several elbows and strikes. He went to the top and Khali distracted the ref. Kane knocked Finlay to the floor and he sold an arm injury. Finlay crawled back in and Knox stomped on the arm. He tagged in Kane who continued to work the arm.

[Q3]Knox tagged back in and he worked the arm as well. He cinched in an overhand wrist lock for close to a minute. Finlay fought out, but Knox hit a flying cross body for two. Kane tagged in and worked power and strikes on Finlay. He slammed Finlay for two and tagged Knox back in. Knox whipped Finlay to the corner and charged in. Finlay moved and Knox hit the turnbuckles. He tagged Kane who charged at Finlay. Finlay pulled the top rope down and Kane flipped to the floor. He stood up beside Mini-Me and tried to choke him. Khali ran up and started hitting Kane. The ref watched that fight as Finlay hit Knox with the shillelagh for the win. Post match a video recapped the ending…

Backstage, Teddy Long was watching the WCW DVD and Vince walked up. Vince put over how good the Punk/Hardy match was last week. He put over the Undertaker vs. Punk match as great. He told Teddy he should loosen up on his attire. He put over his own Pepto colored jacket as the best thing ever. He made a sex joke and left…The announce team hyped Punk vs. Matt Hardy and the return of the Undertaker again…[C]

Back from commercial, the announce team puked Cleveland as losers…Backstage, Maria and Eve were getting ready for their match. Michelle McCool walked up and called Maria the “flavor of the month” for Ziggler. Melina came up and asked if there was a problem. McCool mouthed off and Melina got in her face. McCool said if Melina touched her she would have her arrested. McCool left and Melina asked Maria about Ziggler. Maria told her to mind her own business and she and Eve left…

My baby daddy made his ring entrance, followed by Rey Mysteroid…sorry, Mysterio. The announce team put over how great Rey was to be defending the title. Wonder if Vince heard that…[C]

[Q4]2. John Morrison defeated Rey Mysterio to win the Intercontinental Championship at 25:18. The bell rang as soon as we came back. The men shook hand to start. They traded rollups for one and then battled in a test for strength. The rolled around with their fingers interlocked and Rey finally hopped on Morrison’s shoulders and rolled down for a roll up two count. Morrison hit a side headlock take down after the kick out. Rey made his feet but Morrison punched him. The two men ran the ropes and traded several pin attempts. After about the seventh one, they stood toe to toe as the show went to break…[C]

Back at 6:50, Morrison whipped Mysterio to the corner and ran in. Rey hit a kick and ran the ropes. Morrison lifted him in a power bomb setup that Rey reversed into a flying leg scissors to the floor. He landed hard as well. The ref counted both men and they both made it back at nine. Rey whipped Morrison to the corner and ran in. Morrison moved and Rey hit the post. Morrison rolled him up for two and locked in an arm bar.

Rey fought out and Morrison whipped him. Mysterio hit a double tilt a whirl flying leg scissors. Just wow. After several reversals, Rey hit a kick and a springboard moonsault for two. He hit a running leg drop for two. Ziggler was shown backstage watching on a monitor as Rey slapped on a headlock. Rey let go and pulled Morrison’s arms back in a submission hold. Morrison made his feet and did a front flip/kick that was unreal.

Morrison hit his standing shooting star press for two. Morrison stood Rey up and he fought back. Morrison drug Rey to the ropes and dumped him to the floor. Morrison went out and rolled Rey in and covered for two. He hit his pommel horse leg drop for two and went to a head lock.

[Q5]Rey made his feet and hit two quick rollups for two. Morrison tossed Rey over the top, but Rey landed on his feet. He hit a shoulder to the stomach and then tried to flip in. Morrison caught him, but Rey reversed into a 619 setup. Morrison kicked Rey as he bounced off the rope and tried for a belly to back. Rey flipped out and they ran the ropes and hit flying cross bodies on each other. Both men recovered into the break…[C]

Back at 19:05, Morrison hit a back suplex for two. He locked in a body scissors Rey punched out of. Rey tossed Morrison over the rope but he landed on the apron. Mysterio hit a dropkick on the feet, sending Morrison to the floor. He hit a plancha and rolled Morrison back in the ring. Rey hit a springboard leg drop for a deep two. Rey reached for Morrison and he flipped Rey down for two. He hit the running knee to the face for two. Rey stood in the corner and Morrison ran in. Rey ducked and hit a springboard cross body for two.

Rey went to the top and came off for another cross body, but Morrison kicked him out of the air for two. Morrison drug Rey to the corner. He went for Starship Pain, but Rey rolled to the apron. Morrison landed on his feet and Rey hit a flying head scissors and a 619. He struggled to get to his feet, but finally came off the ropes for the West Coast Pop. Morrison ducked and hit the Chuck Kick for a real deep two.

Morrison hit a tilt a whirl backbreaker and went for Starship Pain again. When he hit the top rope, Rey clubbed him from behind. Rey climbed to the top and went for a belly to back superplex. Morrison held on and Rey crashed to the mat. From the second rope, Morrison hit Starship Pain for the win. Post match, Morrison looked sad and helped Rey to his feet. They hugged and Rey bowed out. Morrison looked at him sadly and then turned on the character and celebrated his win…The announce team hyped Punk/Hardy and the Undertaker again…

[Q6][C]Back from commercial, R-Truth made his lame ass ring entrance. An R-Truth AND Undertaker entrance in the same show? No wonder there are only four matches. Truth got in the ring and Drew MacIntyre (Mc?) attacked from behind in street clothes. He beat down Truth. He said he made an example out of R-Truth last week because he was overlooked. He said this week, the “dancing fool” has a match and he didn’t. He said he every week he would interrupt “your fun” until he was recognized as the superstar that he is…The announce team hyped Taker again…[C]

Back from commercial, Maria and Eve made their entrance. Natalya and Layla were out next. A video recapped Natalya pinning Eve last night…

3. Maria and Eve defeated Natalya and Layla at 4:39. Maria and Natalya started. Maria tried for a crossbody, but Natalya caught her and slammed her but missed an elbow drop. Maria hit a dropkick and Natalya hid in the corner. Maria went in and choked her on the bottom rope. The ref broke it and Natalya rolled to the floor. Layla drug Maria out and ran. Maria gave chase and got clotheslined by a hiding Natalya. She rolled Maria into the ring and covered for two,

[Q7]Natalya locked in a reverse headlock. Maria made her feet but Natalya tagged Layla. Layla tied Maria up in the ropes and choked her with her feet. Natalya tagged back in and hit a snap suplex for two. Layla tagged in and stomped on Maria. She grabbed an arm and a leg and pulled in a submission type hold. Maria escaped and got in the hot tag. Eve cleaned house and went for a sunset flip. Layla rolled through and hit a low drop kick for two. Eve kicked Layla and slammed her. She hit an acrobatic splash and covered. Natalya broke it up and got taken out by Maria. Eve hit her flipping splash for the win…

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed Matt Hardy. Hardy cut a promo on how he was after Punk’s health and lively hood. He said he was there to take his career…[C]

Back from commercial, another Undertaker tease video played…Punk made his ring entrance. He was introduced as “The only straight edge champion in history.” Nice touch. Matt Hardy came out to Jeff’s heat next…

4. CM Punk fought Matt Hardy to an apparent no-contest at 17:24. The bell rang and Punk hid behind the ref. He slid to the floor and made the ref back Matt up. He climbed back in got attacked immediately. Hardy hit a ton of strikes and whipped Punk to the corner. Punk rolled out again and Hardy followed. Punk slid in and attacked Hardy when he slid in. Hardy reversed a whip into a neckbreaker and choked Punk in the ropes. He set Punk in the corner and hit several elbows. Punk kicked Hardy and took control. Matt tried for a side effect, but Punk hit elbows to break it. Punk went to the top. Mat ran up and hit a superplex for two.

[Q8]Matt sold his abdomen hurting and attacked Punk. Matt went for a suplex, but Punk reversed and dropped Matt on the top rope on his stomach. Matt stood on the apron and Punk hit him, knocking Matt abdomen first on the retaining wall. Matt recovered into the break…[C]

Back at 8:08, Punk had Hardy in an abdominal stretch. Hardy fought out, but Punk whipped him and hit a knee to the gut. Punk covered for two. He kicked Matt in the abdomen again and again. Punk said, “You ain’t Jeff,” and choked Matt on the ropes. He broke at four and then locked in a body scissors. Hardy elbowed out and made his feet, but Punk whipped Matt front first into the corner for two. Punk worked the abdomen with strikes and covered for two. He went back to the body scissors.

Hardy punched out and made his feet, but Punk went back to knees to the stomach. Punk locked in an abdominal stretch and yelled for Matt to give up. Matt stood up with Punk on his back and dropped him. He covered for one and Punk went back to the stomach. He whipped Matt to the corner and charged in. Matt moved and Punk went to the post. Hardy hit a bulldog for two. Hardy went to the second rope and hit a Fameassor for two. Matt called for the Twist of Fate, but Punk reversed into a backslide attempt. Matt flipped Punk over, but Punk hit roundhouse kick for a deep two.

Punk let Matt stand and Matt reversed a move into a side effect for two. Punk rolled to the floor and tried to recover. Matt went to the apron and tried to dive on him, but Punk kicked Matt in the stomach. Punk got a chair and hit Matt in the stomach and then the back. No bell rang for some reason. Punk put the chair over Matt’s head a la Jeff and started to drive him to the post.

The lights went out and Hells bells rang. A second one hit and there stood Taker. He grabbed Punk and choked slammed him through the announce table. The announcers started to speak and then laid out. A video recapped what happened. Taker threw one fist in the air and fire exploded on the stage and his music played to end the show…

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